Risk Of Rain 2: Every Character, Ranked

Risk Of Rain 2: Every Character, Ranked

Risk of Rain 2 is a rogue-like third-person shooter that many have waited for after the success of the primary Risk of Rain. The sport is up to date incessantly, but there are already ten characters to select from. The gamers have debated which characters are the Overall finest and which of them are on the more severe finish of issues.

This sequel is vastly absolutely different from the unique, because it switched to 3D and added many options the followers wished. There are a number of returning characters and an entire lot of newcomers, a lot of which have change into crowd favorites and a few not a lot. Let’s have a look at who’s higher than who.

The Commando

The Commando is the character that’s unlocked by default, which suggests everyone has to play him at the least a bit to unlock different survivors. He is an all-rounded character that wields twin pistols and may roll to keep away from incoming harm. He is a jack-of-all-trades but, sadly, a grasp of none.

This class is closely outperformed by all the opposite courses and he does not shine in any side of the sport. Many gamers discover his gameplay monotonous and repetitive, contemplating none of his talents are out of the extraordinary. He’s what you’d count on from a default class.

The Mercenary

This class is absolutely the most fun to play Overall. Who does not need to be a samurai that jumps round slicing his enemies in half? Sadly, The Mercenary’s capacity equipment just isn’t very helpful and somewhat lackluster. He has excessive harm and mobility, but lacks the well being essential to make up for being a melee attacker.

There are specific items that may make this character insanely sturdy, but they’re very situational and are a wrestle to seek out inside the true sport. playing as The Mercenary will guarantee an excellent time but you want quite a lot of talent to efficiently end a run with him. Regardless of not being good, you should finish a run utterly after looping again to the start to unlock him.


Acrid is a pestilent beast from the Void Fields. He’s very complicated to unlock and you must have some stage of sport knowledge to finish the duties required to play as this monster. You should journey to the Void Fields by way of the Bazaar Between Time and activate 9 absolutely different Void Cells.

Regardless of being really exhausting to get, Acrid is not significantly nice. His poison is superior for melting bosses, but since it could possibly’t really be deadly he struggles in opposition to the weakest enemies. His bulk and AoE are acceptable, but his lack of mobility for a melee fighter makes him weak to most areas and tough to finish the sport with.


This little plant man is somewhat exhausting to get, but in Drizzle difficulty it won’t be that a lot bother. He has the very best Harm Per Second our of all of the characters, but the talent required to play him correctly is simply too excessive to make it value it. To unlock him, you could seize the Gas Array from the starting capsule and produce it to Rex within the Abyssal Depths.

His excessive harm might make him really feel promising at first but in the long term it’s tough to remain alive when so many issues are hitting you on the identical time. Some items might make him extra succesful to outlive, but because it’s by no means reliable to get sure items it is not a viable strategy.

The Captain

Not a lot is thought about The Captain. He’s the newest survivor added to the sport, and is unlocked by killing the ultimate boss and beating the sport on any difficulty. His equipment may be very absolutely different from all the opposite survivors, and plenty of gamers discover it complicated to begin playing as him. His talents are situational and have unusual uses you will not really discover in regular play.

His particular is limited to 2 uses per stage and his regular assault is so sluggish he’ll wrestle in opposition to fast-moving enemies. His talents could also be extra salvageable when playing multiplayer, since he’s extra of a assist type of character, but in solo play he isn’t beneficial.

The Artificer

The Artificer matches the position of a mage; she shoots powerful beams of fireplace that destroy her enemies while additionally freezing her means onto the toughest of levels. She is not significantly exhausting to get, you simply must get ten Lunar Cash into the Bazaar Between Time and the Newt will free her.

Not every part is a power for this powerful sorcerer, nevertheless. Her cooldown instances are huge and her mobility may be very limited. A talented participant will make her shine within the battlefield but most will not be capable of get previous the second Teleporter. Overall, The Artificer is a glass cannon that must be dealt with with care, or she will not get very far. If you’d like a difficulty, strive using the Artifact of Glass and see how briskly you may destroy the bosses.

The Loader

This girl has been outfitted with robotic arms that pack a colossal punch. She’s cell, tanky, and Overall can decimate bosses extra simply than anybody else within the sport. Her equipment permits her to be versatile but on the identical time be centered on what she does finest; dealing pure and unadulterated harm.

Sadly, there’s one obvious weak point that Every one melee survivors share: flying enemies. The Loader is not any exception; they must spend their talents simply to eliminate one or two wisps but the display will already be flooded with twelve extra. This could pose an enormous risk to Loader gamers if they are not armed with the correct items.

The Huntress

A returning survivor from the unique Risk of Rain, The Huntress is the staple harm supplier of Every games. She has a bow that fires homing arrows and a splash that teleports her away from all bother. Her utility and secondary abilities additionally deal very respectable AoE harm to get her out if bother.

You will need to know, nevertheless, that The Huntress is the character with the least base HP stat within the sport. Which means she will simply get overwhelmed if enemies are allowed to rack up. Her good burst harm must be good in opposition to every part, and arming her with a Ukulele will make issues means less complicated for her.


This funky little robotic man is the most versatile survivor within the sport, and has far more pros than he has cons. He has quite a lot of potential for harm and may traverse the world shortly (an absolute profit in a sport during which the difficulty is at all times rising). MUL-T additionally has the best well being and assault charge, making him one of many Overall finest.

His nail gun can swap between quick-fire mode and single-shot mode, which function a machine gun and a sniper respectively. This provides MUL-T a option to take care of Every enemy with out an excessive amount of bother, plus his inherent bulk from his armor stat helps him take in harm that might be deadly to another survivor.

The Engineer

The Engineer is the very best class within the sport Overall. It has excessive harm and sturdiness, can soften bosses, and also can have unimaginable maintain if outfitted with some Bustling Fungus. His sentry turrets can harm foes with out the participant having to goal or concentrate on them, they usually additionally proc any items The Engineer has, such because the beforehand talked about mushroom.

All in all, Engineer is absolutely the very best class for Solo play, with its solely con being that it has poor mobility. It is nice DPS makes it superb for boss busting and it is utility makes him in a position to survive even the toughest fights. In case you’re trying to difficulty the Monsoon Issue, then The Engineer is your finest wager.


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