Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Catch Shiny Mewtwo

Pokemon Let's Go Eevee or Pikachu players can use a helpful Nintendo Switch trick to catch shiny Mewtwo out in the wild, but it can take a long time to complete.

Pokemon Let's Go: How to Catch Shiny Mewtwo
Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Catch Shiny Mewtwo

Pokémon Let’s GO has been stay for a bit of over every week and already gamers try to devour each morsel of content material Nintendo and game Freak have packed into the game. As an up to date version of Pokémon Yellow, Pokémon Let’s GO provides gamers a familiar veneer nevertheless it also has some distinctive modern tips. A type of tips entails catching a Shiny Mewtwo.

Step 1: Find Mewtwo

To catch a Shiny Mewtwo, Pokémon Let’s GO gamers should first attain the Mewtwo boss battle within the game. Basically, they have to beat the entire game, undergo the Elite 4, after which they may hear phrase of a mysterious Pokémon in a cave close to Cerulean Metropolis.

Head to the Cerulean Cave by first touring across the bridge within the north after which take the Sea Skim in direction of the left. Enter the cave and face off with Mewtwo, however don’t do something.

Step 2: Restart Mewtwo Encounter Until Shiny

The trick to catching Shiny Mewtwo in Pokémon Let’s GO entails a little bit of save manipulation. Every time that gamers begin the battle with Mewtwo however then stop the game and reload, the Mewtwo will “spawn” as a unique version. This offers gamers the chance for that Mewtwo to show right into a Shiny version. It’s essential to notice that gamers should set off the battle for the Mewtwo to really reveal whether or not it’s shiny or not, which is indicated by a green abdomen and tail (usually purple).

It’s certainly not the most glamorous technique to farm Shiny Mewtwo nevertheless it’s also the one identified technique to get hold of the distinctive version of the already uncommon Pokémon.

Reports from Pokémon Let’s GO gamers have put the probabilities of encountering a shiny Mewtwo at anyplace from 40 spawn resets to over 4,000. In different phrases, gamers ought to set this as one of many final Pokémon on their shiny hunt, except they actually have a while to kill. And sadly, gamers cannot depend on the shiny allure for assist, because it requires a full Pokedex.

Pokémon Let’s GO Eevee and Pikachu are available now for Nintendo Switch.


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