The 10 best Factorio mods for 1.0


The 10 best Factorio mods for 1.0

Factorio mods have been around nearly so long as the sport itself – and for good motive. Whereas already an enormous and startlingly polished game, introducing the fitting mods into the fold is not going to solely expand the sport with tonnes of latest options to find and grasp, but in addition concurrently enhance the base game experience with dozens of high quality of life improvements.

Preserve studying for our list of the perfect Factorio mods for 1.0 on the market, together with directions on find out how to get started downloading mods of all sizes and styles to enhance your game.

The best Factorio mods

Factorio has been in Early Entry since 2016, and playable for fairly some time before that, too. In that point, an excellent many alternative sorts of mods have sprung as much as assist expand the sport. Among the mods under are full game-changers, including new methods and objects and ores and enemies, whereas others are light-weight, non-game-changing high quality of life improvements.

How to install Factorio mods

It’s incredibly easy to put in as many Factorio mods as your automation-fuelled heart needs. You’ll be able to install mods utilizing Factorio’s sturdy in-game modding course of; or you are able to do it the quaint means and obtain a zip folder from Factorio’s on-line mod portal. Right here’s what to do in every case:

  • In-game method: In Factorio’s essential menu, click on Mods and navigate to the install tab. Right here you possibly can see an enormous list of all Reachable downloadable mods from the mod portal. When you’ve discovered the mod you need to use (you should use the search operate to assist with this), merely choose the mod, click on install, after which as soon as the install is completed it’s best to click on Verify to restart the sport with the brand new mod working.
  • Web site method: Head to Factorio’s on-line mod portal and discover the web page of the mod you need to use. Click on Obtain, and look ahead to the zip folder to complete downloading. Then, navigate to your mods folder in your PC (usually discovered under C:/Users/[Your Name]/AppData/Roaming/Factorio – if it isn’t right here then create a folder known as “mods”), and place the zip folder inside. Then run Factorio.

With every mod featured under, I’ve added a hyperlink to its web page on the mod portal so you possibly can immediately obtain the zip folder for the web site method.

Bob’s and Angel’s Modpacks

Bob’s and Angel’s Modpacks
Bob’s and Angel’s Modpacks

Sure, sure, we’re starting off with a little bit of a cheaty entry. As a result of not solely are Bob’s and Angel’s Modpacks two separate issues, they’re also Modpacks reasonably than mods. I’m together with them as one entry as a result of they’re each so well-known, they’re often used collectively, and since “10 best Factorio mods” sounds a lot neater than “The eight best Factorio mods and a pair of best Factorio modpacks”.

Bob’s and Angel’s Modpacks are every comprised of perhaps 20 game-changing mods, every of which introduce varied new options, mechanics, objects, and ideas to the base Factorio game. Many dozens of latest objects, ores, structures, and applied sciences should be found, crafted, and mastered with the intention to beat the sport with these modpacks enabled. They’re well-known for vastly rising the size and problem of Factorio, so for those who’ve completed your first Factorio game and also you’re seeking to up the ante, you could want to consider downloading one or each of those packs.


Kicking off the more light-weight high quality of life mods, Bottleneck is likely one of the hottest Factorio mods on the market, and has been since its inception. Because the title suggests, this mod exists that can assist you with bottlenecks in your manufacturing facility, and that is does by placing lights within the nook of varied structures comparable to mining drills and furnaces, to be able to see whether or not the construction is restricted by its enter (crimson mild), restricted by its output (yellow mild), or not restricted by any bottleneck (inexperienced mild).

It’s as useful as it’s easy, and I actually see no motive for this idea to not be included within the base game. I definitely by no means play a game of Factorio with out this mod.

Even Distribution

Even Distribution is one other mod that I can’t do with out. For all the good work Wube Software program have achieved with making Factorio as accessible and intuitive as Reachable, the best way the dragging-and-dropping of sources into containers splits the sources erratically is one thing I’ll by no means perceive.

Even Distribution makes it in order that dragging and dropping a useful resource over a number of containers splits the useful resource evenly between every container, reasonably than halving the quantity with every new container. Once more – why is that this not simply part of the base game?

Squeak Through

Squeak Through barely decreases the collision containers of most structures, so that you just, the player (and, by the way, Biters as well), can transfer more simply between adjoining structures. Taking the above screenshot for instance, the player wouldn’t be capable to squeeze between these photo voltaic panels in a standard game – but with Squeak Through, they will.

Sure issues, comparable to partitions, stay uninfluenceed (for apparent causes), but in any other case you’ll end up not having to consider leaving your self a “means in” to massive sections of your manufacturing facility with this useful mod.

Speed Control

Speed Control introduces a brand new overlay into the top-left of the display screen, which lets you pace up or decelerate the sport at will. You’ll be able to modify by hundredths, tenths, and even… oneths? at a time. I don’t discover myself utilizing it a lot to gradual time down, but it surely’s very useful for dashing up time throughout moments the place you’re simply ready for one thing to complete or arrive.


EvoGUI gives players one other top-left overlay, but this time it’s designed to offer players priceless insight into varied usually-invisible statistics about their game. For instance, the air pollution stage the place the player is currently standing, the present in-game time and the variety of in-game days because you first crashlanded, and – perhaps most importantly – the present Biter evolution stage.

If you already know sufficient about how Biters work, you should use this statistic to determine precisely how ready you could be at any given second, each for preventing off Biter assaults and for attacking nests. One other very useful and light-weight instrument that every one Factorio players will discover useful.

Alien Biomes

Alien Biomes is a bit of bit more of a game-changing mod than many of the others on this list, vastly increasing the variety of Reachable biomes in a Factorio world. It’s laborious to not be taken in by the injection of varied new colors into the ever-dull browns and greens of the base game.

There’s also an addon mod which provides all the brand new biomes a excessive decision makeover, to match the brand new excessive resolutions that Wube have been drip-feeding into Factorio. Take a better have a look at the brand new biomes by following the obtain hyperlinks under.

Long Reach

Long Reach is probably the cheatiest mod on this list, but I like it all the identical. This mod merely will increase the vary at which you’re allowed to work together with (or place) a construction. By default, you possibly can place or work together with something you possibly can see, which implies not solely are you able to place new structures from miles away for those who zoom out absolutely, but you possibly can abuse this new performance by heading into your map, zooming in on a patch of revealed terran (if in case you have a Radar there, as an illustration), and placing/interacting with no matter you want there, no matter how far-off the player could also be.


Factorissimo2 is an enchanting (and, once more, barely cheaty) enlargement on the base Factorio. This mod means that you can assemble and place warehouses which you’ll be able to then enter, transporting you right into a small pocket dimension the place you possibly can transfer around and construct structures as regular. It’s an excellent house saver and a really useful means of organising massive factories. There are also slots for inputs and outputs, permitting you to feed belts out and in of the warehouses seamlessly.


Lastly, a minor but life-saving mod which solves probably the most subtly infuriating points I’ve when driving around in my car in Factorio. VehicleSnap means that you can snap the path of your car to common angles, making it far simpler to journey immediately north, south, east, or west. moreordinarily useful while you’re attempting to put down Long strains of structures comparable to partitions whereas driving!

The mod also means that you can customise the variety of angles that your car can snap to, supplying you with full Control over the influence VehicleSnap asserts over your questionable driving abilities.


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