10 Secret Side Quests Everyone Missed In The Witcher 3

There's a lot for players to do in The Witcher: Wild Hunt, making it necessary to learn all about the hidden side quests not everyone knows about.

10 Secret Side Quests Everyone Missed In The Witcher 3
10 Secret Side Quests Everyone Missed In The Witcher 3

The Witcher: Wild Hunt is an enormous game with heaps to do. Players can spend tons of of hours exploring this massive continent and still not uncover all the quests and aspect tales this game has to supply. Hidden treasure, powerful weapons, tragic tales, and Geralt’s modeling career are some of the hidden quests that the typical player has but to find on this nice game.

Odds are, there are still quests to be discovered, but hopefully this listing provides you with the motivation to exit and seek for them. Listed here are 10 secret aspect questions Everyone missed in The Witcher 3.

A Portrait Of The Witcher As An Old Man

This amusing quest may be found on the market sq. in The Gran’place. Conversing with an artist will reveal that the person thinks Geralt would make a wonderful mannequin for his portray of an outdated man. The player has the selection of doing a tasteful nude with Geralt both mendacity down, standing with a defend, or using a horse.

Earlier than the portray is finished a griffin will assault and upon killing it the painter will supply to also add the corpse of the griffin into the portray. It’s a humorous quest and can find yourself hanging in The Belles Of Beauclair.

On Death’s Bed

This one is found in the White Orchard and presents Geralt with an ethical dilemma. A girl has been injured by a Griffin and desires a helpful potion referred to as “Swallow” to doubtlessly heal her. Not Only is the potion extremely helpful to the player in fight there’s one other catch many will not discover out about till they deal with this quest not less than twice.

If the lady takes the potion her physique is healed but the brew destroys her thoughts leaving her a hole shell. If the player refuses to offer her the potion for no matter purpose she dies a horrible, agonizing loss of life. The player can take solace realizing they tried to assist her, but it’s still a horrible ending both manner.

The Taxman Cometh

Even in a video game, Players aren’t resistant to the looming shadow of taxes. Witchers aren’t sometimes rich people as most of their earnings will get reinvested in higher gear, alchemy elements, and to bribe informants.

but when you show to be a shrewd and frugal mercenary and accumulate a wealth of 35,000 crowns, you’ll be approached by a taxman suspicious of your earnings. Relying on the way you reply you may be given a diploma commending your business savvy or you can be sentenced to ship unpaid taxes to the Vivaldi Financial institution.

X Marks The Spot

This is one of the more durable quests to seek out, except you occur to encounter it or know the place to look. There’s an deserted hut simply exterior of Blandare close to the lake. Contained in the hut is a skeleton holding a key and a map.

It seems it’s a treasure map that results in a hidden chest underneath a waterfall. Whereas it’s not the most thrilling reward it’s a real treasure chest that’s worth the exploration.

There Can Be Only One

After overhearing a dialog between two males on the Tourney Grounds, Players can tackle a collection of trials to show their price on the shores of Lac Célavy. The player should then carry out, or have carried out, 5 quests in a sure approach to show their valor, honor, compassion, generosity, and knowledge.

After proving their worth the player should then defeat the mysterious hermit who just isn’t as they appear. Upon profitable the duel the reward is the powerful sword Aerondight, one Witcher followers will probably be conversant in.

Without A Trace

If Players discover their approach to the hut of a herbalist exterior of Oxenfurt, they’ll discover the herbalist’s apprentice has gone lacking in Deadwight Wood. Monitoring down the proof will result in a kindly older couple residing alone in the forest.

but not everything is because it appears and exploring additional will reveal one thing vile has occurred in these woods. The player is then introduced with the ethical dilemma of what to do to the determined aged couple and what to say to the distressed herbalist.

Lord Of The Wood

One other unmarked location on the map yields a hidden quest that may show a bit difficult for these unprepared. South of Novigrad is an deserted logger’s camp that’s the sight of a bloodbath. Geralt can discover the world and discover a hut with a letter telling of the tragedy that befell the camp.

Investigating this tragedy will take the player deep into the woods the place they are going to confront an historical evil inhabiting the forest. Successfully finishing this quest yields the helpful Black Unicorn sword that drains enemies of their vitality and provides it to Geralt.


Maybe the most interesting hidden quest in The Witcher: Wild Hunt is one which rewards you for being affected person. Close to Trentin’s workshop is a winery proprietor who has a historical past with Geralt. It seems that he meant to pay you for companies you rendered to him in a earlier game, but he couldn’t earlier than Geralt hit the open street.

As an alternative, he opened a checking account underneath Geralt’s identify and deposited the funds there till he encountered Geralt once more. This leads to a quest to fulfill the forms to acquire the funds which entails paperwork, line slicing, fist fights, bribery, and a little bit of playing. In case you’re impatient to the financial institution’s plight, you may forcefully take your cash. In case you have somewhat endurance, you may be taught the magical energy of curiosity.


Successfully finishing this quest creates the new enterprise The Chameleon. It’s an excellent hidden quest that sees a seedy enterprise turning into a spot of reputation or a much less seedy institution by the player’s selections.

Taken As A Lass

On the coast east of Ard Skelling, Players can discover a younger man preventing off a pair of pirates. Saving his life will start the hunt to save lots of his sister who was taken by the pirates in the space. The player might want to seek out the pirate ship to find her destiny.

The search doesn’t go as anticipated because the player will discover out the pirate’s have been slaughtered by a pack of ruthless beasts. It’s an interesting quest with an sudden development and a few enjoyable, but tough fight.



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