The Outer Worlds Perks & Flaws guide – best Perks in each tier, all flaws explained


The Outer Worlds Perks & Flaws guide – best Perks in each tier, all flaws explained

From the very start of the game, The Outer Worlds offers you quite a lot of systems to mess aaround with to customize and develop your character. Prime amongst them is the Perks system, which provides you the possibility on each second level-up to present your character a brand new Perk to assist in giving them (and also you) a barely simpler or more enjoyable journey by way of the game.

With 42 Perks to select from, there’s quite a bit to absorb Here; so we’ve put collectively this The Outer Worlds Perks and Flaws guide, which can clarify not solely how Perks work and a few nice ones to start out off with, but also the game’s distinctive Flaws system and why it’s possible you’ll need to reap the benefits of it.

The Outer Worlds Perks explained

The Outer Worlds Perks explained

When you’ve read our The Outer Worlds Skills guide, you’ll know already that you just start a brand new recreation by selecting your character’s preliminary attributes and skills – and also you also achieve the possibility to enhance them each time you level up. But, what it’s possible you’ll not realise is that Perks are each bit as vital in fleshing out and growing your character’s talents. Here’s the need-to-know data on Perks in The Outer Worlds:

  • There are 42 Perks obtainable to your character all through the game, break up throughout 3 tiers. Selecting five Perks from Tier 1 will unlock Tier 2, and selecting ten Perks complete between Tiers 1 and a pair of will unlock Tier 3.
  • You possibly can view your Perks at any time by going into the Character menu and selecting the Perks tab.
  • You achieve a brand new Perk level each different level, and also you’ll obtain a notification when you could have a brand new Perk to assign. You may as well settle for Flaws in an effort to achieve new Perk factors, But we’ll go over this in additional element under.
  • Perks present very powerful single bonuses or effects to your character, even inside Tier 1. read by way of each Perk’s impact fastidiously earlier than you select which Perk to unlock, as you can’t take again your choice after confirming it.

Now, let’s go over the perfect Perks on provide in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds best Perks in each tier

The Outer Worlds Perks are all moreordinarily powerful, offering substantial bonuses and effects to your character. Most of those Perks are designed that will help you in fight, though sure of them are useful exterior of fight as properly. Keep in mind that the route you need to take your character ought to, after all, affect your selection of Perks – besides, there are just a few Perks inside each tier which can be going to be Superly useful it doesn’t matter what:

Finest Tier 1 Perks

  • Deadly Demonstrations (+five0% XP from Companion Kills): That is how I’ve began off each of my playthroughs in The Outer Worlds. more XP? That’s a no brainer. It’s at all times a fantastic thought to maximise your XP achieve potential as early as doable.
  • Cheetah (+20% Dash Pace): Seeing as I at all times dash in all places, Cheetah appeared like an especially useful time-saver for me. That is at all times my second pick.

Toughness (+five0% Base Well being): Usefulness is dependent upon your problem level, But actually on the more durable ranges in opposition to more durable opponents, that five0% HP improve is huge.

  • Pack Mule (+five0kg Carrying Capacity): I beeline in the direction of something that offers me elevated carrying Capacity. When you’re something like me you’ll be spending a lot of the game exploring each nook and cranny and hoovering up each final little bit of loot. You’re gonna want that further backpack house.
  • Lone Wolf (+2five% DMG when alone in celebration): Clearly that is just for gamers who like to go away their companions on the ship and enterprise off into hazard alone. But for individuals who do, a flat 2five% damage bonus is big, and can assist you to make quick work of most enemies.

