Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List

Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List Articles
Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List
Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List

Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List

It has been nearly two years because the launch of Monster Hunter World, the most recent title in Capcom’s long-running action-RPG sequence. Following the traditional sequence’ formulation, Monster Hunter World has players tackle more and more harmful beasts as they discover an odd foreign land.

Given that they are typically tangling with monsters the size of homes, no hunter is protected with out a trusty weapon by their aspect. There are fourteen of those to select from in Monster Hunter World, every with its personal strengths and weaknesses. Whereas some Monster Hunter weapons shine in co-op play and others are higher solo, on this checklist we’re averaging out these modes to find out a base rating for every weapon.


Nice Sword: Combining the best per-hit harm within the sport with nice vary and frequent staggers secures Monster Hunter World’s Greatsword a spot in S-Tier. These benefits, plus its very low Sharpness consumption, are greater than sufficient to offset its poor mobility and sluggish assault pace.

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Heavy Bowgun: The Heavy Bowgun is the artillery cannon of Monster Hunter World, doling out excessive harm from Long vary. Whereas this comes at the price of closely reduced mobility, the Heavy Bowgun’s number of different ammunition-types offers it shocking versatility.

Bow: The Bow is one of the most reliable ranged weapons in Monster Hunter World, providing limitless ammo, sustained DPS, and excessive mobility. Arrows fired from the Bow are at their strongest when charged, and might use particular coatings for a wide range of different debuffs and harm boosts.

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Dual Blades: The Dual-Blades have the potential to be the best DPS in Monster Hunter World. Their Demon and Archdemon particular modes permit them to chain prolonged combos with out having to fret about counters. Additionally they include a particular Sprint Dodge with has more invincibility-frames than the common dodge.

Hammer: Whereas the Hammer can take somewhat apply to grasp, its mixture of excessive uncooked assault energy and crushing Charged assaults make it a lethal weapon in the suitable arms. The Hammer doubles down on aggressiveness, with the power to knock out monsters and apply exhaust. Nonetheless, this does come at the price of no guarding or evasive strikes.

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Change Axe: Whereas definitely some of the complicated weapons to make use of in Monster Hunter World, the Change Axe can present unbelievable versatility in expert arms. The weapon switches between an Axe kind for elevated attain and mobility, and a Sword kind for further harm and precision. Every mode is able to combo-ing into the opposite, although the most powerful assaults have Long recovery occasions.

Long Sword: The Long Sword is well-rounded melee possibility, combining strong harm, assault pace, and mobility. One of many weapon’s largest benefits is its Long attain, which is unsurprising given the title. Whereas players must watch out utilizing its extensive sweeps round teammates, the Long Sword is a good middle-ground between the Greatsword and sooner, less-damaging weaponry.

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Insect Glaive: One of the most distinctive weapons in Monster Hunter World, the Insect Glaive offers its person the power to regulate a Kinsect pet. The Kinsect might be dispatched to extract buffing Essence from monsters, earlier than returning to its grasp. The Insect Glaive can be the most cell weapon within the sport, permitting unprecedented motion and mounting alternatives. Nonetheless, this all comes at the price of a comparatively low assault energy.

Gentle Bowgun: As players may guess from the title, the Gentle Bowgun is a cousin of the Heavy Bowgun that trades reduced harm for elevated mobility. Sadly for the Gentle Bowgun, the Heavy will get the higher finish of the cut price, with its further ammo-types and much-higher harm being greater than well worth the reduced mobility. Nonetheless, the Gentle Bowgun stays a strong alternative in opposition to lots of Monster Hunter’s sooner monsters.

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Charge Blade: One other weapon able to switching between Axe and Sword varieties is the Charge Blade. On this case nonetheless, the Sword Kind comes with a Shield, permitting for a higher degree of defense. Whereas this may appear to present it a bonus over the Change Axe, the Charge Blade’s Axe kind has extraordinarily low mobility, and its strikes are much more complicated to grasp.

Gunlance: Whereas the Gunlance comes with penalties to dodging and mobility, it counters them with a fantastic balance of attain, defense, and particular harm. The Gunlance’s distinctive trick is its potential to fireside numerous sorts of explosive shells. Its final transfer is Monster Hunter World’s new Wyrmstake Cannon, a single-shot that offers large harm.

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Sword and Shield: Whereas Monster Hunter World’s Sword and Shield brings a flexible mixture of sever and blunt harm, it isn’t with out its down-sides. The attain of this weapon is one of the shortest within the sport, requiring players to handle their spacing completely in an effort to get good hits in. On prime of this, the Sword and Shield requires frequent Sharpening, particularly after a variety of Sword assaults.

Hunting Horn: Whereas the Hunting Sword might be very efficient in a bigger group, its lackluster efficiency in duo and solo play condemns it to C-Tier on this case. The Horn permits the participant to supply powerful buffs, however as a blunt weapon it assaults slowly and would not hit onerous.

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Lance: The Lance is a defensive weapon with a protracted attain that suffers from its lack of assault energy. Whereas the Shield and blocking skills it offers are nice for cover, they arrive with penalties to motion pace and evasion, in addition to a excessive skill-cap.

Following balance improvements launched with Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne growth, there aren’t any actually unhealthy weapons within the sport. In the end, every participant may have a barely different expertise, and an important factor is choosing a weapon that feels proper.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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