Valheim: How to Get Bone Fragments

Valheim: How to Get Bone Fragments
Valheim: How to Get Bone Fragments
Valheim: How to Get Bone Fragments
Valheim: How to Get Bone Fragments

In the early game of Valheim, players only have access to two of the Armor Sets: the Rag set and the Leather set. In order to level the Leather set, players need something called bone fragments. These are found in several locations, but they may not be obvious.

What Are Bone Fragments?

As suggested by the name, bone fragments are pieces of bone found around the map of Valheim. They can only be found in two main places: tombs, and as drops from Skeletons. Skeletons are found both in the Swamp and the Black Forest biome, but early game players might be wary of taking them on as they can be difficult enemies to beat. But there are better ways to get theses fragments as well.

What Are Bone Fragments Used For?

Bone fragments are used to create and upgrade several weapons and pieces of armor. Bone fragments are needed for:

  • Crafting a deer hide cape
  • Crafting a Troll hide cape
  • Crafting a Troll leather helmet
  • Upgrading a Club
  • Upgrading Leather pants
  • Upgrading a Leather tunic
  • Upgrading a Stagbreaker
  • Upgrading all the pieces of the Troll Armor Set in Valheim

Finding Bone Fragments In The Meadows

A safer place to look for bone fragments are the burial grounds in Valheim’s Meadows starting area. After players have defeated Eikthyr, they will be able to make an antler pickaxe to not only mine ore, but also to dig into the ground. This will allow players to dig up Meadows burial grounds to look for human bones.

Burial grounds are boat-shaped burial areas in the Meadows, denoted by large rocks in the shape of an ship-shaped oval. They look like this:

Digging inside of these will turn up valuables that players can sell to the Valheim trader when they find him, arrows, feathers, and other materials. Usually, the bones are found fairly close to the surface.

Bone Fragments In The Black Forest

Once players have better gear and are ready to take on the Black Forest, there are many more locations that are filled with bones for players to take. Valheim players who aren’t afraid to take on a skeleton or two can try their hands at Burial Chambers; these little caves are guarded by skeletons, filled with skeletons, and have bone fragments scattered around inside. They look like this on the outside:

Players can also find small piles of bone fragments around Troll Caves, which are in the Black Forest and look a lot like Burial Chambers. They are taller and rounder than Burial Chambers, however, and they contain trolls, which are very dangerous enemies.

Valheim is currently in Early Access for PC.



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