Stranded Deep: How to Make A Coconut Flask

Stranded Deep: How to Make A Coconut Flask Articles
Stranded Deep: How to Make A Coconut Flask
Stranded Deep: How to Make A Coconut Flask

Stranded Deep: How to Make A Coconut Flask

In Stranded Deep, the player is forced to consider the whole lot from the basics like getting water to limiting their publicity to solar to stop sunburn. That said, one thing so simple as discovering drinkable water might be extraordinarily troublesome within the recreation, especially if the player has no solution to retailer or save what little water they find.

Ought to the player come throughout or create some drinkable water for themselves, Stranded Deep presents a number of methods for players to retailer and convey alongside water with them on their travels. The primary and by far the simplest methodology of which entails the coconut flask.

The coconut flask is not particularly troublesome to craft by any means, however it should drastically increase the player’s skill to journey away from water supplies. That said, there are quite a few upgrades in a while which do higher, however it is a nice first step.

Stranded Deep – How To Craft A Coconut Flask

The supplies required to create a coconut flask are easy, just purchase one coconut and create one lashing and the 2 might be crafted collectively. In an effort to craft it, the player might want to open the crafting menu and navigate over to the consumables menu, this is identical area the place things like antidotes to remedy poison might be discovered. It’s also necessary that the player would not break open or cut the coconut in any manner, as for this recipe to work the coconut have to be in its preliminary unopened state.

After crafting the coconut flask, it should already comprise one drink of water in it. The necessary factor right here is that this water won’t spoil and might be carried round with the player. After drinking it, it may be refilled at any clear water supply akin to a water nonetheless. On this manner, the player is ready to carry water with them on their travels and retailer water as effectively. As was beforehand talked about, finally the player will acquire entry to leather waterskins and clay water bottles which may carry three and 5 drinks respectively, however the ease of crafting a coconut flask makes it effectively value it.

Coconut flasks will also be used to water crops, which is able to assist the player in making a sustainable meals provide for themselves. Till players get used to the controls of Stranded Deep and handle to craft higher water storage objects, the coconut flask ought to show extremely helpful.

Stranded Deep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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