Skyrim: 5 Reasons The Stormcloaks Shouldn’t Rule Skyrim (& 5 Reasons The Imperials Shouldn’t)

In Skyrim, the Empire and the Stormcloaks represents are fighting for dominance, but is either one of them worthy of ruling the land?

Skyrim: 5 Reasons The Stormcloaks Should not Rule Skyrim (& 5 Reasons The Imperials Should not)
Skyrim: 5 Reasons The Stormcloaks Should not Rule Skyrim (& 5 Reasons The Imperials Should not)

Imperial or Stormcloak? Whereas comparatively easy compared to the faction alignment programs of earlier Elder Scrolls video games, choosing a facet to take up arms for in Skyrim’s civil war can still make for a pretty daunting decision. Each have their Reasons, certainly. However what if we put it by means of the lens of not choosing the right facet, however instead choosing the lesser of two evils? As a result of there are certainly greater than enough Reasons that each of them would show inept for the duty.

To demonstrate, we have gathered up 5 Reasons that every facet would make for a disastrous decision in the case of really rule the province of Skyrim, as soon as the war is alleged and executed. Hold scrolling to hitch us as we choose aside every faction and make a case against them. Who is aware of? By the point you attain the top of our record, you Might end up satisfied that neither of them is match to rule. Possibly they need to simply let the dragons win?

STORMCLOAKS SHOULDN’T: Skyrim Has Always Stood With The Empire

STORMCLOAKS SHOULDN'T: Skyrim Has Always Stood With The Empire
STORMCLOAKS SHOULDN’T: Skyrim Has Always Stood With The Empire

Put merely, Skyrim has fought, bled, and generally been part of the Empire for a whole lot of years. That is the very reasoning cited by lots of the Nords when requested why they’re siding with the Empire throughout Skyrim’s civil war.

Whereas the banishment of Talos worship is certainly an egregious offense, it still stands that Talos, also referred to as Tiber Septim, based and created the very Empire that they are rebelling against. The Thalmor involvement in its affairs does complicate issues, nevertheless it could possibly be argued that betraying the Empire is, in its personal form of method, betraying Talos himself.

IMPERIALS SHOULDN’T: They Can’t Afford To Protect It

IMPERIALS SHOULDN'T: They Can't Afford To Protect It
IMPERIALS SHOULDN’T: They Can’t Afford To Protect It

The very existence and relative success of the Stormcloak revolt stand to proof this level. Just a few rogue Jarls would’ve proven no obstacle to the pre-war Empire, and they might’ve discovered themselves swiftly crushed by its disciplined and well-trained armies. As it’s, the Empire can barely afford to carry them at bay.

Even then, they’re solely capable of comprise this revolt as a result of abilities of Normal Tullius. It Might be safely assumed that Imperial troops would should be redistributed to different elements of the Empire as soon as the war’s been concluded and that in the event that they had been barely capable of outmatch a insurgent rebellion, an invasion would imply the province’s doom.

STORMCLOAKS SHOULDN’T: King Ulfric Is Bloodthirsty & Manipulative

STORMCLOAKS SHOULDN'T: King Ulfric Is Bloodthirsty & Manipulative
STORMCLOAKS SHOULDN’T: King Ulfric Is Bloodthirsty & Manipulative

Ulfric Stormcloak certainly cuts a dashing determine as a romanticized freedom fighter, however the means by which he got here to energy raises just a few questions regarding his true character. He displayed immense cruelty throughout his liberation of Markarth from the Reachmen. The story varies a bit relying in your supply, however inside most rumors are embedded a grain of fact.

Much less arguably is his usurpation and needless slaying of Excessive King Torygg, the occasion that primarily kindled the revolt correct. Though there have been many different ways in which Ulfric might’ve completed his ends, he challenged Torygg to an “honorable duel” that he knew he had no likelihood of shedding. He will not be the one NPC with soiled laundry, however he is received a pretty Big pile of it.

IMPERIALS SHOULDN’T: The Empire Might Collapse Soon

IMPERIALS SHOULDN'T: The Empire Might Collapse Soon
IMPERIALS SHOULDN’T: The Empire Might Collapse Soon

The Empire has classically been the first main energy in Tamriel, however after its latest war with the Aldmeri Dominion, it appears to be on the breaking point. Its holdings are the bottom that they have been in ages, and though they managed to reclaim Cyrodiil from the Dominion, the phrases of the White-Gold Concordat maintain their restoration in test.