Finest Tier 2 Perks

  • Pack of Pack Mules (+40kg Carrying Capacity Bonus from Companions): Once more, Carrying Capacity is utterly essential until you’re moreordinarily good at stock administration and prefer to journey backwards and forwards to promote each part earlier than you change into encumbered.
  • Soliloquy (+10 Dialog skills when not using companions): Dialog skills are Persuade, Lie, and Intimidate, and never solely do they offer you bonus effects in fight, But they each also offer you quite a few further dialogue choices for nearly each dialog you may have in The Outer Worlds. It’s nice for “Lone Wolf playthroughs” and provides you a implausible enhance on this regard, although it’s not suitable with perks that depend on having companions with you. (Due to the person “Dave Mongoose” for pointing this out).
  • The Collector (+fivem Interactable Spotlight Vary): That is once more for individuals who, like me, spend time interacting with each last item in an space. This Perk is just very useful for ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.
  • Harvester (+1five% Well being Restored per Kill): This siphon/lifesteal impact on each enemy killed makes for a implausible Perk for upping your survivability. A lot of the encounters you’ll come throughout in The Outer Worlds characteristic a number of enemies as a substitute of only one or two, which implies you’ll be continually making use of this Perk.

Finest Tier 3 Perks

  • Super Pack Mule (+100kg Carrying Capacity): I imply, do I really want to clarify this once more?
  • Tit for Tat (+1five% Melee damage returned as Well being): When you’re a melee-oriented character you then’re reliant on Armor, well-timed Blocks, and high tanking energy to remain alive. This Perk offers you that further little bit of survivability for situations which may in any other case have turned bitter.
  • Growth, Headshot! (Headshot kills explode, dealing 2five% of their damage to enemies inside 2.fivem): This Perk is a pure extension of the Tier 2 Perk Scanner, and works wonders for any character who (like my first character) specialised in Lengthy Guns and insane Weak Level damage.
  • Penetrating Shots (Ranged Assaults inflict -1 Armor Ranking for 10s, and may stack as much as -10): Armor is an especially vital issue to remember throughout fights. A really closely armoured enemy can show near-insurmountable until you’re well-equipped for such an encounter. This Perk makes you well-equipped certainly – so long as you’re using a fast-firing weapon.

The Outer Worlds Flaws system

The Outer Worlds Flaws system
The Outer Worlds Flaws system

But we’re forgetting about one essential and interconnected system in The Outer Worlds: the Flaws system. Once in a while all through the game, sure times might immediate a display just like the above to seem, asking you if you wish to settle for a personality flaw in an effort to be rewarded with an additional Perk level to spend instantly.

What are these Flaws, then, and are they price it? That is dependent upon a number of things, out of your character focus to the problem level you’re taking part in at, and more. Flaws typically occur throughout or after explicit encounters, and could be all the way down to particular damage varieties or enemy varieties, typically lowering your effectiveness in opposition to these things. But that’s not the one kind that Flaws can take. I had a behavior of breaking into Restricted Areas at any time when I noticed them, even when they belonged to a friendly faction. After one too many unlucky encounters, I used to be provided the Paranoid Flaw, which give me a -1 modifier to all my Persona attributes and associated skills – But after all I instantly obtained a Perk level to spend, making all of it very worthwhile.

I’ve discovered the Perks are sometimes just so powerful that it’s typically price taking a fantastic most of the Flaws you come throughout throughout your travels. Whereas some Flaws are far too potent to ever justify taking (utterly Crippled springs to thoughts…), others are very just ignored relying in your character focus and playstyle. And truthfully – flawed characters are at all times more entertaining anyway, don’t you suppose?

The Outer Worlds Flaws list

The Outer Worlds Flaws list
The Outer Worlds Flaws list

Earlier than we go, Here’s the complete list of The Outer Worlds Flaws, how one can set off them, what the penalties are, and if the reward is definitely worth the risk:


  • read how to get it: Take fall damage too many times.
  • Penalties: -1 Perception, Dexterity, and Temperament
  • Do you have to take it?: Except you’re targeted on fight, this isn’t price taking as each one in each of these is just too big a penalty.

Corrosive Weakness

read how to get it: Take corrosive damage too many times.
Penalties: +2five corrosive damage taken.
Do you have to take it?: Although there are many enemies that deal corrosive damage and a good variety of areas with acid pits, the elevated damage could be mitigated and isn’t essential.


read how to get it: Too many encounters with Canids.
Penalties: -1 Temperament, -2 Perception if you find yourself close to Canids.
Do you have to take it?: These creatures are comparatively common, But they’re often fairly weak. It is best to be capable to deal with Canids just late-game, that is price taking the hit.

