Pokemon GO: How to Get Frillish (And Evolve Into Jellicent)

The Unova-native Frillish is now available for players to encounter and catch in Pokemon GO- here's how to find one and evolve it into Jellicent.


Pokemon GO: How to Get Frillish

Whereas some Pokemon from the Kalos area have been lately rolled out in Pokemon GO, there have been some stragglers from earlier generations. Considered one of these stragglers is Frillish, a twin water and ghost-type Pokemon from the Unova area.

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One thing special that some Pokemon GO players might discover is that Frillish has two different kinds outdoors of its nonetheless unreleased shiny type. It’s because Frillish is among the few Pokemon on the market with very apparent sexual dimorphism, which means that male Frillish seem different from feminine Frillish. The pale pink Frillish are the females whereas the gentle blue Frillish are the males.

Whereas these Pokemon are newly launched, catching them will not be as easy as trying to find them within the wild. In reality, players might want to work on their PVP placement in Pokemon GO’s Battle League with a view to encounter these mysterious Pokemon.

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With the intention to get a assured encounter with Frillish, players might want to hit Rank 20 within the GO Battle League. Upon reaching this rank, players can have an encounter with this Pokemon as a reward. Extra encounters can even happen on the reward monitor for larger GO Battle League ranks. Which means players might want to battle as a lot as potential with a view to get this Pokemon for his or her assortment.

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Frillish evolves into Jellicent by giving it 50 Frillish candies. Each feminine and male Frillish use and produce the identical sweet, so players needn’t fear about catching sure genders. Jellicent can be a twin water and ghost-type Pokemon and shares the identical gender variations as its pre-evolved type. Due to their typings, each Pokemon are weak to grass, darkish, ghost, and electric-type strikes. These Pokemon additionally resist ice, fireplace, water, metal, bug, poison, combating, and normal-type strikes.

Functionally, male Frillish and Jellicent and feminine Frillish and Jellicent are the identical. The one factor affected by this Pokemon species’ gender variations are their appearances earlier than and after they evolve.

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As soon as players have their Frillish advanced into Jellicent, they could wish to change round their Pokemon’s strikes. The very best moveset for Jellicent has it realizing Hex for its quick transfer and Shadow Ball for its cost transfer. Each of those strikes are ghost-type strikes, making it efficient towards psychic and different ghost-types. Whereas neither of those Pokemon are precisely outstanding inside Pokemon GO’s PVP battles, their distinctive appearances and typing might enchantment to some Pokemon collectors on the market.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.


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