Monster Hunter: World Rathian: how to kill it, what is its weakness

Monster Hunter: World Rathian: how to kill it, what is its weakness

A number of the larger monsters in Monster Hunter: World are required to have been hunted to finish the primary story, however there’s a couple of which might be optional fights. One in all these simply so occurs to be a Rathian, which is usually a nuisance to early-game hunts within the Historic Forest or Wildspire Waste, however is value going after to organize for a later fight, in addition to to acquire materials for some actually good tools. This guide will go over what how to kill it, what its weakness is, and the stuff you want to concentrate on when preventing this dragon.

Monster Hunter: World Rathian guide

For newer gamers venturing into the Historic Forest or Wildspire Waste, they might encounter this monster accidentally whereas looking other monsters. Hunting this dragon at this early stage isn’t really helpful and thus ought to be reserved for when your tools is that little bit higher. Head on over to our Monster Hunter World guide to get more suggestions and methods for surviving this hunt once you lastly decide to take it on.

In case you are looking for particularly Monster Hunter World Iceborne guides, then we’ve got created a separate guide hub for simply growth stuff. Head over to our Monster Hunter World Iceborne guide to make your begin.

Rathian weaknesses and resistances

Rathian weaknesses and resistances

Rathian weaknesses and resistances

Rathian may be very weak to the dragon factor, however you’re more likely at earlier phases of the sport to have entry to thunder weapons. Both one will do excellent damage to it. Using ice and water weapons isn’t really helpful and you need to completely by no means use hearth weapons on this fire-breathing dragon.

It also boasts some big resistances to each blast and poison, nonetheless it might simply be surprised. Any assaults that may render it motionless quickly by way of stun could make the distinction within the fight in opposition to this terrifying beast. Any items or expertise that use stun to knock it out of the sky are closely inspired to deliver alongside.

You may shatter Rathian’s head, wings, and torso, whereas its tail can be severable. Solely the torso isn’t a weak level as each tail and wings could be hit for respectable damage. Nonetheless the weakest level is certainly the pinnacle, which can be the place you possibly can inflict stun by smacking it with a heavy hitting weapon like hammers or swap axes. As one other flyer, it’s value bringing ranged weapons, nonetheless the tail being severable negates the poison inside so bladed weapons could also be higher suited to this fight.

How to fight the Rathian

Rathian is the complete dragon package deal. It may well breathe hearth and it might fly. As such, attacking this creature goes to be an utter ache to take action persistently. It may well assault from each the bottom and the air with numerous tail swipes, bites, and claw swipes. The quantity of how it might dish out ache is staggering to say the least.

Thankfully the geometry of each the Historic Forest and Wildspire Waste can be utilized to your benefit, because it’s comparatively straightforward to discover a vantage level to leap on high of it and begin stabbing its head. It can in fact attempt to smash its head into issues to try to buck you off of it, however persevering with it and bracing when you possibly can will let you use a particular assault to deal numerous damage to its head and doubtlessly stun it for a short while.

When Rathian is within the air, it’s much more dangerous, particularly when you’re on the bottom. That is the place it’s almost certainly to breathe hearth, which has a large vary, and being hit by its hearth inflicts fireblight. With a purpose to eliminate this situation, both roll 3 times, roll as soon as in water, or eat a Nulberry.

It may well also doubtlessly poison you by attacking you with its tail if it’s nonetheless intact. The best choice is to maintain your distance the place doable, or attempt to discover an elevated level that may let you mount it within the air. As soon as the tail is severed, you gained’t have to fret concerning the poison standing ailment, however it might nonetheless deal damage with its bloody stump.

As the important thing participant within the Wildspire Waste, it should also assault other monsters. This is usually a double-edged sword as you might discover the monster it’s difficult is ill-equipped to take care of the sheer energy of Rathian, however it might show a pleasant distraction so that you can launch a shock assault. Whether it is wanting a bit too busy, you might want to take into account throwing some dung pods on the other monster to pressure it to flee the world, when you proceed to take care of this bothersome drake. As a facet be aware, it should pursue something that takes its eggs to the ends of the earth, together with the Kulu-Ya-Ku that’s present in each areas; you could find out how to defeat that monster in our Monster Hunter: World Kulu-Ya-Ku guide.

What materials can I get from the Rathian?

This drake has some materials to make some fire-resistant armour that’s value contemplating for the trials forward. Some items usually tend to seem when you’ve captured this monster, more on that in our Monster Hunter: World seize guide. For more on how to use these things, you possibly can both take a look at our Monster Hunter: World fight guide or our Monster Hunter: World armour guide. Within the listing under, the celebs point out the frequency during which the merchandise in query will drop, in addition to particulars on whether or not some items are obtained by breaking a selected a part of the monster.



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