‘WandaVision’ Finale Had Deleted Scene That Confirmed One Fan Theory

WandaVision director Matt Shankman revealed a deleted scene from the finale would have confirmed a theory about the rabbit, Señor Scratchy.

'WandaVision' Finale Had Deleted Scene That Confirmed One Fan Theory
'WandaVision' Finale Had Deleted Scene That Confirmed One Fan Theory
'WandaVision' Finale Had Deleted Scene That Confirmed One Fan Theory
‘WandaVision’ Finale Had Deleted Scene That Confirmed One Fan Theory

With each new episode of WandaVision more and more fan theories popped up, adding further excitement about the potential big reveals only for the finale to prove most of those theories false. However, the director of the series is now confirming that a deleted scene from the last episode did indeed confirm that some of the speculations around a certain rabbit were true.

When the nosy neighbor Agnes introduced her pet rabbit named Señor Scratchy, WandaVision viewers immediately began guessing that there was more to the adorable little furball than meets the eye, with some even claiming it was the villainous Mephisto in disguise. When speaking with Kevin Smith’s Fatman Beyond podcast, series director Matt Shankman revealed that the original plan was for Señor Scratchy to be revealed as a demon. Sadly, given everything that needed to be wrapped up in the finale, the idea was abandoned.

Shankman went on to discuss the original plan in further detail. As Wanda is fighting Agatha and Vision is fighting the new White Vision, the rest of the heroes were initially going to try to steal the Darkhold from Agatha’s basement. Tommy, Billy, Monica, and Darcy were to go into the basement where they would find Señor Scratchy, who transforms into a giant demon. Shankman said this would lead to a fun chase sequence that he compared to Goonies. The scene was shot, but the effects were not completed by the time it was decided the scene would need to be cut.

While the overall response to WandaVision has been positive, the finale has left many fans divided. Given the mysteries surrounding the whole story, some felt that the show was building to a huge reveal that would impact the larger MCU and those fans were left disappointed when this was not the case. But while the demonic villain Mephisto might not have been lurking in the shadows, the Señor Scratchy reveal at least confirms there were some setups that were meant to be paid off.

There has been a lot of discourse surrounding the fan theories of the show and what they ultimately led to. On one hand, the show did seem to be setting up a lot with talk of a connection to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as well as Evan Peters’ return as Quicksilver. However, the showrunners cannot predict how fans will run with a brief line about an aerospace engineer. In the end, WandaVision was telling a much simpler story about grief and the show deserved the chance to tell that story apart from setting up other shows or movies. Still, a demon rabbit would have been pretty fun.

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