Risk of Rain 2 challenges list – how to complete all achievements, unlock all characters & items

Risk of Rain 2 challenges list
Risk of Rain 2 challenges list

Risk of Rain 2 challenges list – how to complete all achievements, unlock all characters & items

Risk of Rain 2 continues the pattern of recent roguelites by locking a good portion of its content material behind quite a few challenges which should be accomplished throughout your runs. Every part from highly effective items and gear to new characters with distinctive abilities and playstyles should be unlocked by finishing a selected challenge or achievement, and a few of them are removed from simple to acquire. But our Risk of Rain 2 challenges guide will make sure you’re as much as the duty of 100%-ing this difficult sport, exhibiting you every little thing that’s locked behind these myriad achievements, and how to go about unlocking every little thing Risk of Rain 2 has to supply.

In case you’re after some extra basic data on Hopoo’s newest roguelite survival sport, you’d greatest try our Risk of Rain 2 guide, which we’ve filled with tonnes of beginner-friendly explanations and sensible suggestions, together with hyperlinks to the opposite areas of our increasing Risk of Rain 2 guides collection.

Risk of Rain 2 challenges list – how to unlock all items and characters

There are a good few challenges to unlock if you wish to 100% Risk of Rain 2, But we’ll go over every one in flip, with extra detailed data on the more difficult achievements. Click on on any of the hyperlinks beneath to skip to a specific part of this challenges guide.

Risk of Rain 2 challenges overview

Risk of Rain 2 challenges overview
Risk of Rain 2 challenges overview

In case you’ve simply created your profile and begun your Risk of Rain 2 journey, it received’t take you too lengthy to understand simply how a lot of the sport just isn’t but accessible to you. Whereas all of the Risk of Rain 2 enemies can be found to come across from the get-go, you’ll begin with simply the one Survivor (Commando) and somewhat over half of the items within the sport obtainable throughout your runs.

To unlock the remaining, you’ll want to finish challenges. These achievements might be perused at any time within the Logbook, and you too can hover over any of the locked items or characters so as to discover out which challenge you have to complete to unlock that particular factor in your future runs.

All Risk of Rain 2 challenges/achievements – complete list

The beneath desk lists each challenge presently in Risk of Rain 2, with an outline of what you have to do, and what precisely finishing it should unlock for you. Be at liberty to make use of the search bar on the high of the desk to filter via the desk for particular entries.

As you’ll be able to see, many of those achievements you’ll get hold of just by enjoying the sport for some time. Some examples embrace “The Fundamentals”, “Development”, “Elite Slayer”, “Slaughter”, and plenty of extra. Nonetheless, just a few of those challenges might be somewhat tricker to finish, and also you’ll have to actively concentrate on finishing them. Let’s check out just a few of them beneath.

How to complete “Death Do Us Half” challenge (Runald’s Band & Kjaro’s Band)

How to complete “Death Do Us Half” challenge
How to complete “Death Do Us Half” challenge

Discovering the hidden chamber within the Deserted Aqueduct will internet you two very nifty on-hit items. You’ve most likely handed the doorway to this chamber prior to now (the large round entrance within the cliff face on the fringe of the map), But not identified how to enter it. Turns on the market are two switches within the ground, randomly positioned close by, which should be stood on concurrently to unlock the chamber. Straightforward in multiplayer, But in singleplayer you’ll most likely want to choose the Engineer, whose turrets might be positioned on these switches.

Inside, you’ll have to defeat the 2 distinctive Elder Lemurians inside (trace: don’t allow them to get shut) for them to drop their respective items and complete the challenge.

How to complete “Newtist” challenge (Soulbound Catalyst)

That is mainly only a matter of exploring every map totally. Newt Altars seem randomly in sure mounted areas, and you may pay a Lunar Coin into them so as to unlock the Bazaar Between Time after you cost that stage’s Teleporter. They might seem in any Setting, typically in laborious to achieve areas, which implies it could be an thought to choose Huntress, whose teleport potential allows her to simply attain extra inaccessible areas. Keep in mind that you’ll want to really activate these Newt Altars so as to complete the challenge.

