Skull And Bones Apparently Has Luck-Based Boarding Mechanics

Skull And Bones Apparently Has Luck-Based Boarding Mechanics

Skull and Bones continues to leak more and more details following its reboot, which is still far more than what has been shared officially.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, well-known leaker Tom Henderson claimed that the boarding mechanics of Skull and Bones have been simplified into a mini-game of sorts. Instead of giving players multiple options with deep and immersive mechanics, Ubisoft has apparently decided to let the roll of a dice determine how (and if) players can forcefully board and take over other ships.

Henderson did note that the boarding/combat mechanics are currently broken in Skull and Bones due to ongoing development, but are generally based on luck.

When trying to board a ship in Skull and Bones, players will enter a five-round mini-game sequence where they can choose to either guard, attack with a melee weapon, or use a ranged weapon. The number of rounds won at the end will decide if players can take over the ship or not.

– The boarding/combat mechanic is currently broken as there is no skill. It’s basically rock, paper, scissors and is just based on luck (currently).

– It takes about 10-15 minutes on the fastest ship to cross the map/sea.

That’s all for now 🙂

— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) September 16, 2021

Furthermore, Skull and Bones might not feature as large as an open sea as previously believed. Henderson claimed that it takes around 10 to 15 minutes in the currently build to sail across the sea on the fastest available ship.

Skull and Bones draws inspiration from Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag but its ambitions forced developer-and-publisher Ubisoft to restart development to pursue “a new vision” which ended up in multiple delays.

Skull and Bones has been pegged for a release somewhere in the second half of 2022. The game is said to be nowhere “near completion” but does lie “in a decent spot with a lot of good combat.”


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