Rainbow Six Siege Details Year 6 Content Roadmap

The roadmap for Year 6 is laid out by Ubisoft for Rainbow Six: Siege and it is filled with new operators, gameplay improvements, and more.

Rainbow Six Siege Details Year 6 Content Roadmap
Rainbow Six Siege Details Year 6 Content Roadmap

The roadmap for Year 6 of Rainbox Six: Siege has been unveiled. Followers of the tactical and team-oriented first-person shooter can stay up for new operators, gameplay changes, esports initiatives, and extra everywhere in the subsequent 12 months. Rainbox Six: Siege first launched in December of 2015, however Ubisoft continues to assist the game with ongoing Content and gameplay enhancements.

Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Crimson Heist has been teased for fairly a while, and now it is able to come forth with Year 6. Ubisoft and the event crew behind Rainbow Six: Siege put collectively an enormous 45-minute video showcasing what followers can anticipate over the subsequent Year for the game.

The brand new operator named Flores is probably the spotlight of the roadmap. Flores is a medium-speed and armor attacker from Argentina. He makes use of a gadget known as the RCE-RATERO; a distant management drone with a bomb hooked up to it. Flores also makes use of stun grenades and a claymore, whereas also wielding both the AR33 or SR-25 rifles and the GSH-18 pistol. It is going to be fascinating to see the place Flores ranks among the many finest Operators in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Some further changes coming to the Crimson Heist in Year 6 for Rainbow Six: Siege is a rework to the map Border. A brand new sidearm–the GONNE-6–will also make its method to the game. There may even be core gameplay enchancment reworks. Two examples embody a proximity alert to the HUD involving an attacking drone and a MOZZIE Pest Gadget, and a Streamer Mode that can hopefully put a damper on anybody trying to stream snipe sooner or later.

The brand new Year also brings a recent battle go. After Flores, gamers can stay up for a Native American operator named Nakoda, adopted by a Croatian operator, after which an Irish operator. The complete video Details esports initiatives, gameplay overhauls, balancing plans, and extra. It exhibits intricate Details on the event of the game, but in addition teases what’s across the nook within the coming months. Whether or not it’s new operators, a recent battle go, new devices to toy round with, or extra, there appears to be so much to stay up for.

Rainbow Six Siege seamlessly moved right into a class of video games alongside the likes of Counter-Stike: World Offensive, League of Legends, and the like; titles which are regularly supported. Whereas there have been as soon as rumors of a sequel to the game, now Ubisoft has plans for 100 or extra operators and over a 10-year plan for Rainbow Six Siege, and that plan appears to be like to be shifting alongside fairly properly.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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