New Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Watch Announced

New Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Watch Announced
New Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Watch Announced

Video game-related merchandise has expanded in recent years going beyond trinkets, figures, and keychains, and into the world of fashion. A fan wearing an item based on their favorite series is another way to express their love for a franchise. Final Fantasy certainly has a large, and passionate fanbase, so news that a Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children watch is up for pre-order should pique the interest of fans looking for a way to accessorize their wrists.

Wearing one’s fandom is becoming a much more common expression of being a fan. Showing support for an esports team, a particular streamer, or a video game franchise, wearable “nerdy” fashion is making its way into everyday wear, and in some cases, even into the upper reaches of designer fashion. A collaboration between Death Stranding and premium clothing brand Acronym produced a slick, functional coat that rang in at a cool $1800 USD.

Square Enix isn’t going quite as outrageous with its new Advent Children watch, but the stainless steel timepiece, which features an embossed Cloudy Wolf emblem, is still somewhat of a premium product. Available in two sizes, 34mm and 39mm, and in regular and limited editions, the watch features Cloud’s Cloudy Wolf on one side, while featuring jet-black feathers on the other side, representing Sephiroth.

Advent Children remains a puzzling film to this day, but this watch is pretty straightforward and clean, without many distracting details. The regular edition retails for $299, while the limited edition comes in at $349 and adds a green mother-of-pearl subdial meant to evoke the lifestream from FF7. Little nods to the game, like the green subdial, make these game-themed pieces stand out.

To bring out a piece related to Advent Children is likely to raise some eyebrows for fans. FF7:AC created a fair amount of additional lore for the game, with new characters and new plotlines to follow. Some fans wonder if Advent Children‘s story will be worked into the remake of Final Fantasy 7. A release of Advent Children merchandise could be a little hint that Square Enix has not forgotten about the film just yet.

Sometimes video game merchandise can get a little out of hand, like the Resident Evil Village Collector’s Edition, which features a replica jacket like Chris’ from the game. There is more bundled in, but at $1800, someone has to be a dedicated fan to want to invest that much. If someone is in need of a watch, and they are a big Final Fantasy fan, the Advent Children watch might be just the ticket.



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