The Witcher 3 builds (2020): the 4 best builds and mutations explained

The Witcher 3 builds (2020): the 4 best builds and mutations explained

Our selection of The Witcher 3 builds has been rigorously crafted and curated to point out you precisely how one can flip Geralt into the most highly effective monster hunter who ever lived. Whether or not you like to make use of magic, alchemy, pure Combat, or (like a real Witcher) a mixture of all 3, we’ve acquired a top-tier build to cater to your wants.

The Witcher 3 builds information

Under you may peruse 4 top-tier The Witcher 3 builds, every of which take Geralt in a markedly totally different route. After that we’ll give you just a few ideas and tidbits of knowledge on the subject of placing collectively your own builds.

  • Euphoria build (arguably the most highly effective; emphasises alchemy and swordplay)
  • Full Combat build (emphasises pure bodily harm; a glass cannon build)
  • Versatile Tank build – (a mix of leanings with an emphasis on survivability)
  • Signs & Magic build – (focuses on excessive signal depth & prolific magic use)
  • Tips for creating your own The Witcher 3 builds

Note: every of those builds makes use of the mutation mechanic added within the Blood & Wine DLC, however you may simply adapt them to fit your wants if you happen to lack the required growth.

The Witcher 3 builds: Euphoria build

The Witcher 3 builds: Euphoria build

The Witcher 3 builds: Euphoria build

Kicking our builds information off with a bang, there’s actually nothing higher than the Euphoria build, so named for the central (and ridiculously overpowered) mutation Euphoria, which dramatically will increase your sword harm and signal depth as your Toxicity will increase.

This build splits itself between swordplay and alchemy. The highest half of the tree focuses on dramatically rising the harm of each Quick and Robust assaults, and supplies an ideal buff to total assault energy with mutagen synergies. However the backside half of the tree is what makes this build so potent, with quite a few alchemy abilities permitting you to chug a number of decoctions and potions all through a struggle, preserving your toxicity as excessive as doable so your harm per hit turns into simply disgustingly highly effective in a brief house of time.

The Witcher 3 builds: Full Combat build

Right here’s a enjoyable little build. The caveat is that it requires an actual skilled to completely utilise, as a result of it’s what you’d name a “glass cannon” build – great harm potential, however simply killed. So you should be excellent at avoiding harm. That is positively a build that requires liberal use of Quen to succeed.

By the way, if that’s one thing you wrestle with, you’ll discover all kinds of helpful ideas and knowledge over at our The Witcher 3 Combat information!

This build takes abilities virtually completely from the Combat tree, nevertheless it additionally delves simply far sufficient into alchemy to unlock the incredible Synergy talent, which dramatically will increase the assault energy that this build supplies (from 140% to 210%!). And topping all of it off is the magnificently highly effective Massacre mutation, which – just like the build itself – rewards evading harm with mountains of assault energy.

The Witcher 3 builds: Versatile Tank build

The Witcher 3 builds: Versatile Tank build

The Witcher 3 builds: Versatile Tank build

One in every of my favorite builds to make use of, and possibly the build I’d advocate for a primary playthrough, the Versatile Tank build is best mates with the formidable Ursine Witcher Gear (for more information try our The Witcher 3 armor & gear information!), and collectively they may make Geralt virtually invulnerable.

A good mixture of all 3 main talent timber (Combat, alchemy, and Signs) offers you the flexibleness that many different builds lack. Potions and decoctions will dramatically improve your survivability, and a light-weight emphasis on Quen will assist to maintain your Vitality excessive. However there’s additionally a wholesome dose of Combat abilities and assault energy boosting on this build, so that you’ll be capable of hit simply as onerous as any enemy you come throughout.

And naturally, there’s the Second Life mutation on the centre of this build, which is what actually pushes you into the realms of near-invulnerability.

The Witcher 3 builds: Signs & Magic build

This build is a results of my makes an attempt to make a viable end-game sign-oriented build, and it ended up extraordinarily much like a build already explained in nice depth on Reddit by a consumer named “Sujiren”.

Their build pushes Signal Depth to absolutely the max, whereas I’ve sacrificed the very tip of this magical spear for a bit extra survivability, which I believe is the principle draw back to this build. You’ll see I’ve deviated from Sujiren’s build by including the Refreshment talent and a inexperienced mutagen to the bottom-right. In my expertise this provides you just a bit extra tankiness, whereas nonetheless providing you with the potential to make your Signs hit like an absolute truck.

Tips for creating your own The Witcher 3 builds

Tips for creating your own The Witcher 3 builds

Tips for creating your own The Witcher 3 builds

Alright, that’s all 4 top-tier Witcher 3 builds out of the best way. I’m going to simply finish with just a few temporary ideas for individuals who are focused on planning out and creating their very own builds in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

Keep in mind you may reset your abilities at any time! All you should do to respec your whole character is purchase a Potion of Clearance. There are a choose few distributors that promote these uncommon potions, however your best guess is to speak to Keira Metz after ending the Magic Lamp quest, or head to Hierarch Sq. in Novigrad and discuss to the service provider within the plaza there.

Use the precise abilities to your stage within the sport. Due to the provision of Potions of Clearance, you shouldn’t really feel constrained to any of those late-game builds. Your prime precedence ought to all the time be selecting the talents that you simply want at your present stage of the sport. Many new gamers , for instance, would enormously profit from choosing up abilities like Survival Intuition or Connoisseur.

Swap out abilities as wanted. I practically all the time have the Robust Again and Delusion abilities on standby in case I would like them. Don’t maintain them in your build the entire time, as a result of it’s a waste of a slot. But when you end up overencumbered, tag in Robust Again. Or if you happen to’re about to do quite a lot of speaking/manipulating, tag in Delusion. Adapt to your present circumstances.

Make use of the console. When you allow the console, you’ll be capable of hop into a brand new sport and use cheats to freely take a look at out whole builds in-game on the fly. For full particulars on find out how to use cheats, try our The Witcher 3 console instructions & cheats information. The precise instructions you need to use for testing out builds are as follows:


  • setlevel(100)
  • addskillpoints(30)
  • enablemutations(1)
  • additem(‘Greater mutagen red’, 30)
  • additem(‘Greater mutagen inexperienced’, 30)
  • additem(‘Greater mutagen blue’, 30)

And that’s just about all the things you want with a view to begin creating some really killer Witcher 3 builds! But when your thirst for Witcher-related information isn’t but sated, you’ll want to try our numerous different guides on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt beneath!


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