The 15 Most Iconic Character Archetypes in Fighting Games

The 15 Most Iconic Character Archetypes in Fighting Games Articles
The 15 Most Iconic Character Archetypes in Fighting Games
The 15 Most Iconic Character Archetypes in Fighting Games

The 15 Most Iconic Character Archetypes in Fighting Games

Fighting Games possess a number of the most iconic and recognizable rosters of characters Across the whole medium of video Games. Fighting Games enable gamers to precise and symbolize themselves and their playstyle through numerous rosters of characters that every come alongside their very own strengths and weaknesses.

Across the breadth of Fighting Games, quite a few archetypes of characters have fashioned that operate in a similar way Across numerous titles, serving to gamers simply identify characters whose play kinds could resonate with a given participant. So at the moment we’ll dive into the most iconic of those character archetypes in Fighting Games!

Aggressive Games are all the time evolving and Fighting Games are not any exception! From Games that supply kills in a single hit to Anime Fighters, this style has so much to supply. With so many characters in existence, there are sure to be more character archetypes than our original record may present. So we have collected more character archetypes that any fan of Fighting Games will acknowledge! These new additions to the record are only a fast scroll all the way down to see.

Mimic Character

Mimics are a rarer kind of character to seek out in Fighting Games as they principally exist for gamers to point out off their intensive character data. They’re the equal of choosing random on the Tremendous Smash Bros. choose display screen besides that button is a personality itself.

The most famous mimic character is Mokujin from the Tekken collection. Mokujin’s strikes change to match the very same strikes one other character has within the game. The character Mokujin is mimicking is chosen at random every fight making it so gamers will need to have critical abilities to win the match.

Grappler Character

Typically characterized by an absence of pace and vary, grapplers’ largest strengths are discovered inside their Big swimming pools of well being, excessive harm output, and most significantly, their command grabs.

Whereas in most Fighting Games, every participant is able to grabbing an opponent, grapplers usually possess quite a few grabs that can be utilized in several situations that may deal large sums of injury. Whereas grappler’s are a drive to be reckoned with up shut, their weaknesses usually lie inside their lack of mobility and weak choices when going through characters with spectacular vary and quite a few projectiles. A few of the most iconic and recognizable grapplers in Fighting Games are Avenue Fighter’s Zangief or Tekken’s King.

Zoning Character

Maybe one of the salt-inducing archetypes for newcomers and people unfamiliar with Fighting Games, zoners are characters whose core technique depends on the usage of projectiles to maintain opponents at bay. Whereas zoners will usually be frail, possessing little well being in addition to weaker regular assaults than other characters on a given roster, their capabilities at longer ranges are unparalleled. The important thing to defeating zoners is solely persistence, as accurately utilized jumps, blocks, and reads can usually overcome even the most oppressive of projectile barrages.

Our private favourite zoners in Fighting Games are Peacock from Skullgirls and Cyclops from Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.

Rushdown Character

Rushdown characters are characterized by their pace, combo potential, and stress they’re able to making use of to opponents. Searching for to strategy other gamers and get of their face as shortly as potential, what rushdown characters could are likely to lack in vary, they make up for in pace and harm output. When taking part in towards rushdown characters, the bottom line is usually to take the defensive and watch for openings inside and between flurries of combos.

Good examples of rushdown characters embody Dudley from the Avenue Fighter franchise and Yamcha in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Reversal Character

Reversal characters fight essentially by ready to counter opponent’s assaults or stunning opponents Across recoveries when they’re attacked. Reversals are a standard factor that characters can do in Fighting Games however these characters make that the priority of their Fighting fashion. A main instance of a reversal character is Geese Howard from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters Games.

Shoto Character

Named after Shotokan Karate utilized by iconic Avenue Fighter characters such Ryu and Ken, Shoto characters are outlined by their effectively rounded moveset that’s comparable and even equivalent to the aforementioned Avenue Fighter characters. Shotos will usually possess a projectile, a powerful anti-air choice comparable to a rising uppercut, and a transfer that gives some sort of forwards momentum. Shoto characters are likely to possess few obvious weaknesses, serving as jack-of-all-trades who reward the usage of sturdy fundamentals.

Except for the Avenue Fighter shotos we all know and love, other shotos embody Jago from Killer Intuition and Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown.

Charge Character

Closely protection oriented, Charge characters are named from the inputs of their particular strikes, being required to carry again or down for a specified period of time earlier than with the ability to assault. Which means in an effort to make the most of such strikes, the given character is required to dam. These Charge strikes are sometimes very highly effective, incentivizing protection oriented gameplay in an effort to entry them.

