Warriors Spell Reflect in Castle Nathria?

Warriors Spell Reflect in Castle Nathria?

Warriors Spell Reflect in Castle Nathria?

While World of Warcraft: Shadowlands players are still waiting for a 9.1 release date following BlizzConline, the upcoming 9.0.5 patch looks to keep heroes busy with returning Valor point upgrades. Scheduled to arrive after the next weekly reset, a number of balance changes will also help struggling classes perform better in PvE endgame content such as warriors.

Though warriors have taken a backseat role in the current Mythic+ dungeon meta, they remain a decent pick in Castle Nathria, even being part of the World First Mythic clear. With renewed interest thanks to their buffs and changes, warriors still bring much needed raid utility in Battle Shout and Rallying Cry. To truly become a proficient warrior tank or DPS, however, players must learn what important raid boss abilities can mitigated or outright negated thanks to Spell Reflection.


  • Wave of Blood: Spell Reflection can reduce the initial AOE raid damage and several ticks of the DOT.
  • Sanguine Ichor: Spell Reflection will reduce the damage taken by warriors standing in any blood pools during the fight.

Huntsman Altimor

  • Rip Soul: Warriors are a great choice for tanking Altimor’s second pet Barghast since Spell Reflection reduces the magic damage from the ability and spawns a ghost with higher HP that World of Warcraft healers can more easily top off.
  • Sinseeker: Warriors can deflect the DOT from this ability if targeted or standing in the red arrow.
  • Petrifying Howl: Altimor’s third pet Hecutis marks random players with a DOT and instant damage after it falls off but warriors can deflect both parts of the ability. Note that it still drops a stone pool even if deflected so run away if targeted.

Hungering Destroyer

  • Desolate: Raidwide AOE damage that can be reduced with Spell Reflection.
  • Expunge: Warriors can deflect the initial AOE damage or their own Obliterating Rift orb spawned on Heroic difficulty.

Artificer Xy’mox

  • Glyph of Destructon: Warrior tanks can reduce damage taken from the DOT and AOE explosion of this ability by using Spell Reflection just before the cast finishes.
  • Stasis Trap: One trap can be cleared per use of Spell Reflection.

Sun King’s Salvation

  • Smoldering Remnants: Spell Reflection will reduce the ticking damage from fire pools left by the Shade of Kael’thas’ abilities.
  • Lingering Embers: Warriors can deflect this DOT applied by soaking Ember Blast, reducing it to 5 stacks split between all players hit.
  • Burning Remnants: Spell Reflection should be used to reduce the DOT damage from tanking Kael’thas at 3 or more stacks.

Lady Inerva Darkvein

  • Warped Desires: This tank DOT can no longer be deflected, but Spell Reflection still helps to reduce the damage of several ticks at 2 or more stacks.
  • Unconscionable Guilt: Warrior tanks can deflect this DOT cast by the big add spawned through Concentrated Anima.
  • Lingering Anima: Warriors can deflect 1 damage tick from puddles.
  • Shared Suffering: Warriors will deflect 1 damage tick from being linked or caught in the beam.
  • Concentrated Anima: Warriors can negate the AOE damage circle and add summoning if they are targeted by using Spell Reflection before the ability finishes casting.

Council Of Blood

  • Oppressive Atmosphere: Use Spell Reflection to reduce DOT damage if the raid isn’t pushing to intermission or boss deaths fast enough.
  • Dark Recital: 1 tick of the DOT or exploding puddles can be deflected.
  • Dancing Fools: Deflects damage and stun from running into the Venthyr once.
  • Drain Essence: Deflects the damage channel while Spell Reflection is active.
  • Prideful Eruption: Reduces AOE damage taken from the cast in phase 3.
  • Manifest Pain: Reduce damage taken from standing in pools during phase 3.


Colossal Roar: Use Spell Reflection on pull and for every cast since it is the only non-physical damage ability in this World of Warcraft encounter.

Stone Legion Generals

  • Wicked Blade: Spell Reflection reduces damage of the AOE explosion if targeted/hit by the projectile.
  • Stone Breaker’s Combo: Use Spell Reflection to reduce damage if targeted by Crystallize otherwise pop it for Crystalline Burst or Pulverizing Meteor soaks.
  • Heart Hemorrhage: DPS warriors should save Spell Reflection to reduce the damage from this hard-hitting DOT when Heart Rend is dispelled.
  • Reverberating Eruption: Spell Reflection reduces damage from being targeted or soaking previous pools.

Sire Denathrius

  • Blood Price: Warriors can reflect the damage back to Denathrius if used just before the ability cast.
  • Hand of Destruction: Spell Reflection helps reduce the AOE damage even further after running out of range.
  • Rancor: Deflects 1 tick of moving through the pools left by Remornia damage.
  • Shattering Pain: Last hit’s damage can be reduced with Spell Reflection.
  • Fatal Finesse: Both the initial AOE and DOT damage can be reduced with Spell Reflection.
  • Smoldering Ire: Spell Reflection deflects 1 tick of damage from soaking the orb.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is available on PC.


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