Risk of Rain 2 Timed Chest: How you can Unlock It

Risk of Rain 2 Timed Chest: How you can Unlock It

Some Risk of Rain 2 players are sure to have come across a timed chest on Rallypoint Delta across their time with Hopoo Games’ new multiplayer rogulelike shooter. As many are more likely to count on, unlocking Risk of Rain 2’s timed chest requires that players attain it earlier than its timer runs out, and this activity must be simply completed with a number of easy suggestions.

How To Unlock Risk Of Rain 2’S Timed Chest

In an effort to unlock Risk of Rain 2’s timed chest, these enjoying single participant might want to attain the cache in 10 minutes, whereas these enjoying multiplayer could have 15 minutes to take action. To fulfill this timeline, players ought to merely make unlocking the timed chest the first goal of their run, taking care to not get too distracted by things like getting Risk of Rain 2’s Lunar Cash on their manner.

As such, players that need to unlock the timed chest are suggested to pick out the simple problem setting to make clearing ranges so simple as attainable. With the problem chosen, and the run initiated, players must be sure to know easy methods to Find teleporters in Risk of Rain 2, after which use these methods to achieve, and use, the primary stage’s teleporter as shortly as attainable.

This must be finished as soon as once more to promptly full the game’s second space. As soon as within the third stage, the hunt for the timed chest begins.

How To Find Risk Of Rain 2’S Timed Chest

Studies counsel that timed chests will spawn in a random location in Risk of Rain 2’s third stage. After all, participant ought to proceed to maneuver with swiftness when looking to make certain that they beat the chest’s timer. Listed below are a lot of reported spawn places for the timed chest:

  • At the base of the antenna on the cliff
  • Near a fence at the bottom of the cliff with the antenna
  • In a container near the map’s center

As long as players bear in mind to not get waylaid by the game’s many mysteries, they need to not have a lot hassle unlocking the timed chest. Certainly, it’s merely a minor diversion, and players can be again to Risk of Rain 2’s character unlocks, and progressing by way of its ranges, very quickly.

Risk of Rain 2 is available now on PC through Steam Early Access.


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