RetroMania Wrestling Console Launch Is Delayed

RetroMania Wrestling developer Retrosoft Studio reveals that the console version of the throwback title will be slightly delayed.

RetroMania Wrestling Console Launch Is Delayed
RetroMania Wrestling Console Launch Is Delayed

The console version of RetroMania Wrestling is running just a bit behind schedule. While the PC version of the game will release on time on February 26, console players will have to wait a bit longer to pile drive opponents into the ground.

Developer Retrosoft Studio released a statement letting fans know that RetroMania Wrestling has not yet completed the certification process on consoles, and therefore will take a bit longer to be approved. The game is very much an old-school wrestling game that is designed to remind players of some of the best wrestling games of old.

Retrosoft Studio is not expecting the wait to be any longer than an additional two weeks. The trailer for RetroMania Wrestling that was released just a few weeks ago did a great job to build hype leading up to the launch of the game. Of course, an announcement like this is a bit disappointing, but the game should arrive fairly soon on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

For those who pre-ordered and or are looking to play the game on Steam, RetroMania Wrestling will still be ready later this week on February 26. Additionally, a physical limited-run version of the game was also made available and that version is still being shipped this week as well. So only those who want to purchase (or who have pre-ordered) the game digitally on console are impacted. This anticipated retro game is still coming, but the wait is just a bit longer than originally anticipated.

RetroMania Wrestling launches February 26th on the PC, followed by releases on the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One shortly thereafter.


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