Oxygen Not Included mods: the 12 best ONI mods in the Steam Workshop

Oxygen Not Included mods

Oxygen Not Included mods

Oxygen Not Included mods: the 12 best ONI mods in the Steam Workshop

Oxygen Not Included mods, it seems, can inform you numerous concerning the sport itself, and the way phenomenal it already is. A lot of the actually good mods on the market go for the “making life higher” route, somewhat than the “tonnes of latest options” route just like the mods of most different video games. It’s a testament to the brilliance of Klei and their endlessly pleasing suffocation simulator.

Besides, I not often play with out the under Oxygen Not Included mods. This can be a sport I come again to time after time, and so I’ve spent years pouring over what new nuggets of excellence the modding community has introduced out. These 12 mods are the easiest ONI mods of all, and if you happen to’re trying to make your time micromanaging dupes so that they don’t drown in your water provide much more pleasing, you’ve come to the suitable place!

12 best Oxygen Not Included mods

On the subject of the easiest Oxygen Not Included mods, there are three names specifically that actually preserve cropping up. These three prolific modders are the titans of the ONI Steam Workshop, and their names are (in no order) Ony, Swistak, and Cairath. Every has their very own assortment of modpacks that you’ll find by following the links of any of their mods under, so I’d advise you verify these out too, as a result of they’re actually fairly improbable.

But your entire ONI community has such a wealth of nice concepts, well-implemented fixes and tweaks, and simply typically sensible Oxygen Not Included mods. It was robust to slim it down to simply 12, But I feel the under mods are actually the must-haves. Be at liberty to click on on any of the links under to skip forward to a selected ONI mod!

  • DGSM – Duplicants Generation Settings Manager (Ony)
  • Favorite ReResources (Ony)
  • Favorite Buildings (Ony)
  • Blueprints (Mayall)
  • GasOverlay (Swistak)
  • Queue for Sinks (Stephen)
  • DraggableUI (Swistak)
  • Bigger Camera Zoom Out (Cairath)
  • Wallpaper (Cairath)
  • ChainedDeconstruction (Swistak)
  • Plan Buildings With out Supplies (Cairath)
  • Custom World Size (trevice)

DGSM – Duplicants Generation Settings Manager

Duplicants Generation Settings Manager

Duplicants Generation Settings Manager

Author: Ony
Steam Workshop Link: DGSM – Duplicants Generation Settings Manager

DGSM is a real must-have ONI mod for many who spend half an hour on the dupe choice display screen earlier than beginning a brand new sport. Oxygen Not Included’s equal of the uber-popular Put together Fastidiously mod for Rimworld, DGSM lets you click on on a little bit cog icon subsequent to every dupe’s identify and customise their attributes, traits, and stress reactions with ease. It additionally comes with a terrific number of customisation choices in the Mods menu, together with the flexibility to customize dupes in the identical manner mid-game once they arrive by way of the Printing Pod.

Favorite ReResources

Author: Ony
Steam Workshop Link: Favorite ReResources

One other top-tier mod from Ony (and the primary of hers I ever used), Favorite ReResources greatly improves the participant’s expertise with the assets tab in-game by permitting you to mark any materials you want, from Algae to Copper Ore to Meal Lice, as Favorites. Then you may shut the assets tab, and your Favorites will seem in a pleasant condensed record under, supplying you with all the knowledge you really want with not one of the visible litter of the vanilla assets tab. There is no such thing as a cause in any respect to not subscribe to this mod proper now.

Favorite Buildings

Author: Ony
Steam Workshop Link: Favorite Buildings

Favorite Buildings is the ultimate Ony mod on this record – I’ve gotta let the opposite modders have their likelihood too, y’know! – and, very like Favorite ReResources, it provides a manner of greatly growing the user-friendliness of Oxygen Not Included and its UI by permitting you to assign Custom keybinds for any construction in the sport. So as a substitute of getting to truly discover in the construct menu and click on on ladders, as an example, you might merely hit “1” or no matter keybind you want, and also you’ll immediately have a ladder in your hand prepared to put. Why, oh why is that this not part of vanilla Oxygen Not Included?


Author: Mayall
Steam Workshop Link: Blueprints

Should you’ve ever performed Factorio, you’ll know simply how important blueprints are for saving time and sustaining your sanity. And seeing as Oxygen Not Included additionally usually requires you to spend plenty of time planning and piecing collectively intricate combos of buildings, it’s superb to me that Klei haven’t but added an identical function. But Mayall involves the rescue with this Blueprints mod, which lets you save a selected space of buildings as a blueprint which you’ll then place wherever else on the earth you want, nonetheless many occasions you want.


Author: Swistak
Steam Workshop Link: GasOverlay

Should you get any mod on this complete record, make it GasOverlay. I’m flabbergasted that this mod even must exist. Once you go into the vanilla ONI fuel overlay, every thing is damaged up into totally different levels of what the sport considers “breathable” or “unbreathable” – besides it doesn’t differentiate in any respect between totally different gases. So you might take a look at the overlay and see that your base is “very breathable”, and never realise that you simply’re taking a look at closely Polluted Oxygen somewhat than clear Oxygen! Swistak’s GasOverlay mod solves this drawback very neatly by altering the Fuel Overlay so it represents every fuel sort as a unique color, and the stronger the color, the upper the focus. It really works completely, and it’s an absolute must-have mod for any severe ONI participant for my part.

