Persona 4: Every Party Member From Worst To Best, Ranked

Persona 4: Every Party Member From Worst To Best, Ranked Anime

Persona 4: Every Party Member From Worst To Best, Ranked

Persona 4: Every Party Member From Worst To Best, Ranked

The place Persona 3 was a darkish, moody story about not solely the character of life & demise however what it means to be alive and have lived, Persona 4 selected to take a step again and embrace a lighter tone atypical for Every the Persona sub-series and the Shin Megami Tensei franchise from which it initially spun off of. Between Shin Megami Tensei If… and DemiKids, this wasn’t precisely novel, however Persona 4 noticed success and tonally pivoted.

Which is arguably why Persona 4 ended up so successful within the first place. On a mechanical degree, the sport actually is extra of the identical– the elemental gameplay adjustments being the addition of party management and extra conventional degree design. Persona 4 bolsters the core of Persona 3 whereas repackaging the core expertise right into a extra approachable RPG throughout.

One such approach Persona 4 softens its enchantment is thru its party members. P3’s forged had been written as in the event that they had been actual, nuanced youngsters– not everybody within the forged favored one another & relationships needed to naturally construct. Persona 4, however, includes a tight knit forged of genuinely shut buddies. They don’t have the identical drama as SEES they usually’re a tighter group for it.

Persona 4’s party can be a lot smaller than Persona 3’s, which naturally has gameplay penalties. Party members are on the entire extra versatile, and in-turn extra helpful. Persona 4 has an extremely tight knight party the place Every character shines, however some party members are higher than others.


Teddie is way and away Persona 4’s worst party member, however he’s not ineffective by any means. Ought to gamers fail to max out a single Social Hyperlink with their party members, Teddie’s plot mandated S. Hyperlink will in the end lead to his Persona evolving. If nothing else, this ensures the party isn’t completely disadvantaged of Final Personas for the endgame.

That mentioned, Teddie is outdone by nearly Every different party member. His Bufu spells are admittedly stronger than Chie’s, however her HP primarily based assaults outdo any of Teddie’s magic. Likewise, his therapeutic is limitless matched by Yosuke and outright humiliated by Yukiko. If nothing else, Teddie’s buffs are at all times useful.

Kanji Tatsumi

All issues thought of, Kanji begins pretty robust and it’s commonplace for gamers to interchange Chie with Kanji. As Chie does fall out for a bid throughout the mid-game, this isn’t a foul concept in observe, however it will probably have unlucky penalties as soon as Kanji begins to fall off– and does he ever fall off. Even Kanji’s new expertise in Golden couldn’t save him from his destiny.

Whereas Kanji is robust, he’s missing largely elsewhere. His magic doesn’t hit exhausting, his therapeutic is mediocre, and getting him Energy Cost requires doing his Social Hyperlink whereas Chie will get hers by naturally leveling (Lv. 52.) By endgame, Chie will at all times hit more durable than Kanji. Kanji’s helpful for anybody struggling early on, however in the end a poor man’s Chie.

Naoto Shirogane

So far as random encounters are involved, Naoto is Persona 4’s Best party member. Her Almighty expertise will wipe out most enemies with ease, and her Hama & Mudo expertise make endgame dungeon crawling a breeze. Within the vanilla launch, this was likewise Naoto’s best weak spot as Almighty, Hama, & Mudo expertise are ineffective towards bosses wholesale.

As Golden provides Naoto entry to Every Bufudyne and Ziodyne, she makes a superb elec caster in mild of Kanji’s lack of magical aptitude– particularly when paired with Thoughts Cost from her Social Hyperlink. That mentioned, it does take effort to construct Naoto into a celebration member value taking to boss fights.

Chie Satonaka

Chie begins robust sufficient the place she’ll seemingly be out damaging Every Yosuke and Yu for an honest little bit of time. Whereas it doesn’t take lengthy for Kanji to current a batter various, it needs to be famous that that is one thing of a lure. Although Chie struggles for a bit come midgame, she is going to even herself out comparatively quick.

By the point Chie will get Energy Cost, she’s mainly set for the remainder of the sport. Kanji merely gained’t have the ability to sustain. With God Hand and Agneyastra rounding her bodily expertise out, Chie is certain to be any party’s heaviest hitter as soon as they’re of their late 70s. That mentioned, Chie has exceptionally poor magic, together with her Best magical talent– Bufula– locked behind her Social Hyperlink.

Yukiko Amagi

Because the party’s devoted healer, Yukiko fills an especially necessary rule no different character can actually fill. Different party members can choose up the slack situationally, however Yukiko is the party’s all-purpose healer. She’s additionally extraordinarily expert with regards to magic, laying waste to most enemies together with her Agi expertise.

Yukiko’s best weak spot within the vanilla launch was a suspicious lack of Thoughts Cost, however Golden rightfully provides her the talent– albeit locked as her final bike talent. That mentioned, it’s not as if Yukiko was ever ineffective. Her magic stat is excessive sufficient to maintain her viable with out Thoughts Cost, and Golden simply makes her even higher.

Yosuke Hanamura

Yosuke is the most effectively rounded party member in Persona 4 apart from the protagonist himself. So far as stats go, he’s balanced throughout the board, albeit prioritizing agility above all else. His bodily assaults hit exhausting, his magic hits more durable, and his therapeutic makes for a superb security internet– particularly since he will get Diarahan in Golden.

Rounding off his offensive expertise, magic, and therapeutic are Yosuke’s buffs. Notably, Masukukaja buffs the party’s agility & evasion, arguably the most helpful all-party buff within the recreation. Yosuke’s Social Hyperlink expertise admittedly aren’t that nice, however he’s throughout the best party member within the recreation. Aside from the primary character, that’s.

Yu Narukami

Maybe it’s a bit apparent, however Yu Narukami is way and away the best party member within the recreation. He nearly must be contemplating he’s the one playable character that may by no means be faraway from the party. He serves because the participant’s stand-in, really unnamed in Persona 4 correct. Like Persona 3’s most important character, Yu can change his Persona at will, giving gamers fairly a little bit of gameplay selection.

As Yu has so many choices at his disposal, he can reliably fill any function within the party– arguably higher than his party members generally. With the ability to change Personas in-battle additionally permits for Yu to organize for nearly any state of affairs– particularly come midgame when he can maintain onto fairly various completely different Personas.

With Persona 4 Golden making Persona Fusion simpler than ever (outright permitting gamers to choose & select which talents to cross down,) Yu could be became an absolute beast. With good Persona utilization, it’s doable to blast via most encounters with simply Yu.


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