The Witcher 3: 10 Things That Are Way Harder On Death March

Being a Witcher ain't easy, but The Witcher 3's Death March difficulty takes things to an entirely new, terrifying level.

The Witcher 3: 10 Things That Are Way Harder On Death March
The Witcher 3: 10 Things That Are Way Harder On Death March

Being a Witcher ain’t easy. Your job is all about killing monsters that would finish your life with one single misstep! but, so far as the games go, the get more streamlined and approachable with every sequel. The Witcher 3 specifically simplified its difficulty a bit to enchantment to a broader audience, well, largely. The “Blood and Damaged Bones” and “Death March” difficulties are the place Things ramp up. It is Those two difficulties the place you may discover Geralt at his gruntiest. We’re here to speak to you in regards to the largest variations you may discover in your run on Death March.

Maintaining Both High Health And High Supplies

On Both Damaged Bones and Death March, Meditation now not heals you! That signifies that you may must depend on White Raffard’s Decoction or Swallow potions. Or, chug a bunch of water and down some bread after Both battle! It makes “meals” in Witcher 3 much more essential. but, also, this can make players must “refresh” their potions more by meditating, and Geralt makes use of Alcohol as a base to restock his concoctions. So, Death March often ends up inflicting players to burn via all their meals and alcohol Before they know it.

The Underwater Drowners

The underwater “Combat” in Witcher 3 is likely one of the rare instances the place we predict it might’ve used more polish. Frankly, it Just boils all the way down to “spam crossbow till the enemy dies” and enemies often die in a single hit. It feels janky and unfinished, we might’ve beloved one thing a bit more complicated. 99% of the time, you may be capturing at Drowners, that are annoying but not often deadly. On Death March that is now not the case, Those slimy monstrosities are lethal! Plus, with the injury scaling and buffed enemy Health they’re tedious to spam bolts into, so both Just swim round them or tank the injury when you look a chest.

Those First Ten Levels

We’ll begin Things off proper firstly of the game with the world of White Orchard. This run-down backwater area is the place Geralt will discover his first clues about Yennefer and Experience his first chunk of the game. And by chunk, we imply 20+ hours of potential content material. but, for many, they will get their first 5-10 Levels here then transfer on. On Death March, however, leveling is Harder, enemies hit with greater than twice the force, and battles take longer. Plus, you haven’t any formulae or blueprints for armor/potions. Geralt is under-equipped, and it is tough on Death March.

Avoiding Flank Assaults Or One-Hit Kills

Teams of enemies might be brutal in The Witcher games. They do not observe the film technique of at all times attacking one by one, so Geralt can get overwhelmed with assaults even on the decrease difficulty Levels. Particularly Drowners, Wolves, Nekkers, and higher-level bandits are likely to swarm you. And, even when you have your guard up, they’ll hit you from behind for free.

In Death March, that is often a loss of life sentence. So we recommend Batte Frenzy since you’ll react to an incoming flank assault as time slows down. Just keep watch over if Quen is energetic and you have to be okay, but possibly check out the Defensive abilities too.

The Roaming Packs Of Wolves

In a normal run of W3: The Wild Hunt, players will often Just get irritated by the pack of low-level canine and wolves that they run into from time to time. Those bloodthirsty creatures must be scary, but they form of Just barrage Geralt with a flurry of assaults that do little injury, and you need to chase them down. Irritating proper? Nicely, think about that, but now they’ll kill the White Wolf means simpler. On Death March, particularly within the early game, Those packs of canines are terrifying and we actually Just recommend players keep away from them till at least degree 5 or so.

The Hardiness Of Enemies Like Golems Or Gargoyles

In Death March, a variety of variables have been changed such as the quantity of Health, stamina, and energy every enemy has. If we keep in mind proper, it is a couple of 60% improve in base Health for all enemies. And actually, it is one of many Things we often dislike with difficulty curves typically. A variety of builders Just make Both enemy a Health sponge and it’s kind of lazy.

And, Witcher 3’s Death March absolutely suffers from this identical affliction. Nowhere within the game is it more tedious than whenever you’re towards the various Golems or few Gargoyles you discover all through the game. Those enemies are made out of rock/stone and take eternally to kill even on regular. It is an actual battle to see how a lot endurance you’ve gotten.

Not Researching Both Monster Before The Combat

Like we mentioned earlier, Alchemy is already an integral side of the Witcher series. but, if players discovered it too annoying or cumbersome, they might ignore it nearly totally. but on Death March mode, we actually do not advise that. This mode is the place players will discover themselves utilizing Decoctions, Blade Oils, and the Beastiary greater than they ever have Before. Stated Beastiary is a part of the explanation why individuals adore the deep lore of the Witcher series a lot anyway. Cease swinging your sword wildly till the monster dies, learn up on it, use every thing it is weak towards, and come out on high! Frankly, should you do not, you may be reloading saves very often.

Durability And Repair Costs

The concept of repairing damaged gear in games is one thing that’s typically argued about within the gaming group. And, Witcher 3 has Durability on its gear, and it is fairly harsh firstly of the game. The fee to Repair is High and Geralt can not seem to earn sufficient cash. And, this drawback is doubled in Death March as a result of it takes twice to 3 occasions as many swings to kill the identical enemy.

So, by that logic, gear breaks a lot faster, that means you may be in debt with damaged gear early should you do not fluctuate up your assaults with bombs, indicators, and crossbow bolts. Keep away from hitting something that looks as if it could break your stuff sooner.

Just The Act Of Gaining Experience

And eventually, we’ll finish this listing on one of many facets of Death March that must be terrible, but truly ends up useful. In Witcher 3, many players who appreciated exploring the world and doing facet quests discovered themselves means over-leveled for the primary story. And, it made going again to old sidequests unrewarded as they had been means under degree and did not present many benefits. Mainly, Quests Just gave an High amount of EXP, at least for individuals who marathoned the game. In Death March, however, players get 20% much less EXP general, and this truly makes it so you are able to do many of the content material in an space and it will nonetheless be round your degree.

Trying To Play A Pure Combat Build

On any of the other difficulty choices for W3: TWH, players can experiment all they need in the case of their “Build”. Are there a couple of key Things they need to know Before dropping factors willie-nilie? Positive! but, it is not a huge detriment if a couple of factors get misallocated. On Death March, however, you want a plan to your Geralt. And, that plan does want to include the Alchemy tree in a roundabout way form or kind. Why? Nicely, you want oils for monsters, potions for therapeutic, and decoctions for probably the most overpowered combos. And, utilizing all 3 of those directly means Geralt wants a High Toxicity threshold, which is Just elevated in mentioned Alchemy tree. Or, it is advisable to get a particularly overpowered weapon extremely early. And do not even get us began on how crazy-hard fistfights change into.

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