Original Stitch Pokemon Shirts Will Add Fans’ Favorite Poke Balls as Buttons

Original Stitch Pokemon Shirts Will Add Fans' Favorite Poke Balls as Buttons

Original Stitch Pokemon Shirts Will Add Fans' Favorite Poke Balls as Buttons

Many fans of the Pokemon franchise were likely delighted when The Pokemon Company and Original Stitch announced a partnership in March 2019 to produce Pokemon-themed dress shirts based on the original 151 monsters. That partnership has continued to this day, with patterns based on the Hoenn region getting added last month. Now more customization options are being planned, and fans can vote on which Poke Ball type they want to see included as buttons.

The Poke Ball is probably as iconic a symbol of Pokemon as its mascot Pikachu, with even most non-fans able to identify the red-and-white ball design. However, many more Poke Balls are available to trainers across different titles, from mainstays like Great, Ultra, and Master Balls to more rare offerings like the set of Apricorn balls from Pokemon Gold and Silver or the Beast Ball from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

A Twitter poll is currently being hosted that lasts until March 19, in which anyone can post one tweet with special Japanese hashtags to vote on up to 21 Poke Ball choices. The top three will be turned into buttons for Pokemon dress shirts when Original Stitch expands its customization options in May 2021, according to Dengeki Online.

While there is a colorful variety of Poke Ball options to choose from, including the stark white Premier Ball, the black-and-gold Luxury Ball, or the bisected Moon Ball, the early Poke Ball design from Pokemon Legends: Arceus is not included. Given this is a relatively new addition to the series, part of a Pokemon game set to release in 2022, perhaps it will be added to as an option in the future.



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