Queue for Sinks

Author: Stephen
Steam Workshop Link: Queue for Sinks

Now come on – if you happen to’re gonna sit there and inform me that you simply’ve by no means had a Dupe one way or the other bypass your rows of Sinks or Wash Basins and smear bathroom water throughout your base, then I’m going to take a seat right here and name you a liar. The suitable honorable Stephen lends a serving to hand on this regard with the Queue for Sinks mod, which, fairly merely, forces dupes who want to scrub their arms to attend till a Sink (or equal) is free earlier than utilizing it, as a substitute of simply going “oh no! There’s no Sink free! I’d higher name off this complete hygiene endeavour!” and strolling on by. An actual life-saver, this one.


Author: Swistak
Steam Workshop Link: DraggableUI

Swistak’s second mod on this record is one other fantastic high quality of life mod that lets you drag round just about each component of the UI to wherever you need on the display screen independently. Even when all you need to do is condense every thing collectively of their respective corners a little bit bit extra so the entire UI is rather less cluttered, this mod will allow you to do that with ease.

Bigger Camera Zoom Out

Author: Cairath
Steam Workshop Link: Bigger Camera Zoom Out

Cairath is the third massive identify in ONI mods, and with must-haves like Bigger Camera Zoom Out, it’s clear why. Should you’ve ever enabled Sandbox Mode in an ONI world, it’s possible you’ll – like me – have been shocked by simply how far you may instantly zoom the Camera out. Why on earth are you able to not do that in a standard sport, you ask? Good query, and one which now not wants a solution, as a result of Bigger Camera Zoom Out lets you zoom the Camera out ludicrously far in a standard sport of Oxygen Not Included, so you may absorb your Cycle 1000 mega-base in a single display screen.


Author: Cairath
Steam Workshop Link: Wallpaper

Should you’ve ever appeared about your Oxygen Not Included colony and wished there have been a technique to simply spruce it up a little bit bit extra, than Cairath’s additionally bought you coated right here! Wallpaper is a beautiful and easy mod that lets you paste wallpaper in the background of tiles, for ornamental functions or no matter different cause you may have. The color of the wallpaper is determined by the useful resource you utilize to construct it, so there’s a terrific number of colors to select from – although in fact some shall be dearer than others…

Chained Deconstruction

Author: Swistak
Steam Workshop Link: Chained Deconstruction

Swistak is again with the Chained Deconstruction mod, an actual time-saver of a mod for the numerous ONI gamers who steadily undertake the observe of spamming ladders in rows or columns to permit dupes entry to new areas. Not solely is that this an ungainly sight in your base, it’s additionally very unhealthy for Oxygen Not Included’s efficiency, as a result of it confuses the dupe pathfinding system. Chained Deconstruction makes all this quite a bit simpler to cope with by making it so that you simply solely have to deconstruct a single piece of the interconnected sequence of ladders or firepoles or tubes as a way to deliver the whole thing cascading down directly. Like I mentioned, a colossal time-saver.

Plan Buildings With out Supplies

Author: Cairath
Steam Workshop Link: Plan Buildings With out Supplies

For such a technical constructing sport, Oxygen Not Included actually wants some form of planning overlay. It doesn’t have to be complicated – simply an overlay the place, like in Rimworld, you may drag and draw bins and contours simply to get an concept of what it’s you need to make and the way. Nicely, till that occurs, Cairath as soon as once more supplies us with a wonderful, fit-for-purpose mod referred to as Plan Buildings With out Supplies. It’s a compromise between what we now have and what we must always have, permitting you to put down buildings even whenever you don’t have the supplies required. So you may place down every thing forward of time, which helps a tonne with planning out your base, regardless of how far into the sport you might be.

Custom World Size

Author: trevice
Steam Workshop Link: Custom World Size

Lastly, we finish on an unassuming mod referred to as Custom World Size, which – yup, you guessed it – lets you customise the width and peak of your asteroid. That is one thing I all the time cherished about others video games comparable to Factorio – sometimes you’ve given an infinite world, But forcing your self to work in constraints comparable to a very lengthy skinny world forces you to play in another way and make some attention-grabbing planning and enlargement decisions. This mod does precisely the identical factor for Oxygen Not Included – and naturally if you happen to’re not involved in limiting your self, you may go the opposite manner and create a super-mega-ultra-huge asteroid for your self! Simply be sure that your PC can deal with it although!

Alright, that needs to be sufficient Oxygen Not Included mods to be getting on with. You don’t need to overload your sport with too many mods for concern of incompatibility or efficiency points. But the above 12 mods are the perfect that the community presently has to supply! Tell us in the feedback that are your Favorites!



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