Some prime examples of Charge characters in Fighting Games embody the long-lasting Guile from Avenue Fighter, Vatista from Underneath Night time In-Delivery, and Parasoul from Skullgirls.

Puppet Character

One of many more advanced and tough to make use of Fighting game archetypes are puppet characters. Puppet character essentially enable a participant to regulate two characters concurrently, with one entity able to dealing harm and defending the frailer precise character. Within the arms of an skilled participant, stance characters could make an opponent really feel outnumbered and at a drawback. Nevertheless, the weaknesses that come alongside a puppet character as a result of their character’s utility successentirely being break up between two separate our bodies is usually seen as not being value it.

Some characters who most successentirely exemplify the archetype embody Carl, Relius, and Celica from the BlazBlue collection and Rosalina and Luma from Tremendous Smash Bros. Final.

“Anime” Sword Fighter

Everybody jokes that Smash Bros. has “too many anime sword fighters” however sword fighters themselves are a reliable archetype! Not all Fighting Games even have weapons however nonetheless may have an occasional sword fighter that may be chosen. The weapon doesn’t essentially must be a sword both, any disjointed hitbox that exists due to a weapon the character all the time makes use of would make the character qualify.

Examples of those characters would come with Marth, Ike, and Cloud from Tremendous Smash Bros.

Stance Character

Possessing a unprecedented quantity of depth, stance characters are characterized by their potential to alter Fighting kinds mid-match, throwing off opponents and adapting to totally other situations on the fly. As a result of huge quantity of strikes and functions these characters possess, mastering each side of those characters might be an extremely tough feat.

A few of our private favourite stance characters embody Aria from Killer Intuition, Tira from Soul Calibur, and Gen from Avenue Fighter.

Mix-Up Character

Cases during which a participant is confronted with the likelihood that their opponent goes to make one in all quite a few potential selections, Mix-Ups are a elementary a part of Fighting Games. Particular Games will even characteristic characters that possess complete movesets which might be entirely based across the utilization of mix-ups, forming the archetype of Mix-Up characters. Mix-Up characters will possess quite a few strikes which have the same and even equivalent startup animation that’s then adopted up by assaults that should be blocked or dodged in several methods.

Some examples of inherent mixup characters embody El Fruerte, Man, and Cammy in Avenue Fighter IV.

Composite Character

Composite characters, to not be mistaken with clone characters, are Fighting game characters whose moveset consists of strikes from other characters inside the given game. This usually lends them to be a number of the most versatile characters on a roster, possessing quite a few components other archetypes from this record. Within the case of characters like Seth from Avenue Fighter IV, this flexibility and numerous moveset comes on the expense of well being, main the character to own little or no well being.

Except for the beforehand talked about Seth, other composite characters embody Double from Skullgirls who instantly transforms into other characters as she assaults and Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat 11, who makes use of quite a few strikes of other characters within the Mortal Kombat collection.

Big Body Character

The Big Chungus of the Fighting game world, Big Body characters are unsurprisingly outlined by their Big our bodies! These characters often have Big hitboxes, sluggish stroll speeds, and pack large quantities of injury per hit. These characters are likely to lack choices to take care of zoning and initiatives effectively as a result of their huge bulk.

Some prime examples of huge Body characters embody Abigail from Avenue Fighter, Kuma from Tekken, and Bowser and Ganondorf from Tremendous Smash Bros.

Run Away Character

A run away character is actually the alternative of a rushdown character. These characters do not essentially zone out their opponents of even have projectiles both. Their predominant objective is to run away and to take advantage of weaknesses when the opponent makes a mistake. As soon as they land in a number of hits of their very own it is time to be on the run as soon as more. Some gamers additionally seek advice from this fashion of character as a turtle or turtling.

A major instance of a run away character is Hazama from BlazBlue.

Joke Character

Deliberately weak and missing energy, joke characters are sometimes strictly worse variations of one other character inside the game. Joke characters whereas often not used inside aggressive play, have been utilized in tournaments prior to now as a type of instantly taunting one other participant to throw them off their game.

Few characters are as synonymous with a personality archetype as Avenue Fighter’s Dan Hibiki and joke characters. A strictly weaker model of Ryu, Dan’s projectiles disappear instantly upon being thrown, and his strikes possess horrible vary and energy. To prime all of it off, Dan possesses the flexibility to make use of his complete super-meter simply to taunt.


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