Spider-Man Fan Shows What Ben Reilly Suit Could Look Like In-Game

Spider-Man Fan Shows What Ben Reilly Suit Could Look Like In-Game
Spider-Man Fan Shows What Ben Reilly Suit Could Look Like In-Game

Insomniac Games has been able to add various Spider-Man costumes into the hit Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation. However, fans would still love to see some more Spider-Man costumes in the game or even make their way into the potential sequel, some of which weren’t even worn by Peter Parker.

For those new to the character, Ben Reilly was a clone of Peter Parker from the 1990s created by the supervillain mad scientist called The Jackal. However, one of the good things that plenty of fans enjoyed from this era was Reilly’s costumes. While players may be familiar with Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider costume as an alternate suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man, this costume comes from the series The Sensational Spider-Man.

A Reddit user called AlwaysBi recently showed some Marvel’s Spider-Man artwork of the suit worn by the character Ben Reilly in the 1990s. The image was created by Twitter user @low_res_jpg who rendered the suit in the video game’s graphics style. Overall, the artwork gives fans a look at what this Spider-Man costume could look like if it were in the game.

Ben Reilly starred in The Sensational Spider-Man, where he took over as Spider-Man while Peter was out of the picture at the time. The suit still possessed the same red and blue color pattern from the classic Spider-Man suit, but it has more blue on the legs and arms with a larger spider symbol on the chest. It also has Reilly’s web-shooters on the outside of his sleeves, just like his Scarlet Spider outfit.

The costume first appeared in The Sensational Spider-Man series and the suit was originally created by comic book writer Dan Jurgens, who also penciled for the series’ first seven issues. Jurgens later resigned from the comic, and writer Todd DeZago and penciler Mike Wieringo took over for the rest of the series’ run. Ben Reilly would continue to wear the costume for his time as Spider-Man up to his untimely demise. However, the clone hero would return years later, though not in his Sensational Spider-Man suit.

For now, it’s too early to say which Spider-Man costumes could make it into Insomniac’s sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man. But it’s safe to say this costume is a strong candidate. Especially since the first game already has Reilly’s first costume in it, so Insomniac can complete the set. Among the many things players would want in the next game, Reilly’s Sensational Spider-Man suit would be a welcome addition by fans.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now for PS4 and PS5.



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