Monster Hunter: World Vaal Hazak: how to kill it, what’s its weakness


Monster Hunter: World Vaal Hazak: how to kill it, what’s its weakness

We’re now into the ultimate stretch in our Monster Hunter: World guides and maybe essentially the most unorthodox of all of the Elder Dragons – Vaal Hazak. This zombified monstrosity is at all times surrounded by a gassy cloud that if you happen to’re not ready for will make this a brief and unsuccessful hunt. This guide will undergo why the cloud is bad for you and Vaal Hazak’s assaults, in addition to how to kill it and what its weaknesses are.

Monster Hunter: World Vaal Hazak guide

This is likely one of the hardest fights within the sport, so that you positively have to be absolutely ready earlier than heading into battle. You may try our Monster Hunter World guide to get some common ideas for what to do when making ready your gear, in addition to a plethora of different articles with full tools lists in your perusal.

In case you are searching for particularly Monster Hunter World Iceborne guides, then we have now created a separate guide hub for simply enlargement stuff. Head over to our Monster Hunter World Iceborne guide to make your begin.

Vaal Hazak strengths and weaknesses

Vaal Hazak strengths and weaknesses
Vaal Hazak strengths and weaknesses

Hearth and dragon are main weaknesses for Vaal Hazak, whereas ice can do chunk of injury ought to neither be accessible to you. It’s absolutely proof against water assaults although, so attempt to not use this component. Vaal Hazak is much more proof against illnesses, that means that only blast and stun could have any nice have an effect on on it.

Weak factors embrace the top, torso, and tail and all have various completely different ranges of weakness relying on weapon alternative. Ranged weapons usually are not match for this struggle as none of Vaal Hazak’s weaknesses are nearly as good in opposition to it and its ranged assaults are maybe its most devastating. Blunt weapons are only actually good on its face, whereas bladed weapons appear to be essentially the most constant weapon of alternative. Breakable components embrace the top, torso, and claws, in addition to the severable tail. That is one struggle the place swinging a bladed weapon is your best option.

Find out how to kill Vaal Hazak

Find out how to kill Vaal Hazak
Find out how to kill Vaal Hazak

As that is an Elder Dragon, you may’t seize it, so no Tranq Bombs needs to be introduced into this struggle. As a substitute carry alongside all of the barrel bombs you may carry, in addition to any accessible therapeutic and well being/stamina boosting objects. Along with that, you must positively usher in a full inventory of well being bar rising objects, in addition to all of the Nulberries you may carry. Sure tools can neuter its smog, which is the primary factor to maintain observe of on this struggle, nevertheless the struggle may be very doable with Nulberries. Flash pods are additionally value bringing with you for sure circumstances.

Its assaults are slightly restricted. Up shut it may well do the standard bites and claw swipes, however its tail swipe comes with a bit of flick on the finish simply in case you dodged the primary assault. It’ll almost at all times scream earlier than it assaults with its cost, so hear out for the audio cues. It will possibly additionally leap a brief distance to pounce on any unsuspecting hunters. It does have a surprisingly very long time to get better earlier than attacking as soon as extra for any of its bodily assaults, so get just a few hits when you may.

If it rises up and screams, discover some cowl to cover behind or get behind it. The spew of gasoline that it initiatives will not be only a extremely damaging assault, however it would additionally inflict miasma on you. There are additionally occasions the place it would breath on the bottom, so get as distant as you may from the gasoline and maintain away as a lot as you may. Do you have to grow to be inflicted with the miasma, you’ll be affected by its drain assault, which additionally hurts any NPCs round it which are additionally affected by the miasma. When it turns into enraged, it would have a small cloud of gasoline round it for a short while. Ensure you don’t over-commit to attacking it when that is the case, as you’ll only grow to be contaminated.

One factor you must control is the Girros inhabitants. Having a companion Girros due to the Grimalkyne relationship you may obtained lightens up the numbers, but it surely’s simple to grow to be paralysed by the smaller lizards earlier than a devastating assault from the Elder Dragon. To learn to make associates with the native Grimalkyne, head to our Monster Hunter: World Palico guide.

Find out how to cure Vaal Hazak’s miasma

Find out how to cure Vaal Hazak’s miasma
Find out how to cure Vaal Hazak’s miasma

Whereas its assaults is probably not a lot to put in writing house about in comparison with the opposite Elder Dragons you’ve confronted thus far, the miasma is essentially the most annoying side of this struggle. It’s very easy to grow to be with it and it has some nasty penalties. Not only do you steadily take injury, you additionally lose half your well being bar, making it very simply for Vaal Hazak to at least one shot you at full well being.

There are a number of strategies to mitigate the chance. Firstly, if you happen to occur to have any miasma gems geared up, this may cut back the quantity the well being bar goes down by. Having three geared up will negate your entire impact, however will nonetheless chip away injury from you. You also needs to have meals that target well being enhancements, in addition to use Max Potions, Historic Potions, and Vitamins to bolster your well being bar. The one actual approach to cure the miasma is to eat a Nulberry, which you must have a full inventory of earlier than preventing Vaal Hazak, however you’ll doubtless additionally must pop a therapeutic merchandise off too to heal again to full well being.

What materials can I get from Vaal Hazak?

Vaal Hazak is certainly one of many more durable fights within the sport, however has materials which are wanted. One of the best ways to persistently receive them is to crew up with different gamers to struggle this monster many times for higher rewards. These trying to crew up with associates ought to try our Monster Hunter: World PC multiplayer guide. For extra on how to use these things, you may both try our Monster Hunter: World fight guide or our Monster Hunter: World armour guide. Within the checklist beneath, the celebrities point out the frequency during which the merchandise in query will drop, in addition to particulars on whether or not some objects are obtained by breaking a selected a part of the monster.

Vaal Hazak materials (high rank only)

Item name Rarity of materials gained from carving Combat and carving notes Rarity of materials gained as rewards Reward notes
Vaal Hazak Carapace **** ****
Deceased Scale ***** ***
Vaal Hazak Talon *** Obtained by breaking its front claws. ***
Vaal Hazak Fang + ** Obtained by breaking its head. N/A
Vaal Hazak Wing *** ***
Vaal Hazak Membrane * Obtained by breaking its torso.
Can also be dropped.
Vaal Hazak Tail * Obtained by carving its tail. N/A
Vaal Hazak Gem * Obtained by breaking its head or carving its tail.

2% carve.
3% tail carve.
2% head break.

* 6% Silver reward.
13% Gold reward.
Elder Dragon Bone N/A **
Elder Dragon Blood N/A ***

That’s it for our strategies for Vaal Hazak, however there’s nonetheless a pair extra Elder Dragons to slay. There’s additionally that persistent downside that’s Bazelgeuse, so you may head to our Monster Hunter: World Bazelgeuse guide for extra on how to repel this nuisance. There’s simply two extra Elder Dragons to go, for tips about the raging inferno lion dragon, go to our Monster Hunter: World Teostra guide, whereas these searching for tips about coping with the twister dragon ought to try our Monster Hunter: World Kushala Daora guide. If this was your final Elder Dragon, then a closing encounter will divulge heart’s contents to you and it’s a tough one to cope with. These wishing to make the leap ought to go to our Monster Hunter: World Xeno’jiiva guide for how to slay the final principal campaign struggle of the sport.



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