The 15 Smallest Pokémon Ever

Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes, from gigantic to itsy-bitsy. We take a look at the latter by examining the smallest Pokémon out there.

The 15 Smallest Pokémon Ever
The 15 Smallest Pokémon Ever

Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes. With eight generations, there are tons out there to keep track of. Trainers do not exactly choose Pokémon for their team just for their size. People typically care more about types and abilities. However, it is pretty interesting and sometimes even surprising to find out the actual size of these creatures.

The anime takes its liberties, and it can be very hard to tell what size a Pokémon is just by watching them battle. We looked up the size by the height of every Pokémon and listed them! Here are the ten smallest we found, from the biggest of the small to the smallest one there is.

Both the Pokémon anime and games can cause players to misconstrue the true size of a Pokémon as both series often portray them in the wrong size. Unless players go digging through their Pokédex entries, they’re normally surprised to find out how big or small a Pokémon really is.

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There are many Pokémon who are surprisingly small, definitely smaller than most would think considering how they appear in the games. When you’re talking about a creature that’s only a few inches tall, it’s understandable that the games have to increase their size for visibility. Check out even more of these teeny-tiny Pokémon.


Applin was one of the new Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and with its adorable little faux-apple style and coveted Grass/Dragon-typing, it quickly became a fan favorite. Players also like that this Pokémon has a branching evolution, with it being able to evolve into Flapple or Appletun depending on the evolutionary item given to it.

It makes sense that this Pokémon is nearly accurate when it comes to the size of real apples. Additionally, it’s super cute that when Applin is shiny, it is green, so players can collect both green and red apples.


Coming in at the same height is another Fairy-Type, Spritzee. It was also introduced in the later generations, beginning in the Pokémon X and Y games. While it is cute, its face does resemble a plague doctor’s mask.

It also slightly resembles a flamingo. Besides being small, it also smells very good. According to the Pokédex entries, royal ladies would sometimes carry this Pokémon around instead of using perfume.


Klefki was introduced with the release of Pokémon X and Y. It’s a Steel/Fairy-type Pokémon, and although it currently has no other evolutions, it’s definitely got the potential to be given one in the future.

It makes complete sense that Klefki is only 8 inches tall, as it is meant to resemble a keychain and is known to collect keys from other people, even going so far as to steal them. Additionally, according to its Pokédex entries, if it really likes a key, it will not let it go!


Introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Mimikyu fast became a sensation because of its adorable Pikachu costume and mysterious backstory. Mimikyu only being 8 inches tall should surprise most Pokémon fans as Mimikyu has previously been shown in the game as a similar size to Pikachu, whose Pokédex entry lists it as 1’04” tall.

Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy-Type and many of its Pokédex entries are a little creepy, as they explain that anyone who sees its true form beneath its costume is doomed to die a terrible death.


Obviously, when talking about size, we are talking about this Pokémon’s solo form and not its school form where it forms into a giant shark-like creature. It is undeniably one of the smallest Water-Types when it comes to its solo form.

According to the Bulbapedia, the solo form of this creature has a ton of natural predators like Dewgong, Wailord, Wingull, and Wailmer. It’s a Pokémon eat Pokémon world out there. However, it goes to show that while something is small . . . many of them can create something big and slightly terrifying.


Pokémon X and Y gave us the smallest legendary Pokémon. Interestingly enough though, it is also one of the heaviest Pokémon. It weighs over two thousand pounds! That ties it with Celesteela for the heaviest Pokémon.

It being so small but so heavy makes this Pokémon similar to super-compressed astral bodies like black holes. That is just neat, especially since its design is already very space-like. So while this legendary Pokémon may be small, we do not suggest trying to carry it or putting it in your bag.


Meltan is a special Pokémon as it was teased during a Pokémon GO Community Day and then released via Pokémon: Let’s Go! It’s a Steel-type mythical Pokémon that evolves into Melmetal, but it can only be evolved in Pokémon GO and not any of the other titles.

As its head is made of a little hex nut, it’s completely believable that Meltan is a mere 8 inches tall; what’s unbelievable is that when it evolves, Melmetal is a staggering 8’02” tall!


While this Pokémon is an eel-fish, it is actually the smallest Eletric-Type Pokémon.They were introduced in Pokémon Black and White. In terms of what inspired its small design, it seems to be based off of leeches, lampreys, and electric eels.

However, it does not stay small when it evolves at level 39 and then levels up again to be even larger through a Thunderstone.


This adorable Bug and Fairy-Type was released in Pokémon Sun and Moon along with many others on this list. It also evolves into Rimbombee, so while it does evolve at level 25, it still does not get that much larger.

Besides being very small, it is the lightest Bug-Type Pokémon in terms of weight, weighing at 0.4 pounds. Its design is based on a real bug called the beefly,but Cutiefly is way more cute


It would make sense for a Pokémon that was influenced by ticks would be one of the smallest out there. Joltik is also the smallest of all Electric-Types. They are pretty cute, though they do not stay small and tick-like for long and evolve into large tarantula-creatures at level 36. It was introduced in Pokémon Black and White, just beating Tynamo for smallest Electric-Type.

This is one of those small Pokémon that would be adorable to have sitting on your head. According to its Pokédex entry, Joltik actually like to attach themselves to larger Pokémon and absorb their static electricity. That shouldn’t be hard since there are hundreds of Pokémon larger than them.


Milcery is another Pokémon that was introduced in Sword and Shield, and its height only being 8 inches tall may surprise most as it looks larger in the game. However, when you consider it to be a splash of milk, its sizing makes a lot more sense.

This Fairy-type Pokémon evolves into Alcremie in a very unique and interesting way — while holding a certain sweet and when the player spins the character. Depending on the sweet, length of spin, rotation of spin, and time of day, all determine what type of Alcremie Milcery will evolve into.


Introduced in the X and Y games, Flabébé is often known as the smallest Pokémon despite sharing the same height with half of the Pokémon on this list. It is Fairy-Type and rides a flower that can come in multiple colors. It does evolve into a larger Pokémon if exposed to a Shiny Stone.

While it is tied for the smallest, it is also tied for the lightest Pokémon as well. It ties with Haunter, Cosmog, Gastly, and Kartana for the title of lightest at 0.2 pounds.


This Pokémon was introduced in the Alolan generation. It should not surprise anyone that a lot of the Pokémon that made it onto this list are Bug-Type, and Rimbombee is Bug and Fairy-Type.

It evolves from Cutiefly at level 25. It’s design appears to be inspired by both bees and fairies. According to its Pokédex entries, it works a lot with pollen. It is definitely a small and cute addition to any team, however we’ve only just gotten started.


Jumping to four inches smaller than the rest is Pokémon that was introduced recently in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Yes, Sinistea has joined the ranks of the smallest Pokémon. It also is the number one smallest Ghost-Type! Congratulations Sinistea.

At this point, the eighth generation only just came out so Sinistea making it onto this list is pretty cool. We still have pretty little information about it except that it evolves with a certain item and that it is pure Ghost-Type.


This Fairy-Type Pokémon was introduced in Alola and it definitely belongs on your head since it is basically a sentient flower crown. It is so small though, it might not fit on your head! While it is not the smallest on our list, it does take the title of smallest fully evolved Pokémon. That means the others that are further down do not stay small, but Comfey does.

As for its design. The flowers are not a part of its body but rather a part of its collection that it sticks to itself. Does that mean they can technically get bigger depending on the flowers? Sure, in the anime. In the games however, they stay static.


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