Drug Addiction

  • read how to get it: Take too many drugs.
  • Penalties: -1 Perception, Dexterity, and Temperament when struggling withdrawal effects of the drug.
  • Do you have to take it?: This may sound very unhealthy at first, But it’s also just managed. It’s a free perk level for those who can deal with it. (Due to the person “monktwo” for the correction)


read how to get it: Repeated use of scoped Guns.
Penalties: -10 Melee Weapon Skills
Do you have to take it?: When you don’t normally use melee Guns, then that is one flaw that’s very secure to take.

Meals Addiction Withdrawal

  • read how to get it: Eat an high amount of and too typically.
  • Penalties: -1 Perception, Dexterity, and Temperament
  • Do you have to take it?: This one is similar to the Drug Addiction flaw, although I’d argue that it’s just a little tougher to manage than Drug Addiction. Train caution Here.


  • read how to get it: Too many encounters with Mantisaurs and/or Mantipillars.
  • Penalties: -1 Perception, Dexterity, and Temperament when close to Mantisaurs or Mantipillars.
  • Do you have to take it?: Mantisaurs are quite a bit more durable than loads of creatures in The Outer Worlds and the debuffs are just a little excessive. Take at your personal risk.


  • read how to get it: Get caught too typically wandering around Restricted Areas.
  • Penalties: -1 all Persona Attributes when around restricted areas.
  • Do you have to take it?: They’re not that common, so for those who don’t thoughts not having the precise phrases for any given scenario and also you’d reasonably communicate with gunfire/a membership to the face, then this may very well be price contemplating.

Permanent Concussion

  • read how to get it: Obtain an high amount of damage to your head.
  • Penalties: -1 to all thoughts attributes
  • Do you have to take it?: I’d err on the aspect of caution when taking this one. It impacts six totally different attributes that can badly have an effect on how your character offers with non-combat situations.

utterly Crippled

  • read how to get it: Obtain an high amount of damage to your legs. Leaping off things counts.
  • Penalties: -30% motion velocity, disables dodging.
  • Do you have to take it?: utterly not! This disables one of the vital useful strategies for fight and dramatically reduces your motion velocity. Even for those who take the motion velocity perks, you do not need this.

Physical damage Weakness

read how to get it: An high amount of Physical damage taken.
Penalties: +2five Physical damage obtained.
Do you have to take it?: It is best to be capable to mitigate this with cautious administration of armor rankings, see our The Outer Worlds Armor guide for more particulars. That is comparatively secure to take for those who’re assured.


  • read how to get it: Too many encounters with Primals.
  • Penalties: -1 Perception, Dexterity, and Temperament when close to Primals.
  • Do you have to take it?: These enemies can pack a punch, burying themselves undergaround. Take this one at your personal risk.

Plasma Weakness

  • read how to get it: Hit too many times with plasma damage.
  • Penalties: +2five plasma damage obtained.
  • Do you have to take it?: Like corrosive damage, this may be mitigated and could be price taking. It’s more common in the direction of the tip of the game.


  • read how to get it: Too many encounters with Raptidons.
  • Penalties: -1 Perception, Dexterity, and Temperament when close to Raptidons.
  • Do you have to take it?: A little bit more savage than Canids and able to spitting acid. It may very well be definitely worth the risk, But guarantee your corrosion resistances are as much as snuff and don’t take alongside Corrosion Weakness.


read how to get it: Too many encounters with Auto-mechanicals.
Penalties: -1 Perception, Dexterity, and Temperament when close to Auto-mechanicals.
Do you have to take it?: Robots are in all places and could be essentially the most annoying enemies to combat. When you do take this, maintain SAM on the ship as he counts in the direction of this flaw’s debuff. Enjoyable if you’d like a problem although!

Hopefully, now you’ve obtained a fuller understanding of the facility of Perks in The Outer Worlds, and the way accepting a personality Flaw may not be the worst thought on the earth. These Perks are an especially powerful software for additional honing your character’s skillset and focus, and supplying you with a neater time in opposition to the more durable enemies of The Outer Worlds.


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