Pokemon GO: Best Aggron Moveset

Pokemon GO: Best Aggron Moveset guide
Pokemon GO: Best Aggron MovesetPokemon GO: Best Aggron Moveset
Pokemon GO: Best Aggron Moveset

Pokemon GO: Best Aggron MovesetPokemon GO: Best Aggron Moveset

Pokemon GO is filled with a variety of powerful Pokemon that are capable of dealing out large amounts of damage. While many of these Pokemon can only be obtained through special means, such as legendary Pokemon, there are also plenty that players can raise themselves.

One Pokemon that players can get through hard work and dedication in Pokemon GO is Aggron. This Pokemon is the final evolution of the Aron line with Aron first needing to be evolved into Lairon with 25 Aron candies. Lairon then can evolve into the powerful Aggron with 100 more Aron candies.

Aggron is a dual Steel and Rock-type Pokemon, making it only weak to Ground, Fighting, and Water-type moves. It boasts a massive amount of type resistances defensively, with Aggron resisting damage from Dragon, Ice, Psychic, Fairy, Bug, Rock, Flying, Normal, and Poison-type moves.

Although Aggron is very useful defensively against many types, Aggron is also capable of dealing great amounts of damage. There are quite a few fast moves and charge moves that it is capable of learning, but the combination of moves that do the best DPS has been calculated. These moves are:

  • Fast move – Iron Tail
  • Charge move – Heavy Slam

When using Aggron, the best fast move that it can know is Iron Tail. This attack benefits from Aggron’s same type attack bonus due to Iron Tail being a Steel-type move and is capable of dealing 16.4 damage per second.

For a charge move, the best one to use is Heavy Slam. Like Iron tail, Heavy Slam is a Steel-type move, giving it a damage boost due to same type attack bonus. It deals 40 damage per second with Iron Tail allowing players to charge up the move at a fast rate for usage.

While players can use Aggron in battle against other players, raid bosses, and members of Team GO Rocket, players should be especially careful around Aggron’s weaknesses. Aggron is capable of tanking many different attacks, but there are plenty of Ground, Water, and Fighting-type Pokemon that can make quick work of Aggron.

Due to the amount of candy it costs to completely evolve an Aron into Aggron, it is recommended for players to use Pinap Berries when catching Aron and use whatever Rare Candies they have to make the process go faster. While the candy required isn’t nearly as much as Pokemon like Gyarados, Altaria, and Wailmer, it still can take some time for casual players to collect normally.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.



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