PS1 Hagrid & 9 Other Classic Characters Who Are So Bad They’re Good

Most video games, believe it or not, do not age gracefully. PS1 Hagrid is a great example of graphical renders that have grown meme-worthy over time.

PS1 Hagrid & 9 Other Classic Characters Who Are So Bad They're Good
PS1 Hagrid & 9 Other Classic Characters Who Are So Bad They’re Good

The standard of games has come on leaps and bounds because the flip of the century. Even low finances games at the moment are able to present cinematic experiences whereas online multiplayer gives performance that the avid gamers of previous might solely have dreamed of. Maybe the largest enchancment although might be found in the graphics department.

Whereas most trendy games characteristic photorealistic protagonists, the graphical limitations of gaming’s yesteryear led to some extremely unusual trying character fashions. On the time, they had been seen as leading edge, however as technology has superior, their jagged edges serve solely because the relics of a bygone period. Most slowly fade away into reminiscence, however there are some whose iconic designs linger on.

PS1 Hagrid (Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone)

For a game whose main antagonist is an evil wizard who has dedicated unthinkable crimes, it isn’t stunning that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone has some scary components. Sadly, not one of the enemies or obstacles that Harry encounters all through the game are wherever close to as scary as the game’s forged.

Utilizing textures to supply realistic faces was pretty common in the early days of gaming, however the builders appear to have had points ensuring that the fashions’ heads had been the proper sizes. The gap between his eyes and the best way that his face sinks into the mass of hair makes Hagrid the choose of the bunch, however all the characters are comically composed.

Early Max Payne (Max Payne)

The vary of facial expressions on show in Max Payne was pretty spectacular for the time, however none of them actually look fairly proper. Despite his unusual appears although, Max’s authentic look went on to turn out to be extremely fashionable with followers and is considerably iconic of the period.

Max’s look in Max Payne three might have been considerably more realistic, however it’s nowhere close to as charming as the unique design. The best way that his face stands out in opposition to his low-poly hairdo made for some comical moments and with the ability to watch it fly via the air in bullet-time made all of them the higher.

The Man Of Melted Metal (Superman 64)

Superman 64 is a notoriously horrible game. It is boring, it is repetitive, and it is virtually inconceivable to finish. Its solely saving grace, maybe, is its hilarious depiction of Superman. Given the standard of the game itself, it isn’t in the least stunning that the character mannequin turned out so badly. That does not make his look any much less jarring although.

His elongated face can at occasions appear like it is dripping off of his cranium and the curly locks hanging throughout his brow look more like a hair-dyeing calamity than precise hair. Along with the stiff wood animations, Superman appears more like an motion determine that is been not noted in the solar for too lengthy than the hero that everyone knows and love.

32-Bit Buzz (Toy Story 2)

It is clear that loads of work went into Buzz’s mannequin in Toy Story 2. The detailing on his physique is true to his authentic design and, apart from maybe his wing cavities, all the shapes and curves are as they need to be. Sadly, that very same consideration to element is misplaced on the subject of his face.

His big, bulging eyes are the stuff of nightmares and his vacant expression makes him appear like he is both drunk or considering an existential disaster. Had this not been a game designed for kids and he himself not been a toy, this might fall squarely into the realms of ‘Bad.’ Given the context although, it is completely unbelievable.

Box-Artwork Mega Man (Mega Man)

Though regional box-art was pretty common in the early days of gaming, it was unusual to see one thing fairly like Mega Man. Whereas PAL areas and Japan each obtained pretty customary Box artwork, Capcom handled the North American market to an absolute monstrosity.

The depiction of Mega Man on the Box was weird, hilarious, and downright scary. Though this model of Mega Man by no means seems in a Mega Man title, the same model options as a visitor fighter in Avenue Fighter X Tekken. It isn’t fairly as unusual however continues to be a far cry from the picture of Mega Man that the majority avid gamers share.

CD-I Link (Link: The Faces Of Evil)

When it first launched, CD-i technology appeared like it might have the potential to rival conventional console gaming. That notion rapidly went out of the window although as avid gamers bought their arms on a few of the abysmal titles that utilized it. How precisely Animation Magic was able to persuade Nintendo to allow them to develop Zelda games is anyone’s guess. Despite the purpose, Nintendo seemingly regrets giving them their blessing.

Though the characters do not look too Bad when in common gameplay, their depictions in cutscenes are downright terrible. Link somehow appears worse than he did in the much-maligned Zelda cartoon and the Princess would not fare a lot better. Despite his horrible look although, CD-i Link has turn out to be an iconic reminder of why no person however Nintendo must be trusted with this beloved franchise.

Double Oh No (GoldenEye 007)

Many regard GoldenEye 007 as one of the best multiplayer games of the ’90s. Whereas its gameplay was high notch although, its visuals had been nowhere close to as spectacular. The blocky graphics had been a byproduct of the period greater than any sort of oversight on the builders’ half, however they had been and stay no much less cringe-worthy.

A lot of the character fashions for named characters are completely serviceable, however most of the game’s Russian guards and troopers are hilariously Bad. The best way that the facial textures wrap across the fashions makes for some weird outcomes and a few of the sharp edges make them appear like they had been cut-out utilizing Microsoft paint.

Termina’s Moon (The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

It isn’t the design of the moon itself that is Bad, however more the choice to provide it a face. It is downright weird and extremely cartoonish. Despite this although, it actually works. The best way that it hangs in the sky drawing ever nearer is extremely intimidating and serves as a continuing reminder of the impending doom that awaits.

Whether or not or not Termina’s Moon might be thought of a villain is debatable, however whether it is, it is up there with a few of the very best. Hardly ever are online game antagonists able to create such ominous rigidity and it is rarer nonetheless that one is ready to take action by merely current. It might look unusual, however it helps make Majora’s Mask one of the best games in the Zelda collection.

Polygon Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

The technology used to create 3D fashions in games was very a lot in its infancy across the time of Final Fantasy VII’s development. Nonetheless, that is no excuse for the blocky, disproportioned character fashions of the game’s main protagonists. Despite others attaining way more realistic outcomes with a lot smaller budgets although, Cloud and his polygonal associates are infinitely more iconic.

Though a few of the earlier Final Fantasy titles found success in the West, it was not till the collection’ seventh entry that it actually took off. He might have fewer edges than a pair of Dungeons and Dragons cube and his arms may appear like dumbbells, however the enigmatic soldier has turn out to be emblematic of the game’s success and the influence that it is had on the gaming panorama.

Semi-Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Solid Snake is without doubt one of the largest bad-asses in all of gaming. He has single-handedly taken on terrorist organizations and saved the world from dying and catastrophe on numerous events. That he was able to do all of this so successfully and not using a correct face makes it all of the more spectacular.

To be truthful to Konami, the options are all there, however their ill-definition makes it appear like Snake’s face is beginning to soften. He has shadows for eyes and his hair appears more like a hat than precise hair. Despite all of this although, the design somehow works and its distinctive model nonetheless nearly holds as much as today.


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