Valorant Wasteland Vandal Skin Has a Major Downside

Valorant Wasteland Vandal Skin Has a Major Downside
Valorant Wasteland Vandal Skin Has a Major Downside

Valorant Wasteland Vandal Skin Has a Major Downside

The newest sets of weapon skins for Valorant have arrived, just in time for players with some money after celebrating the Holidays to grab some flashy new gear to take into the game. However, some players have noticed an interesting new feature with one of the latest sets of skins released by Riot Games that may give players who purchase the cosmetics a disadvantage in the game.

Originally found by Reddit user zhoost, the problem with the new cosmetic seems to be most prominent with the Wasteland version of the Vandal weapon and its new, makeshift muzzle. Other Valorant players have also begun to gather some information about the new model for the Wasteland Vandal, suggesting that this initial theory may be correct.

In the case of this new skin, the Wasteland variant gives Valorant’s Vandal a new muzzle that looks like it’s been picked out of a scrap pile and shoved onto the weapon, somewhat haphazardly. The result of this visual design is that the muzzle is longer than the base model for the Vandal, which can now be seen at a farther distance around corners than the original. It’s a very slight change, but it can mean the difference between being seen or remaining hidden when sneaking around corners, which is a large part of how most players approach storming and defending objectives.

The difference in size and added opportunity for player positions to be given away has led zhoost and others on the Reddit post to claim that the Wasteland skin is “pay to lose,” due to the disadvantage. Some players have additionally confirmed that the length of the muzzle is longer on the Wasteland skin, and interestingly found that the previous Dragon Vandal actually has a shorter barrel than the original design. So, it’s likely that highly competitive players may avoid the Wasteland skin, especially for Valorant tournament play, where this small detail could be too much of a risk to take into combat.

This might not exactly be the kind of difference that will have a huge impact on general players, considering how small the difference is and the fact that the muzzle length difference can be offset by simply stepping back from corners a bit. However, it might make competitive play somewhat more difficult, as hyper-focused players are constantly keeping an eye out for every tiny detail going on in the background. For now, this latest issue in Valorant can at least be minimized by not equipping the skin, though that may be disappointing for those who paid for the Wasteland set.


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