Monster Hunter: World Paolumu: how to kill it, what is its weakness


Monster Hunter: World Paolumu: how to kill it, what is its weakness

Only a few monsters in Monster Hunter: World might ever be described as “cute”. Actually, I wouldn’t even describe the bloated puffball often called Paolumu as such. It’s a deceptively difficult fight too as it is a flying creature able to some reasonably hard-hitting assaults if you happen to’re not cautious. This guide will go over what how to kill it, what its weakness is, and what to be careful for when it puffs up.

Monster Hunter: World Paolumu guide

Monster Hunter: World Paolumu guide
Monster Hunter: World Paolumu guide

Your first official goal within the Coral Highlands, this self-inflating bat may be considerably exhausting to trace successfully, in addition to being one of many flying creatures capable of escape with relative ease. It might be fairly the ordeal, so head on over to our Monster Hunter World guide to get extra suggestions and methods for surviving this hunt.

If you’re searching for particularly Monster Hunter World Iceborne guides, then we’ve created a separate guide hub for simply growth stuff. Head over to our Monster Hunter World Iceborne guide to make your begin.

Paolumu weaknesses and resistances

Paolumu weaknesses and resistances
Paolumu weaknesses and resistances

Paolumu may be very weak to fireside, so be certain to carry alongside an acceptable weapon. As it’s a flying monster, firearms such because the Bow or both Bowgun with fireplace rounds are a good suggestion to use that weakness. Thunder is barely much less efficient, whereas ice and dragon do regular injury. Water is ailing suggested right here because of its resistance.

If in case you have any gadgets able to both beautiful it or blasting it, make sure you take them with you. At this level it’s possible you’ll even have entry to a weapon in your Palico that may stun enemies. It is a excellent set in opposition to this monster as your Palico can set you up for a mix of blows. Different illnesses aren’t as efficient, however the Paolumu doesn’t have any inherent resistances for standing circumstances.

Whereas its wings, tail and torso are all breakable, the one huge weak level is its head space. That is sectioned off into two elements: the top itself which is reasonably weak to all types of bodily injury, whereas the inflatable throat may be damaged and is by far its weakest level. That is additionally the place the Paolumu is at its most harmful, so take care to not get caught up in a gust of wind. Ranged weapons are most likely your greatest good friend on this fight, however any weapon aimed toward is bloated type can deflate it.

How to fight the Paolumu

To be able to give your self the very best likelihood, attempt to have a weapon that both has an extended attain or is a ranged weapon. Weapons such because the insect glaive, lengthy sword, and any of the ranged weapons will make sure you’re hitting Paolumu in each of its states.

Paolumu has two states, the primary of which is ground-based with its neck deflated. Its principal assaults on this state are to cost at you, whip with its tail, and sometimes pound the bottom. Except the cost, these assaults aren’t high-damaging and it does go away itself open to extra injury because it assaults.

Each time it inflates, it exposes its key vulnerability in its throat which you have to be concentrating on as a lot as attainable. Nonetheless this additionally signifies that it’s about to unleash a few of its extra highly effective assaults. Whereas it’s within the air, it will possibly venture a blast of air to stun your hunter quickly. That is by far probably the most harmful circumstance to be in as any one among its different assaults can do some extreme injury. Its butt stomp can take over half your well being away in a single blow.

The worst bit is that you simply don’t get an excessive amount of time to react to any of its assaults if you happen to’re attempting to hit its throat up shut. Due to this fact in case you are able to beautiful Paolumu, whereas it’s within the air is the perfect time to take action. Will probably be weak to being attacked, however it can additionally revert to its floor state, permitting you to keep away from having to take care of a few of its extra devastating assaults.

When its well being will get to a vital level, it can fly away to its nest. This sadly additionally provides it the house benefit and a brand new assault as well. It’s going to fly away by one of many holes within the ceiling, earlier than returning at pace, somersaulting to the bottom. If the bottom pound dealt greater than half your life whole, this could probably kill your hunter outright. One of the best ways to keep away from this actually is to not be within the nest for some time. It’s going to finally come down, however be certain you’re prepared if it’s revving up for that somersault assault. It shouldn’t be too lengthy earlier than you slay this considerably majestic beast.

What materials can I get from the Paolumu?

After finally deflating the Paolumu completely, it may give all kinds of latest materials to craft into new gear. Some gadgets usually tend to seem when you’ve captured this monster, extra on that in our Monster Hunter: World seize guide. For extra on how to use this stuff, you’ll be able to both try our Monster Hunter: World fight guide or our Monster Hunter: World armour guide. Within the listing beneath, the celebrities point out the frequency by which the merchandise in query will drop, in addition to particulars on whether or not some gadgets are obtained by breaking a selected a part of the monster.

That concludes the guide on the Paolumu, however there are loads extra monsters in Monster Hunter: World to exit and hunt. You’ll be able to remind your self of how to defeat the earlier monster in our Monster Hunter: World Tzitzi-Ya-Ku guide. Your subsequent possible massive hunt would be the one present in our Monster Hunter: World Radobaan guide, so head over there to learn how to defeat this spiny beast.


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