Outer Worlds: The 10 Most Powerful Perks, Ranked

We're here to let you know which of the Outer Worlds perks within these three tiers of abilities are the absolute best.

Outer Worlds: The 10 Most Powerful Perks, Ranked
Outer Worlds: The 10 Most Powerful Perks, Ranked

Obsidian is finally back with their next nihilistic RPG The Outer Worlds. The company is most well-known for its amazing additions to the Bethesda Fallout game, Fallout: New Vegas. And, The Outer Worlds is unapologetically based upon the mechanics of the present-day Fallout games, complete with a pseudo VATS system, companions, and even the perks.

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Though Outer World’s Perk tree might be a bit more boring in terms of the “wackiness” of the perks, it’s definitely one of the most balanced iterations. Luckily, we’re here to let you know which of the perks within these three tiers of overpowered abilities are the absolute best.

Tier 1: Toughness And Resilience

Right off the bat, health is important. Outer Worlds is actually a relatively easy game, so many players and publications are recommending people play on Hard, and we agree. That said, the Hard difficulty is at its toughest in the early-game we think, as players haven’t been able to pump-up their armor or perks quite yet.

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So, our advice is to hold back that excitement for the more interesting perks and grab these two ASAP. Believe us, bullets shred health quite quickly in Edgewater, and a bit more health and some armor make quite the difference.

Tier 1: Quick And The Dead Or Slow The World

The Tactical Time Dilation gauge or as we like to call it the “Definitely not VATS system” is Obsidian’s way of improving upon the Fallout franchises poster-boy mechanic. While activated, time plays out very slowly and players can target specific areas of enemies.

It’s minorly useful in the early-game, but massively helpful once players unlock the hit-location effects. So, we recommend players grab one or both of these perks sooner than later because stacking debuffs on enemies is the best way we’ve found to manage tons of enemies all at once. Our favorite thing is to waltz into a Marauder camp, spend our TTD to blind every single bandit, then wack them with our big ol’ hammer, one by one.

Tier 1: Deadly Demonstrations Or Lone Wolf

Unlike the last recommendation, we included both of these perks as one entry primarily because it’s important to pick what playstyle you want to go for.

There are 6 Companions in Outer Worlds, and while only 2 can be used by the player at a time, they get pretty overpowered as soon as they’re handed some decent armor and weapons. But, some players love a challenge, and they also like to take out every enemy themselves. So, it’s important to figure out early if you’re going to be a Lone Wolf, or roll with a crew because there are quite a few perks and advantages to either.

Picking early allows players to nab either of these perks that both make a huge difference in helping get over that early hard-difficulty hurdle. That said, respecing is available right from within the ship, so neither of these is a permanent commitment.

Tier 2: The Reaper

Just like we mentioned earlier, the TTD Gauge is crucial after a certain point in the game. It can cause opponents to temporarily go blind, get staggered, weakened, crippled, bleed, or even knocked down. All of these effects play a huge part in fights with lots of enemies, and some of them are the defacto best way to fight Mega-versions of creatures.

That said, none of these effects are possible without TTD, so the player needs a lot of it. If they grabbed either of the TTD-focused Tier 1 abilities we recommended, this perk only becomes even more useful. And finally, when combined with the Harvester perk, players will be able to bounce back into the fight after every single kill.

Tier 2: Harvester

Speaking of the Harvester Perk, here it is. Yes the TTD gauge is useful, but you know what’s even more crucial? Keeping the health bar above 0%. In fact, we might be so bold as to say that’s the most important thing in the game. Crazy right? So what can help with that? Well, the Inhaler, a few base health buffing consumables, oh and the Harvester Perk.

This ability essentially boils down to Life Steal. After every kill, players receive 15% of their health back, and that’s including Companion kills. As someone who just recently ventured through the monster-infested wastes of the Monarch Wilderness, we can say without a doubt that Life Steal is crucial for surviving fights against 5 or more enemies.

Tier 2: Weird Science

Just like in previous games, Outer Worlds has a seriously lopsided bias towards technical skills. Original players of New Vegas might remember that the most important skills to rank up early were both the hacking and lockpicking skills, as players will find an absolute abundance of chests and terminals in their travels. Well, this bias is back, and now the Science skill has entered the mix thanks to Science Weapons.

These are specialty weapons players can find in the game that have damage heavily dependant upon the players Science Skill. But, there are also two perks that buff Science Weapon damage by a staggering amount, and Weird Science is one of them. Do us a favor, see how useless but fun that Shrink Ray is? Grab this Perk and try it again, and you’ll quickly see how strong Science Weapons can be.

Tier 3: Confidence

Again, not a perk that’s necessary until the player starts fighting 5+ groups of enemies consistently, but once they do, this Perk is obscenely strong. It’s pretty simple, after every kill, the player gets a free critical hit on their next attack. This could be a melee attack, a sniper shot, or even a shotgun blast. But, we can say for certain that it has saved us a fair amount of times already.

It’s perfect for a melee build, especially with power swings. Though, it’s even more perfect for sniper-builds, as every kill after the first quickly becomes a one to two-shot kill. Our favorite method of abusing it comes from fighting Mega-creatures. Usually, they’re accompanied by goons, so we take our a gun, use our free crit on the big boss, take out another goon, and repeat. And that’s just one way of utilizing this shockingly useful Perk.

Tier 3: Revenge

This skill is a bit misleading. The summarized description just says 20% more damage, but what it actually means is 20% more damage when under the effects of a negative status effect. But, what does “Negative Status Effect” cover?

Obviously, fire, poison, N-ray damage and the like are all covered, but what about phobias? From what we can tell, yes they count, and that’s what makes this skill so good. There are quite a few flaws in the game that permanently cause the player to do less damage against certain types of enemies.

This skill seems to proc whenever a phobia is activated. Which makes it useful to travel around with the S.A.M robotic companion when the player has the Robophobia flaw. Sure, they’ll do less damage to mechanicals, but in exchange, they’ll do 20% more damage to everything else.

Tier 3: Tit For Tat

Sure sure, this is primarily for melee builds but it also works for the Quick melee that is available with every weapon. For players who don’t know, there’s a button for quick melee in the game that basically just amounts to smacking the enemy with the butt of your gun. And, doing this when an enemy gets to close is an easy way to get a bit of health back with this Perk.

Sure, 15% is pretty small, but still. That said, Tit for Tat is biased towards melee builds, and as someone who always does a melee build, we can tell you it’s helpful while we smack our way across the galaxy.

Tier 3: Penetrating Shots

Contrasting the melee-focused Tit for Tat perk, the Penetrating Shots perk is awful on melee builds. But, it’s amazing on any other build. Every single shot that hits an enemy reduces their Armor by 1. It can stack up to 10 times and lasts 10 seconds per stack. The 10 seconds thing might make some players wary, but have no fear, each hit resets the timer.

What this means is that fighting Mega creatures and Marauder Ringleaders just became a cakewalk. Use an LMG or Assault Rifle for the first 10 hits, then switch to a Plasma-based shotgun for some truly incredible damage.


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