Ranked: Most Powerful Weapons In Dark Souls

Dark Souls is one of the most difficult games around. Players need the best weapons in order to succeed.

Ranked: Most Powerful Weapons In Dark Souls
Ranked: Most Powerful Weapons In Dark Souls

Dark Souls is easily the most effective games of final gen. An action RPG that provided a punishing but nonetheless truthful issue curve, Demon’s Souls set the inspiration that Dark Souls would construct upon. The place phases had been linear and segmented, the world was now interconnected. The place bosses typically favored spectacle and gimmicks, Dark Souls’ bosses emphasised mechanical selection.

That’s really the place Dark Souls edges out its sister game. There are such a lot of extra weapon choices obtainable for the player to make use of. For PvE particularly, nearly any weapon can get the job achieved whereas being reasonably fun to make use of, but there’s one thing special about utilizing the strongest weapons in a game.

What constitutes a weapon as being sturdy is the quantity of injury it will possibly do to adversaries. There are easily methods to abuse mechanics in the game for ridiculous single-hit harm on sure enemies and executives, though that is borderline dishonest and takes away countless the fun, difficult features that everyone has come to like from the Dark Souls games.

Cleaving peons with large blades and smashing others into the acrid soil by the grace of a monstrous mace are but two methods one can decimate foes in the most satisfying of manners. Relying on the Chosen Undead’s construct and playstyle, there are totally different weapons that may turn out to be the strongest. For none are mighty on their very own; it’s the wielder that holds the true energy. Nonetheless, some tools are higher for the job of accompanying one to their battles than others for his or her distinctive traits, large stats, and ease of use.

Balder Side Sword

The Balder Side Sword solely has a 1% drop fee from Balder Knights, but it’s well worth the effort to grind out as early because the Undead Parish. The Balder Side Sword is a quick, reasonably hard-hitting weapon with an insanely dependable moveset that makes mincemeat out of most enemies. It’s an awesome weapon to take to the top of the sport and past.

In fact, grinding for it will likely be the biggest challenge. That 1% drop fee is particularly merciless and may be certain that most players received’t ever come upon the sword on any of their playthroughs. Its thrust assaults are also notoriously tough to parry, making them fairly helpful for PvP.

Dragon Tooth

The last thing most new players see as they descend that fated, curved stairway resulting in the place a warrior in Havel’s set awaits. A single swing from the colossal club, Dragon Tooth, has been the top of countless players. There are few different weapons that deal extra poise harm than this large fang hewn from the mouth of an eternal dragon.

As with different weapons born from the dying of a drake, this one grants its wielder better protection in opposition to hearth and magic harm. Unusual for this class of fight gear, it may be upgraded to reinforce its already lethal potential. Blows from this behemoth can’t be parried, or blocked effectively, making it an everlasting offensive risk for all enemies.

Black Knight Greatsword

The Black Knight Greatsword is among the slower greatswords in the game, making it tough to unleash a frenzy of swings like a mad man, but it’s nonetheless a robust weapon that some fortunate few will find yourself getting as early because the Undead Parish. It hits arduous, can smash down shields, and has fairly good range throughout.

Its moveset is fairly clean for a greatsword as nicely. It’s heavy, but not notably cumbersome. In fact, it’s value noting that there are higher greatsword choices in the game so the Black Knight Greatsword may appear redundant, but being outclassed doesn’t make it any much less impressive.


At first look, the Claymore may not appear well worth the effort. It’s much less glamorous than the Zweihander, doesn’t have fairly much as good a spread, and isn’t almost as flashy. Nevertheless it’s a extra cohesive and understandable weapon. It lacks the chaotic vitality of the Zweihander but presents a extra smart playstyle in return.

It’s total a a lot smoother weapon when it comes to really feel, which makes utilizing the Claymore extra worthwhile than the Zweihander in lots of respects. It’s also a robust enough weapon in its personal proper with out being low-cost. The Claymore doesn’t want wonky balancing to be a very good greatsword.

Smough’s Hammer

Solid from a +10 hammer or Great hammer, 5,000 souls, and, most significantly, the Soul of Smough, the gluttonous grand executioner of Anor Londo. Most keep in mind this titanic mallet from their battles with the executioner and the dragon-slaying knight Ornstein. in the arms of the player, it may be equally mighty.

As a consequence of its large weight of 28 and the best Energy requirement in the game at 58, this armament will take a while to arrange for. For these in search of to unleash large base harm, it is a perfect weapon. Smashing foes into oblivion may be very simple with this Great hammer, particularly with its rolling assault, which has a bigger hitbox than others and might catch even the wiliest of foes. On prime of this, it heals the wielder for 10 HP per assault that lands; nominal, but could be useful in a pinch.


The Estoc goes to finish up a beast for everyone ought to a player resolve to take the time to experiment with it. As a thrusting weapon, players can use the Estoc whereas keeping their protect up. With the right timing, it’s attainable to skewer enemies to dying whereas behind the security of a protect.

In search of a extra concerned playstyle? Simply ditch the protect and get into the rhythm of methodically poking the opposition. Because the longest ranged thrusting weapon in the game, the Estoc can attain surprisingly far, permitting for fluid action inside fight. Simply understand that timing is vital.

