Capcom Leak Reveals How Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Dragon’s Dogma Sold

Capcom Leak Reveals How Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Dragon’s Dogma Sold

Back in November, a massive Capcom leak came forth, presenting four years’ worth of projects from the likes of Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and more. Even though so much data was found from the Capcom leak, more information continues to flow; this time, sales data.

According to a Resetera post, sales numbers for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, Dragon’s Dogma, and Onimusha: Warlords (HD), have been found from the ongoing Capcom leak information.

As far as the specifics go for Capcom, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy sold an impressive 462,395 units on the Nintendo Switch, 245,339 units on the PC, 103,235 on the PS4, and a mere 4,821 on the Xbox. Meanwhile, the original Dragon’s Dogma sold 1.2 million copies on the PS3/Xbox 360, Dark Arisen sold 1.1 million, and Dragon’s Dogma sold 732,000 copies on the Xbox One and PS4. The Nintendo Switch version sold 298,000 units. Onimusha: Warlords (HD), the action-adventure title, has sold 207,453 copies on the PS4, 111,869 on the Switch, 39,802 on the Xbox One, and 34,331 on the PC.

The interesting aspect with the leaked data for Capcom is that the developer/publisher finds success on different platforms with various games. Phoenix Wright is a title that seems to be more connected with Nintendo audiences, for example, so it will find more success on the Switch. Other games could be much bigger on the PlayStation, Xbox, or even PC. The upcoming Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection will be a Nintendo Switch title, for example, but it will be interesting to see how successful the new Resident Evil Village, Street Fighter, Dragon’s Dogma, and other Capcom games will be, and on which consoles.


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