The Witcher 3: Every Alternative Look, Ranked

The Witcher 3 has free DLC in the form of alternative looks for Triss, Geralt, Yennefer & Ciri. But which are worst & best? We rank all 7 of them.


The Witcher 3: Every Alternative Look, Ranked

The Witcher 3: Every Alternative Look, Ranked

The Netflix Witcher sequence is sort of the shock success huh? We personally beloved it, and in addition Form of adore how a lot the staff emphasised variety within the solid. Everybody not simply the identical construct white woman/man within the present. Granted, The Witcher game has different races and some human physique sorts, however the total variety continues to be fairly low. And, whereas we’re speaking about how different some characters look within the present, why do not we take a break from speaking about hypothetical builds to gab concerning the Alternative DLC seems to be for the solid within the game? Primarily for Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, and Triss Merigold.

Now we did add in Geralt’s DLC armor units, principally as a result of if we simply talked concerning the three heroine Alternative seems to be, this text can be a tad quick. So with out additional ado, listed below are all 7 beauty units, ranked from worst to finest.

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Triss Merigold’s Alternative Look: All Form No Function

And sadly, we’re beginning off with the DLC search for Triss, a personality many individuals did not recognize within the Netflix adaptation. Now by default, Triss has a reasonably rad outfit. It is sensible, slimming, and a bit fanservice-ish (however most feminine armor in Witcher is). The one grievance we would have is the odd muddy brown coloration. However her DLC outfit is anything however sensible.

It is elegant certain, however it is a Sorceress who is consistently in fight and on the transfer, so a costume that drags behind her simply does not make sense. Plus, Every outfits determined to disregard the lore of Triss’s scarred chest from the Battle of Sodden in favor of present More of her “belongings” for the gaming group. Default outfit is the way in which to go or, we suggest any variety of mods that make her DLC garb a bit More utilitarian.

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Geralt’s Nilfaardian Armor: Like A Budget-Brand Moon Armor

That is the primary of 4 free DLC armor units for Geralt that had been dropped fairly rapidly after the preliminary launch in 2015. All of them are regional armor units for the Witcher that may drop at different ranges relying on the gear. Truthfully, all of them look fairly good, a lot better than any of the early gear that is for certain.

However, out of the 4, Nilfgaard is the worst, or ought to we are saying probably the most boring. It’s extremely a lot a Yennefer look, however the New Moon armor covers that greater than this set does, with manner higher secondary results. Perhaps if it had the little shields, round bobbles, or wings that Nilfgaardian gear tends to have, we would latch onto it a bit tougher.

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Cirilla’s Alternative Look: More Function With Additional Form

Whereas we’re not large followers of Triss’s DLC Armor, the opposite two are fairly nice. Ciri’s default “armor” is straightforward however fairly iconic, so CD Projekt Purple had their palms full determining what to do for an Alternative Look. And what they give you is definitely fairly nice! This armor is from a desert area referred to as Zerrikania, so the naked abdomen does make a bit More sense.

And, oddly sufficient, it is More sensible because it has some chain-mail protecting versus a unfastened white shirt. This fashion, the Elder Blood prodigy has a little bit of precise protection whereas she hops round realms and dimensions.

Geralt’s Temerian Set: The Blue Stripes Rise Again

We have got a tender spot for Temeria, just because that is the place our boy Roche is from. Positive Foltest was Form of a jerk, however take a look at him compared to Emyhr or Radovid. In any case, the Temerian set is a little more combat-ready compared to the Nilfgaardian one, whereas still maintaining a easy look.

The pattern picture exhibits that it has a little bit of deep inexperienced to it, however in-game it simply seems to be fairly black. This actually had it combined up with the Nilfgaardian set for a bit, however even then it still seems to be higher by comparability. Plus, we love that the chest and horse armor Every have blue stripes, one thing Vernon Roche can be all too happy to put on.

Yennefer Of Vengerberg’s Alternative Look: So On Brand For Her

In our opinion, Yennefer has the best “Alternative Look” out of the three feminine leads. Why? As a result of it does all the pieces the Triss outfit does not. It retains the identical form of theme that Yennefer is thought for (raven feathers, pure black design, tastefully revealing) however does it in a recent new manner.

It does not have an extremely deep neckline to appease horn canine followers, it is still completely sensible for battle and motion, and it provides only a tinge of coloration with the feathers. The one grievance we’ve is that it may use a number of white highlights someplace to essentially nail her black & white coloration theme.

Geralt’s Wolf School Gear: Now THAT’S A Witcher

Clearly Geralt’s signature gear can be close to the highest of this record. The Wolf School Witcher wants Wolf School Armor after all. Truthfully? It seems to be a bit biker-esque with the metallic studs and tight-fit shoulder line. However, with Geralt’s seems to be, he by some means pulls it off. And, as gamers craft the upper tier variations of the set, Geralt’s vest closes up tightly and his physique will get a bit More metallic protection.

By the Mastercrafted Brand, the Witcher seems to be like he is truly gameing an armor set quite than a leather-based one. Can we prefer it greater than all the different Witcher School Gear? No. Does it find yourself someplace close to the highest of them? Yeah almost definitely. Ursine will all the time have our coronary heart although.

Geralt’s Skellige Armor: game Of Thrones Meets Witcher

And eventually, we’ll finish with our game of Thrones-esque armor, though it does not want it. Let’s be sincere, who is not a sucker for a fur neckline? Severely at any time when a personality has an outfit with fur across the collar, we will not assist however latch onto them. It occurred with Jon Snow, it occurred with Trevor Belmont, and you recognize it occurred with Geralt of Rivia. The Skellige Armor set simply seems to be so good! The Inexperienced and Gold works nice collectively, it seems to be like some actual heavy armor, and the thick belt and comically massive chest button make for nice accent items.

Truthfully, we’re utilizing a beauty mod for our present playthrough of the game that lets us transmog any armor set, and you recognize we’re rocking this Skellige Armor all the time till we craft some Grasp-class gear.


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