Black Knight Halberd

The Black Knight Halberd is a monster of a weapon that basically has no comparison in-game. It’s the very best of the very best and could be viable for nearly any scenario, on or offline. It’s even the weapon of selection for optimum pace runs.

Demon’s Greataxe

This weapon is one that may be missed fairly simply, as it’s an unusual merchandise that drops after beating the mighty Taurus Demon. Demonic weapons, like their former masters, and recognized for excellent efficiency of flame and fury; Powerful allies for one in search of to smite adversaries with a flurry of annihilating assaults.

This greataxe might have short-range but is swung surprisingly quick for its measurement and weight. Essentially the most notable characteristic, nevertheless, is the potential to be the strongest weapon in the game for high-level Energy builds. It may be upgraded to +15 and beneficial properties S-class harm scaling from one’s Energy stat, making its harm output insane.

Dragon King Greataxe

These familiar with dragons in the first Dark Souls game are doubtless nicely conscious of tail-cut weapons: arms that may be harvested by doing enough harm to a draconic foe’s tail for it to be destroyed. The Dragon King Greataxe is arguably the most Powerful, at the least when it comes to single-hit harm potential. It may be obtained from the Gaping Dragon.

Like all dragon weapons, this large axe grants one elevated resistance to fireside and magic harm and comes with a singular two-handed sturdy assault, one which sends out a savage shockwave from the player in a devastating AOE assault. Nonetheless, uncharacteristic for a dragon weapon, it may be upgraded, additional rising the sheer quantity of uncooked harm that can be utilized to bifurcate any impediment.

Moonlight Greatsword

The Moonlight Greatsword is principally the definitive weapon of INT builds. It’s not almost as gradual as different greatswords, has magical properties, has a fluid transfer set, and scales very well with its main stats. The one actual draw back to the weapon is its range and the truth that it will possibly’t be discovered till very late in the game.

On prime of that, players want to chop off Seath’s tail earlier than killing him to get the weapon— a process that’s frankly simpler mentioned than achieved. It may be tedious attempting to get the Moonlight Greatsword, but it does solely have to occur as soon as, and getting the weapon is a matter of talent greater than anything.

Black Knight Greataxe

Black Knight weapons are incredibly uncommon drops, but one in all them is certain to drop sooner reasonably than later. The Black Knight Greataxe might not be the very best of the bunch, but it greater than pulls its weight in a battle. Whereas gradual, the Black Knight Greataxe hits incredibly arduous and has surprisingly good attain.

With the right timing, tearing down enemies with the Black Knight Greataxe isn’t any downside. It’s an particularly helpful weapon for bosses with bigger health swimming pools. In fact, its pace is a little bit of an issue, but that’s really the one main level in opposition to the Black Knight Greataxe.

Black Knight Sword

The Black Knight Sword is among the most dependable weapons in the game, particularly when two-handed. Not solely does two-handing make the Black Knight Sword stronger, its swings turn out to be significantly quicker, making the weapon incredibly punishing. Like with all of the Black Knight weapons, it has a fun transfer set to discover ways to play.

Surprisingly, the Black Knight Sword doesn’t have range issues. It’s not as long-ranged because it perhaps might be, but it has enough range to virtually all the time be helpful, particularly when two-handed. It doesn’t have the very best availability in the game, but it’s a simple enough weapon to farm in the Kiln.

Demon’s Spear

Wielded, and probably dropped, by the batwing demons of fleshy gargoyle-like nature that fly about Anor Londo, this depraved spear was created from the bones of their kin and holds stunning energy. As one of many longest spears in the game, it will possibly preserve a large number of foes at bay, though there are better causes to think about this as one’s weapon of selection.

This piercing pole offers each thrust and lightning harm; two of the very best offensive damaging varieties in the game, notably on bosses and more durable foes. It also scales reasonably nicely with each Energy and Dexterity, making it an in a position companion for a lot of builds.


It’s virtually unfair how ridiculously helpful the Zweihander winds up with little to no effort. It’s quick, has amazing range, hits incredibly arduous, and might effectively stunlock. It’s a weapon that may be discovered as quickly as players step foot outdoors the Asylum. Higher but, the Zweihander by no means falls off when it comes to usability.

Most of its improve paths are value placing some effort into, but the weapon itself is robust enough even by itself. Like with most weapons, the Zweihander turns into notably harmful when two-handed. It’s arguably the very best greatsword in the game, if not the most damaged, but there may be one sword that offers it a run for its cash.

Great Scythe

The Great Scythe is a simple weapon to underestimate. It’s so non-traditional that it virtually feels prefer it’s certain to make a multitude in Dark Souls. It even clips by way of the bottom in action. On the identical time, the Great Scythe has a wickedly fun playstyle that retains players shifting and attacking virtually rhythmically.

It’s an incredibly fun weapon to discover ways to play, but it’s no slouch in a battle both. It will possibly tackle many of the main game with no main roadblocks. The truth that the weapon has such a singular management scheme really is the primary cause to make use of it, though. Few weapons are as fun.

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