Pokemon GO: Best Metagross Moveset

Pokemon GO: Best Metagross Moveset
Pokemon GO: Best Metagross Moveset

There are plenty of Pokemon in Pokemon GO that are extremely helpful in battles against other players and the members of Team GO Rocket. Powerful Pokemon are additionally necessary to challenge gyms, guard gyms, and take on the various difficult raid battles that offer rare Pokemon.

Some of the best Pokemon are the pseudo-legendary Pokemon, Pokemon that are known for their incredibly high base stats while also not being a legendary Pokemon. One of these Pokemon that is currently in Pokemon GO is Metagross.

Metagross is a dual Steel and Psychic-type Pokemon originally from the Hoenn region. Its typing makes it weak to Fire, Dark, Ground, and Ghost-type moves, but it also has a large amount of resistances. These resistances are toward Dragon, Ice, Normal, Grass, Steel, Rock, Flying, Fairy, Psychic, and Poison-type moves.

While being a partial Steel-type may fool some players into thinking that Metagross is a more defensive Pokemon, its best stat in Pokemon GO is its attack. Its many type resistances however help it stay on the battlefield while dishing out plenty of potent damaging attacks. Its best moveset has it know:

  • Fast move – Bullet Punch
  • Charge move – Meteor Mash

Metagross only has the options between Bullet Punch and Zen Headbutt for its fast move. While Zen Headbutt deals more DPS overall on its own, Bullet Punch will put more energy per second toward Metagross’s charge move. This means that players will be able to use Metagross’s more powerful move more often, making Bullet Punch the correct choice.

For Metagross’s charge move, there are many different moves that can be chosen. The best meanwhile is Meteor Mash, a Steel-type move that is additionally Metagross’s elite move. This means that players can only have Metagross learn this move if they get one during a specific event or if players use and Elite Charged TM on their Metagross and pick Meteor Mash. While Meteor Mash is the best overall, players that are unable to get it can use Flash Cannon instead as it is second best.

With Beldum Incense Day just having passed, players that have evolved their Metang into Metagross during the event’s duration will automatically have their Pokemon know Meteor Mash. This move cannot be transferred to other Metagross or any other Pokemon.

To evolve Beldum into Metagross players will first need to use 25 Beldum candies on Beldum to have it evolve into Metang. This Pokemon will then require 100 more Beldum candies in order to evolve Metang into Metagross.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.


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