Monster Hunter: World Kushala Daora: how to kill it, what’s its weakness


Monster Hunter: World Kushala Daora: how to kill it, what’s its weakness

We’re now into the final stretch in our Monster Hunter: World guides and it’s time to go up in opposition to the wind dragon – Kushala Daora. This dragon might be initially misleading as it’s comparatively passive till it’s attacked. still it might probably rapidly make killing it a nightmare due to its tornados, specifically when it’s cornered. This guide will undergo every of Kushala Daora’s assaults, together with the wind-based projectiles to be careful for, in addition to inform you how to kill it and what its weaknesses are.

Monster Hunter: World Kushala Daora guide

This is likely one of the hardest fights within the game, so that you definitely have to be totally ready earlier than heading into battle. You’ll be able to take a look at our Monster Hunter World guide to get some normal ideas for what to do when getting ready your equipment, in addition to a plethora of different articles with full equipment lists to your perusal.

If you’re on the lookout for specifically Monster Hunter World Iceborne guides, then we’ve got created a separate guide hub for simply expansion stuff. Head over to our Monster Hunter World Iceborne guide to make your begin.

Kushala Daora strengths and weaknesses

Whereas wind isn’t precisely a component in Monster Hunter: World, Kushala Daora may be very weak to thunder and barely much less weak to dragon. Whereas fireplace isn’t advisable, it’s rather a lot higher than bringing both water or ice to this combat as there are resistances to each parts. As for illnesses, each poison and blast work rather well in opposition to it, and it’s best to definitely take some flash pods with you for gorgeous it.

Kushala Daora’s predominant weak level depends upon what you’re attacking it with. Melee weapon customers of each blunt and bladed varieties ought to focus on the top the place potential, whereas ranged weapons have more success attacking the tail. Breakable components embrace the top and wings, whereas the tail is severable.

How to kill Kushala Daora

As that is an Elder Dragon, you possibly can’t capture it, so no Tranq Bombs ought to be brought into this combat. As a substitute convey alongside all of the barrel bombs you possibly can carry, in addition to any accessible therapeutic and well being/stamina boosting items. As well as, ensure you convey not solely all of the flash pods you possibly can carry, but in addition all of the flash bugs you possibly can have too. Flash pods will make the majority of this combat trivial.

Initially, Kushala Daora could appear remarkably easy offered you’re nicely ready. It may possibly assault each on the bottom and within the air, with its air assaults being a few of the more ferocious. Whereas on the bottom, other than the same old tail swipes, claws, and biting assaults, it might probably additionally lunge at you with incredible velocity. Attempt to run to the aspect and attempt to assault it when it stops. It may possibly additionally shoot two kinds of air blast; one which takes a short while to wind up and solely staggers you if it hits, the opposite costs rather a lot longer however offers an enormous quantity of harm if it connects and has a variety. When it’s within the air although, issues are rather a lot harder to avoid. It may possibly swoop in at velocity, in addition to shoot three small wind blasts, and attempt to gouge you with its talons.

All of those assaults on their very own are comparatively straightforward to avoid, however issues get rather a lot trickier when it creates huge tornadoes. That is initiated whereas it’s on the bottom, with Kushala Daora twisting because it takes to the skies. Should you’re in vary of the twister, you’ll be staggered for a short while, so ensure you get to security rapidly at any time when a twister is created. Additionally they linger for a really very long time, so ensure you don’t overlook the place they’re. Its assaults are additionally far deadlier within the air because it offers you little time to dodge.

So how will you make this combat rather a lot less complicated? Everytime you see it flying and it’s not in a twister, fireplace a flash pod. This may make it drop to the bottom and stagger it for a very long time, permitting you to get loads of hits in within the course of. This makes the preliminary stage of the combat somewhat trivial for these taking part in with others, since more flash pods means more possibilities to stun it.

How to avoid the tornados in its lair

Most monsters get simpler as they close to near demise. Kushala Daora is the exception as simply the toughest a part of this combat is when it’s almost lifeless. It’ll retreat again to its lair and sleep, however upon waking up it’ll churn out an enormous variety of tornadoes that may now trigger injury in case you are inside them. On prime of that, it additionally turns into resistant to any stun makes an attempt when flying off to its nest. This could flip a profitable hunt right into a failed one somewhat rapidly, so the secret’s to organize prematurely.

Should you’re taking part in with numerous different gamers, then simply lay as many barrel bombs close to it as potential, in addition to buffing everybody up earlier than initiating the assault. The blast ought to knock it susceptible, leaving it open to more injury which might take it out earlier than it even whips up a single twister. Flash pods might be very tough to launch on this space due to the tornados, so ought to solely be used once you’re certain it’ll join.

These combating Kushala Daora solo nevertheless ought to still attempt to do as a lot as they will with barrel bombs and uncooked injury. As quickly because it takes to the skies although, attempt to lure him out of the realm as the realm will rapidly refill with tornados that make combating this dragon nigh-on incredible in any other case. Optimistically it ought to be lifeless earlier than too lengthy.

What materials can I get from Kushala Daora?

Kushala Daora is definitely one of many more durable fights within the game, however has materials which are wanted. The easiest way to persistently acquire them is to team up with different gamers to combat this monster repeatedly for higher rewards. These seeking to team up with buddies ought to take a look at our Monster Hunter: World PC multiplayer guide. For more on how to use this stuff, you possibly can both take a look at our Monster Hunter: World fight guide or our Monster Hunter: World armour guide. Within the record under, the celebs point out the frequency during which the merchandise in query will drop, in addition to particulars on whether or not some items are obtained by breaking a particular a part of the monster.

That’s it for our strategies for Kushala Daora, however there’s still a pair more Elder Dragons to slay. There’s additionally that persistent downside that’s Bazelgeuse, so you possibly can head to our Monster Hunter: World Bazelgeuse guide for more on how to repel this nuisance. There’s simply two more Elder Dragons to go, for recommendations on the raging inferno lion dragon, go to our Monster Hunter: World Teostra guide, whereas these on the lookout for recommendations on coping with the decaying smog wyvern ought to take a look at our Monster Hunter: World Vaal Hazak guide. If this was your final Elder Dragon, then a closing encounter will confide in you and it’s a tough one to take care of. These wishing to make the leap ought to go to our Monster Hunter: World Xeno’jiiva guide for how to slay the final predominant marketing campaign combat of the game.


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