Monster Hunter: World Uragaan: how to kill it, what is its weakness


Monster Hunter: World Uragaan: how to kill it, what is its weakness

As one of many “not fairly re-skins” present in Monster Hunter: World, Uragaan is basically an Radobaan that may make issues round it explode. This non-compulsory monster may be completely ignored do you have to so want, however searching it can provide you some half-decent armour to make some upcoming fights a bit simpler, in addition to web you some materials solely discovered by mining its physique. This guide will undergo the Uragaan’s assaults, in addition to inform you how to kill it and what its weaknesses are.

Monster Hunter: World Uragaan guide

Since these monsters may be comparatively explosive any more, it’s crucial that you’ve got agile reflexes for dodging its greater assaults. Whereas nowhere close to as dangerous because the earlier fight, you may nonetheless have a look at our Monster Hunter World guide to get some basic ideas for what to do when getting ready your gear, in addition to a plethora of different articles with full tools lists to your perusal.

If you’re searching for particularly Monster Hunter World Iceborne guides, then we’ve got created a separate guide hub for simply enlargement stuff. Head over to our Monster Hunter World Iceborne guide to make your begin.

Uragaan strengths and weaknesses

Uragaan is of course resistant to fireside and weak to water, so convey your water primarily based weapon to this fight. Ice and dragon may be good if a water weapon isn’t obtainable at hand, however thunder is sort of as dangerous as fire.

Standing illnesses are a unique story, with the Uragaan being very weak to poison and stun results. Surprisingly, regardless of having predominantly blast-like assaults, utilizing blast on it may be considerably efficient; the identical goes for paralysis primarily based assaults. Don’t attempt to put it to sleep although, because it received’t have a lot have an effect on.

Breakable components embrace the highest of its head, its again, and the severable tail. With its head, although it’s positively a weak level ultimately, it initially will make weapons bounce off of it. It’s because you’re possible hitting its jaw, so make sure you’re hitting the highest of its head when its downed and hitting its stomach when it’s upright. You must use weapons that you just’re snug with, although there is a bonus to utilizing sure weapons – ranged weapons or the Twin Blades appear to work one of the best.

How to fight the Uragaan

Remarkably much like Radobaan, Uragaan likes to roll round and be a basic nuisance, solely its explosives are probably the most troubling factor about it. When it rolls round, it scatters pink balls that if hit by both you or the Uragaan will explode. The overall idea is to take them out from afar, which whereas it received’t have an effect on the Uragaan will make it not less than a bit on the safer aspect so that you can assault it.

Its most devastating assault is its jaw slam. Usually that is performed after it roars, so to counter this a bit, by no means assault it from the entrance. Because you received’t have a great angle to hit its head, it’s typically higher to go and assault its aspect as a substitute. This assault can ship a shockwave which can detonate any deployed mines, so ensure you’re not within the blast radius. One other odd assault it could possibly do begins when it shakes. In case you see this, run away, because it’s ready to eject some steam that may inflict both fireblight or sleep on something in its vary. In fact you may keep away from this fully by combating with ranged weapons.

Knocking this creature down presents you with a little bit of a conundrum. Must you assault its head, or do you danger mining the particular ore in its stomach for materials? This isn’t the identical as a basic reward for breaking components of this creature, or certainly severing its tail, so if you wish to get probably the most out of the scenario it could be finest to try to assault the highest of its head as a substitute. If you would like the ore over the kill/seize although, go forward and mine these spots.

One factor you need to be conscious of is that at this stage of the sport, wandering monsters will at all times fight one another. Uragaan tends to return off the dangerous finish of any fight it could possibly have, so simply maintain out of the best way and watch the chaos guarantee. Simply bear in mind that if the likes of Dodogama or Bazelgeuse come for a scrap, you’ll need to be as distant from the hearth as potential. Objects can be dropped too, so ensure you nab them for those who get the possibility.

What materials can I get from Uragaan?

materials you may get from Uragaan enable for the creation of some respectable fire resistant clothes. Some gadgets usually tend to seem when you’ve captured this monster, more on that in our Monster Hunter: World seize guide. For more on how to use this stuff, you may both try our Monster Hunter: World fight guide or our Monster Hunter: World armour guide. Within the checklist under, the celebrities point out the frequency during which the merchandise in query will drop, in addition to particulars on whether or not some gadgets are obtained by breaking a particular a part of the monster.


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