The Outer Worlds Cheats


The Outer Worlds Cheats

The Outer Worlds Cheats

Whereas The Outer Worlds is designed to offer players a great deal of agency, cheats are a method for followers to have much more control over their experiences. Certainly, players which can be open to utilizing The Outer Worlds cheats can do things like give their characters infinite HP and limitless cash, and these modifications can actually be a variety of enjoyable to mess around with. For these players that want to expertise these cheats for themselves, a little bit of instruction could also be known as for.

Earlier than diving into The Outer Worlds cheats, it is very important make clear that they’re solely usable by these followers which can be taking part in on PC. That’s as a result of these cheats depend on getting into console commands, and sadly PS4, Switch, and Xbox One players can not entry the window the place such commands might be enter. As such, console players should beat The Outer Worlds with out the help of any cheats.

The Outer Worlds Cheats

Step one to utilizing cheats in The Outer Worlds is to unlock the developer console, and that may be performed in quite a lot of methods. Maybe the only of those methods is to obtain this The Outer Worlds console enabler and extract its contents to an easy-to-find location. When that has been performed, players ought to begin The Outer Worlds, navigate to its essential menu, after which run the .exe file that they’ve simply extracted. Now followers can return to the RPG and press ~ to open the developer console.

With the console open, players are able to enter commands into it with the intention to activate varied cheats. Here’s a listing of related console commands for The Outer Worlds followers to select from:

The Outer Worlds Cheat Console Commands

  • AddCurrency [ENTER VALUE] 1: Add Currency
  • PerkPointsAdd [ENTER VALUE]: Add Perk Points
  • AddPerkPointsToCompanions [ENTER VALUE]: Add Perk Points to The Outer Worlds Companion
  • SetLevel [ENTER VALUE]: Change Level
  • SetArmorLevel [ENTER VALUE] 1: Change Armor Level
  • SetWeaponLevel [ENTER VALUE] 1: Change Weapon Level
  • RpgStatAddModifierDebug [ENTER STAT] [ENTER VALUE]: Add Stat Modifiers
  • RpgStatRemoveModifierDebug [ENTER STAT]: Remove Stat Modifiers
  • QuestStart [ENTER QUEST NAME]: Start Quest
  • QuestComplete [ENTER QUEST NAME]: Complete Quest
  • DebugUnlockCompanion [ENTER COMPANION ID]: Unlock Companion
  • god: Infinite HP

To notice, there are a number of different console commands that can be utilized in The Outer Worlds, however they’re functionally totally different than the cheats listed above. As examples, players can change the sphere of view within the recreation with “fov [ENTER AMOUNT],” they will unlock a flycam with “toggledebugcamera,” they usually can toggle the HUD with “ShowHUD.” Whereas these console commands will not be fairly as thrilling because the cheats, some players will nonetheless be glad to place them to make use of on this acclaimed title from Obsidian Leisure.

The Outer Worlds is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.


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