The truth is, if the Dark Brotherhood questline is to be taken as canon, the Emperor himself has been lately assassinated. This little doubt triggers inner strife and political war that further erodes its means to govern itself, a lot much less Skyrim.



When it comes all the way down to it, the Stormcloaks are not very keen on the Empire’s cosmopolitan make-up. We’ve certainly seen the likes of slavery, unjust therapy, and flat inequality in different elements of Tamriel earlier than, however the state of Windhelm’s Dunmer Population is relatively telling in regards to the limits of their tolerance.

Galmar makes a giant ruckus about the way you “do not should be a Nord to combat for Skyrim,” however one have a look at Windhelm’s Grey Quarter places that assertion into context properly. Certain, they do not thoughts more meat for the grinder. Why would they? Simply do not count on them to provide a tossed pie concerning the state you Might be dwelling in as soon as the war’s over.

IMPERIALS SHOULDN’T: They’re In The Thalmor’s Pocket

IMPERIALS SHOULDN'T: They're In The Thalmor's Pocket
IMPERIALS SHOULDN’T: They’re In The Thalmor’s Pocket

This one’s abundantly apparent, contemplating that it is a direct contributor to the reasoning behind the Stormcloak revolt. The Imperials do not certainly appear to be on the wheel in the case of steering the Empire today.

If Aldmeri’s leash on Imperial affairs and the White-Gold Concordat weren’t enough proof, their history of warring with and dominating what they take into account to be “lesser” races of Tamriel (together with the Imperials themselves) ought to do the trick. The Stormcloaks Might be nationalistic and a bit racist, however the Aldmeri make them appear like champions of equality.

STORMCLOAKS SHOULDN’T: They Can’t Take On The Thalmor

King Ulfric and his generals are definitely proven to be succesful tacticians, having been capable of elevate, arm, and lead their motley insurgent forces in such a method that it places their army Might on comparatively even floor with the Empire’s forces.

IMPERIALS SHOULDN’T: They Do not Understand Nord Culture

That is somewhat peculiar, given the commonalities between Nords and Imperials. They definitely share a standard ancestry and worship what are usually the exact same deities. still, the cultural divide is huge enough to create a form of alienation that places them at odds with each other domestically.

One good instance is offered by Jarl Balgruuf’s Imperial steward, Proventus, when describes the Nordic lore surrounding the Dragonborn as nonsense. One other is given by Normal Tullius when he expresses misgivings in regards to the Nordic sense of honor throughout a dialog with Legate Rikke.

IMPERIALS SHOULDN’T: Skyrim’s Population Would Remain Rebellious

One of the most contentious stipulations of the White-Gold Concordat, and by extension, one of many major driving forces behind the Stormcloak revolt, is the banishment of Talos worship. Free worship of all 9 Divines is one among King Ulfric’s largest sticking factors in the case of recruiting more troops.

Even when the Empire restores order in Skyrim, it will be a tenuous peace at finest. The banishment of Talos worship is not one thing the Nords are ever going to seek out themselves solely on board with. As long as it stays in impact, pockets of resistance, if not further rebellions, will proceed to plague Skyrim and steadily drain the Empire’s dwindling assets.

STORMCLOAKS SHOULDN’T: They Do not See The Big Picture

The Stormcloaks see the White-Gold Concordat as an unforgivable affront, if not an outright betrayal of all the pieces the Empire ought to stand for. Whereas they don’t seem to be far off base, they fail to spot the reasoning behind why this treaty wanted to be accepted. Continued war with the Aldmeri Dominion would’ve seen the Empire floor to mud.

Acceptance of the treaty, on the very least, provides them time to consolidate and rebuild their forces to a degree the place they might efficiently resist further incursions. The White-Gold Concordat, whereas clearly devised to further divide the Empire, was a crucial evil to make sure its continued existence. If the Stormcloaks had their method, they’d’ve fought the Aldmeri to a degree that assured their very own destruction.


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