How to complete “Her Ideas” challenge (N’kuhana’s Opinion)

How to complete “Her Ideas” challenge
How to complete “Her Ideas” challenge

One other challenge which may initially be met with confusion, But is definitely very easy as soon as what to do. Discovering the Altar to N’kuhana requires you to be within the Wetlands Side Setting (you’ll typically end up right here within the second stage). Discover the cliff, and search for the hidden cave down beneath, marked by the tree root that stands proud from the wall.

Dropping into that cave introduces you to a hidden space, awash with inexperienced and creepiness, with a floating skeletal child-like factor within the centre of the cave. Shoot and kill the factor, and also you’ll complete the challenge, after which you’ll be able to drop down into the inexperienced, which transports you again as much as the floor. Easy!

How to complete “Moon Worshipper” challenge (Glowing Meteorite)

Moon Worshipper requires you to hold 5 Lunar Items in a single run – a difficult factor to do in case you’re unsure what Lunar Items are or how to get them. In reality, that is simpler than you would possibly suppose.

Lunar Items require Lunar Cash to be purchased or unlocked. These Lunar Cash are dropped sometimes by enemies, and you may see what number of you’ve slightly below your gold within the top-left of your display. Crucially, your variety of Lunar Cash persists from run to run, so the concept right here is to avoid wasting up till you’ve not less than 5 Lunar Cash, then attempt to trade them for Lunar Items in a single run, both by looking for out Lunar Pods to open or by visiting the Bazaar Between Time by way of the Blue Portal which generally seems subsequent to a charged Teleporter.

How to complete “One With The Woods” challenge (Gnarled Woodsprite)

This one is definitely pretty simple, But could also be complicated in case you’re unsure what it’s speaking about. First you’ll have to discover a Shrine of the Woods – a inexperienced shrine solely discovered within the Distant Roost, which you feed gold into in trade for a therapeutic aura that heals you and all allies over time. Paying gold into the identical Shrine of the Woods 3 times in a row will totally improve the therapeutic radius, finishing this challenge for you.

How to complete “REDACTED” challenge (Preon Accumulator)

How to complete “REDACTED” challenge
How to complete “REDACTED” challenge

The Timed Safety Chest can solely be present in Rallypoint Delta. It’s normally pretty simple to search out, But it’ll lock 10 minutes into your run, which implies you’ll have to speedrun your method to the third stage so as to unlock the Chest and unlock the Preon Accumulator merchandise.

There are three attainable spawn areas for the Timed Chest: it’ll be both inside one of many giant containers on the bottom; inside the highest container in a stack of containers; or subsequent to the radar tower on the hill.

How to complete “Pause” challenge (Artificer)

The Pause challenge can also be not too tough in any respect, But it does require somewhat persistence in gathering the 11 essential Lunar Cash – one to donate to a Newt Altar so you’ll be able to attain the Bazaar Between Time, and the remaining ten to spend on the Bazaar on the crystal inside which incorporates the Artificer, the fifth playable character in Risk of Rain 2.

How to complete “True Respite” challenge (Mercenary)

One other which is definitely pretty easy, But requires some dedication to unlock. The Obelisk in query at which it’s essential to obliterate your self can solely be present in “A Second, Fractured” – a hidden Setting which might solely be accessed by way of a Celestial Portal. These white portals seem on the third stage of each “Loop” after your first – that’s, you’ll have to have looped again to the primary stage, after which received to the third stage once more, the place you will see a Celestial Portal. As soon as you discover the Obelisk within the hidden Setting, you can be prompted as as to if you’d wish to obliterate your self and finish your run. Doing so will complete this challenge and unlock the Mercenary, the ultimate playable character within the present construct of Risk of Rain 2.

And that’s all you have to know relating to the varied Risk of Rain 2 challenges it’s attainable to finish. With a little bit of persistence and dedication, you’ll quickly have all types of latest items and characters to check out and show you how to survive longer within the unending rain.


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