The Outer Worlds supernova – tips to survive the hardest difficulty

The Outer Worlds supernova - tips to survive the hardest difficulty

The Outer Worlds supernova – tips to survive the hardest difficulty

The Outer Worlds supernova – tips to survive the hardest difficulty

Did you discover the primary marketing campaign in The Outer Worlds just a bit too straightforward? Effectively the Supernova difficulty is the place the actual problem is and in case you’re not ready for the worst, you possibly can simply die again and again, and even worse – lose your companions. In fact, you don’t need that to occur, so we’ve performed somewhat little bit of the sport and scoured the web to get tips that can assist you survive supernova difficulty in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds supernova survival guide

We now have plenty of survival tips for The Outer Worlds supernova difficulty. These vary from the best way to construct your character in case you’re attempting the mode out for the primary time, in addition to essential methods to maintain your companions alive.

What’s Supernova difficulty?

Very like The other open-world exploration sport with time-slowdown results, The Outer Worlds has a survival difficulty generally known as “Supernova”. That is for many who desire a brutal problem, having extra penalties for difficultys that go flawed, and tougher enemies to combat. In abstract, Supernova difficulty adjustments the next:

  • Enemies have extra well being and deal extra injury.
  • You should eat, drink, and sleep to outlive. That is represented by three bars beneath your different stats which
  • we’ve circled within the picture beneath this checklist.
  • Companions can die completely.
  • Crippled physique and limb circumstances can only be healed by sleeping in beds.
  • You can only sleep inside your ship.
  • You can only quick journey to your ship.
  • You can only manually save inside your ship.
  • Autosaves are extra restricted than in different difficulty modes.
  • Weapons and armor work very poorly at zero durability.

The other huge caveat is that not like different difficulty settings, you possibly can’t change again to Supernova in case you scale back to a neater difficulty. Which means that you’re caught in Supernova during the sport.

The Outer Worlds Supernova survival tips

Now you realize what Supernova difficulty is, these are some tips to get you began and make sure you and your folks don’t get shot by marauders, eaten by a Mantisaur, or worse – be become Cystypig feed.

  • Full quests and keep away from fight when within the early sport. Some places have overwhelming numbers of enemies, so it’s finest to depart them alone reasonably than go in weapons blazing.
  • Play a ranged character in case you’re beginning Supernova for the primary time. It’s simply much more troublesome to outlive fight whereas using melee weapons.
  • Spend money on Intelligence, Notion, and Temperament when building your ranged character. These maximise your injury output with weapons.
  • Have everybody equip the heaviest armor if you discover it. Further Armor Score could make all of the distinction in fight conditions.
  • Tinker with everybody’s armor on the ship. That further little little bit of Armor Score may guarantee a companion lives to combat one other day.
  • Scrap surplus weapons and armor if you discover them. Having further Weapon elements and Armor elements will will let you restore on the fly.
  • Do the quest-line “The Illustrated Handbook” as quickly as you bodily can. Then instantly head to the ship and put him in your crew as you’ll have further firepower, holding companions somewhat safer.
  • Enhance your Management talent early on. Each Max and Parvati can use companion expertise that hit like a truck and have crowd management results.
  • Set companion behaviour to defensive. This makes it in order that they don’t rush in like good ol’ Leeroy Jenkins, getting everybody killed.
  • Take the perk “Don’t Go Dyin’ On Me!” as quickly as you possibly can. This works even on Supernova, together with the companion skill Second Wind.
  • For injury output, you’ll additionally wish to take “We Band of Brothers” and “Rolling Thunder” perks. This reduces cooldown time in your companion’s talents, guaranteeing larger enemies get locked into a number of companion skill combos.

The next Companion perks ought to be obtained for every character:

Tier 1: Wholesome
Tier 2: Battle Hardened/Sneaky
Tier 3: Stonebreaker
Tier 4: Shake It Off
Tier 5: Stand Your Floor/Second Wind

  • Fill up on Water gadgets from vending machines. Dehydrated Water, Plain ‘n Pure Water, or Glacier Water are the perfect drinks.
  • For those who’re on a planet with a number of touchdown pads, move your ship. This makes backtracking take lots much less time.
  • Don’t head into Tartarus till you might be Degree 30 and your gear is at degree 35. It’s probably the most troublesome space within the sport, so that you’ll wish to be at full energy earlier than heading in.
  • Don’t be afraid to steal gadgets. Supplied you’re not caught, you possibly can pinch every part in The Outer Worlds, and having extra gadgets to scrap or devour is all the time a constructive final result.


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