Shin Megami Tensei V Eligor and Andras Boss Guide

Shin Megami Tensei V Eligor and Andras Boss Guide

In Shin Megami Tensei V, Eligor is a boss you are going to have to fight in order to get to the Tokyo Diet Building. He is not alone, however, as two Andras demons are there to back him up. This fight can get overwhelming if you’re not ready, but don’t worry, In this guide, we will tell you complete details about defeating Eligor and Andras bosses in Shin Megami Tensei V.

What makes the Eligor and Andras fight in SMT V difficult is the fact that the demons have a chunky amount of HP and that the Andras lackeys will buff up Eligor and dish out some serious Force Skills.

Eligor is weak against electric skills and the two Andras are also weak to electric and additionally light-based skills.

Eligor and Andras Skills

Eligor comes with two main skills Gram Slice and Maragi. Gram Slice will deal a small amount of damage to a single enemy and Maragi will do small fire damage to all the enemies.

The Andras demons will mostly either buff up Eligor with Sukukaja, use Zanma or do physical attacks.

Demons to Pick

You should go with demons that came with Zio and Hama attacks as these attacks are very useful against the Eligor and Andras. The demons which block fire and force damage are good options as well along with the healer.

Be sure to use Essence fusion to give your Nahobino block against force or fire (or at least not have them as a weakness). For skills, try getting mazio onto your Nahobino or ally demons. You can also utilize Elec shards or Gems.

How to Defeat Eligor and Andras in SMT 5

This fight can be really easy if you have debuff skills Marin Karin and Sukunda.

When you use both these on Eligor, he will become practically useless as he’ll not be able to attack in a charmed state and his accuracy will be too low to do anything when he does.

What’s more is that this locks the two Andras into using their support skill Sukukaja. They will have to use this to counter-act your Sukunda so you have at least one of them dedicated to trying to raise Eligor’s Evasion back up.

Combine this with the demons we’ve mentioned to pick and it’s an easy fight. If you’re not able to find the skill Marin Karin, try to get mermaid (who eventually learns it on leveling) or get Leanan Sidhe through fusion or through a demon request near the Tokyo Tower leyline.


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