Valheim: Wards Explained

Valheim: Wards Explained
Valheim: Wards Explained
Valheim: Wards Explained
Valheim: Wards Explained

As new players explore the biomes of Valheim, they will eventually come across their first Burial Chamber, leading them to their first Surtling Core. Once players have picked one up, and if they also have come across fine wood, they will get the recipe for something called a Ward.

What Is A Ward

The Ward is described in Valheim as something that “Emits a magical seal on the nearby surroundings that prevents other players from constructing buildings or opening doors.” Since enemies in the game cannot currently build structures or open doors and chests, this means that the Wards don’t stop the plethora of enemies that will occasionally storm a player’s home in a Valheim enemy event. But they will stop other players from messing with those things.

While it is not the main focus, Valheim has PVP options for players looking to make this already dangerous new world even more perilous. The wards are designed to keep enemy players from getting into another’s base and taking food, metals, breaking down structures, or building structures around it.

Uses And Quirks Of Wards

Wards are always one of the top tips for players new to Valheim‘s PVP. They are a great way to protect empty bases and all the loot held inside. However, they do have some limitations and quirks.

  • Wards can be destroyed by attacking enemies or players with brute force
  • Doors and chests, even when warded, can also be broken by other players and enemies.
  • It does lock doors and carts, but does not protect carts or ship storages, even within its radius.
  • Wards don’t protect items on item stands from being stolen by other players.
  • Active wards reduce damage by non-players enemies.
  • A workbench needs to be nearby to build a ward.
  • If a Ward is not currently active, any player can active it and tune the Ward make them an authorized player. This will allow them to open doors as well as the creator of the Ward can.

Recipe For The Ward

Wards in Valheim are created with three ingredients:

  • Five fine wood
  • Five Greydwarf Eyes
  • One Surtling Core

Once the Ward is in place, the player must ensure that it is activated. They can then deactivate it, allowing any teammates to add themselves to the list of authorized users. Players cannot add other Viking’s names to the list of authorized users, but they can destroy a Ward and then rebuild it in order to remove players that they no longer wish to be authorized.

Valheim is currently in Early Access for PC.



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