One Piece Episode 995: Release Date, Preview And Episode 994 Summary

One Piece Episode 995: Release Date, Preview And Episode 994 Summary

One Piece Episode 995 is officially scheduled to be released on October 10th, 2021. The episode is titled, “Raid, Inheriting Oden’s Will“. Here is a summary of the last episode of the anime.

One Piece Episode 994 Summary:

One Piece Episode 994 “The Akazaya Face-off! Kikunojo vs. Kanjuro!” starts with Big Mom in the center. She had got her hands on Zeus, whereas he was scared to death on seeing her. Everybody realizes that the lady yonko is the world’s strongest oldest hag. Kaido then yells at her for being late to the party. Everyone from the Strawhats and samurai group like Robin, Jimbei, Hyogoro, and others realize that Big Mom has captured nami and Carrot. In the meantime, that hag announces the alliance of Animal Kingdom Pirates and the Big Mom Pirates. Then the scene goes on to Kaido and Lin-lin yelling, they will get the greatest treasure, The One Piece.

Kaido tells everyone that they are planning to use the three ancient weapons to do so. Robin mentions the three weapons are Uranus, Pluton, and Poseidon. The three ancient weapons possess the names of gods and have devastating powers. Robin also says that if they manage to get a hold of them, the world will crumble due to an imbalance in power, and a world of violence will be made.

What Happened Next?

Luffy tells Yamato that he will be the one to get One Piece. Kaido tells Orochi’s subordinates that they will destroy the Flower Capital and make more weapon factories. He will ultimately rename it the New Onigashima. Orochi gets furious and tells Kaido that Wano is his territory and his home. Being frustrated with Orochi’s nonsense Kaido turns, draws out King’s sword, and chop off the head of Orochi.

Kaido then tells everyone that he has nothing to do with neither Kurozomi nor Kozuki Clan. Tied to the cross was Momonosuke; he started crying and screaming as he saw the images of his family. Luffy realizes the scream is from Momo and asks Yamato to take him there.

Will Yamato Become The Next Shogun Of Wano?

As Luffy and Yamato both reach Momo, in the meantime, Akazaya were battling the traitor Kanjuro’s crew. Kikunojo was involved in a duel with Kanjuro. Kanjuro was using his fakes while Kiku sliced all of them with One Sword Style.

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As the battle intensified, Kiku brought Kanjuro to the ground, and he started apologizing. He started using the most powerful weapon, words, to get into Kiku’s head. But Ashura shouts, and Kiku realized that he was fooling them, and the battle continued. Kiku manages to cut him and thinks that he is dead. Kinemon and Denjiro arrive and recall their moment spent with him as a family member.

Akazaya had now killed one of them.

Kaido then announces that he will make his son Yamato the next shogun of Wano. Yamato gets angry and, with Luffy, moves forward, creating a shortcut by destroying walls.

One Piece Episode 995: Release Date, And Preview

One Piece Episode 995 is going to release on October 10th, 2021. Izo tells Akazaya to move on to Onigashima. Previews show us a glimpse of Marco and Perospero having a duel and Luffy yelling. Kinemon and others reach Onigashima and Big Mom threatens Nami and Carrot. The preview is attached below:-


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