Monster Hunter Rise Developers Confirm Game Length

Monster Hunter Rise Developers Confirm Game Length
Monster Hunter Rise Developers Confirm Game Length

The Monster Hunter series is known for having a significant amount of content to keep players occupied. Some players can easily spend upwards of 1000 hours or more within certain titles. That being said, there is a general plotline that tends to be significantly shorter to complete. Now thanks to an interview with the developers, a length for the single player story of Monster Hunter Rise has been confirmed.

YouTuber Arekkz got a chance to speak to Ryozo Tsujimoto and Yasunori Ichinose, the producer and director of Monster Hunter Rise, respectively. He asked them a wide variety of questions, some more serious than others, but one of the questions asked was how long players should expect the game to be.

The number Arekkz was given was 20 to 30 hours if players are simply interested in going through the Village Quests in Monster Hunter Rise. This number can of course vary depending on a player’s skill and willingness to farm. If a player isn’t experienced with the game, they may need to attempt a hunt multiple times, or go back and hunt an earlier monster a few more times to make gear out of it.

Conversely, of course, a skilled player may be able to blaze through every story quest on the first try without having to farm much. That said, veteran players most likely will want to farm for the best gear so that would in turn also lengthen their total gameplay time.

One other major thing to take note of is that the Village Quests are only part of the game. Village Quests comprise the single player portion of Monster Hunter Rise. There are also going to be Hub Quests which will be the quests that can be completed with friends. Unlike past titles in the Monster Hunter series that included this single player/multiplayer split, the multiplayer quests will now scale with the amount of players in the hunt.

Arekkz also confirmed in the interview that there will not be any G or Master rank quests in Rise. The two quest difficulties will be split between low and high rank only. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise to veterans of the Monster Hunter series, as the third tier of quests has historically come later in the form of another “ultimate” game, or in the case of Monster Hunter World, an expansion. No information was given on whether or not there was a plan for an expansion or a Monster Hunter Rise Ultimate, but given the announcement for Iceborne came out almost a year after the launch of the base game, it would have been extremely unlikely to hear anything regarding G or Master Rank this soon.

Monster Hunter Rise will release on Switch on March 26, 2021 and PC in 2022.


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